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Hey guys, what up? I'm just an average fanfic writer hoping to be as good as everyone else. I really don't know what to say about myself so I'll be blunt:

Fav Music: Simple Plan, Disturbed, Good Charolette, Avril Lavgine, Linkin Park, Staind, Godsmack, Three Days Grace, Evanscence, Breaking Benjamin, Green Day...and practically every country artist.

Fav Animes: Inuyasha, Yugioh, Yugioh GX, Yu Yu Hakusho, Full Metal Alchemist, Naruto, Pokemon, Bleach, Trinity Blood

Fav Mangas: Inuyasha, Yugioh, Full Metal Alchemist, Chobits, Absolute Boyfriend, Loveless, Death Note

Fav Authors: Lemony Snicket, Eoin Colfer, Jonathan Stroud, Christopher Paolini, Margaret Weis, J.K. Rowling, Nicholas Sparks, Dave Pelzer

That's about everything I can think of about me. Also I would like to point out that I have a few OCs of mine...their bios are below.

Samara Kaeri (Yugioh OC)

Niece of Maximillion and Cecilia Pegasus; but raised her as their daughter when her parents died at the age of 1; she calls Pegasus "Father". Very intellectual, shy, naive, sensitive (both emtionally and physically), and not at all "street-smart". Her crush is Seto Kaiba and she practically trips over herself every time she's in his presence. Her hobbies include daydreaming, reading, and writing. Her biggest dream is to become her father's definition of "perfect".

Kokoro Mitayu (Naruto OC)

Traveled from "The Forbidden Village" with Sabaku (her guardian) and Yuurei (her best friend; kinda like a sister). They arrive in the village just before the Chuunin Exams. She's a tough girl that doesn't let anyone get in her way. She's not afraid to stand up for herself, and will do so when she feels the slightest bit of threat. Her crush is Sasuke Uchiha and she's determined to prove to all boys that girls can kick butt too. Her apperance contridicts everything said about Sasuke's likes; a good example is when Sakura said that Sasuke likes girls with long hair. Kokoro has short red hair. Her hobbies include training rough with the boys, she loves it when blood is drawn. She also has the ability to steal Kekki Genkai, but she isn't sure how this is done...it "just happens" as she puts it. Her biggest dream is to gether shot at Kakashi one day.

Shiro (No Last Name; Kingdom Hearts OC)

I can't really say much about this one yet. I'm working on this fic along with my Naruto one; which is dead at the moment. Shiro's kind of a mix between Samara and Kokoro. She's very cautious and won't do anything life threatening. However, in danger, she's as tough as Kokoro...especially when her friends are involved. She and her best friend, Yuro, live together in the inner city of Radiant Garden (My friend and I didn't think of any parents, so you can call them orphans if you wish).She travels with Riku and Donald while Yuro travels with Sora and Goofy. The story line is basically the same as in the video game, but in this fanfic she visits my fav worlds and holds the crabclaw as her first keyblade. Yuro has the Hidden Dragon Keyblade, but you'll have to wait for the fanfic to find out more. ((Before reading this fanfic I do suggest playing Kingdom Hearts 2 first, since this does happen after 2 is over. It'll help you understand.))

That's all about me and my characters. If Iget any more OCs I'll update. Later guys!

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