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Hi there!

Any questions, comments or concerns... just shoot me a PM and I'll respond ASAP... and yes, I am still alive.


Archie: No, Meslisandre doesn't think Harry is Azor Ahai... though that doesn't mean she won't in future. You'll have to wait to see what will happen with what Harry has learned.

coldblue: 1) They might try and seduce him, but there are other forms of negotiation and manipulation someone could employ. 2) I haven't paid much thought to Qyburn, so I can't say. 3) It's possible I suppose. 4) We'll get the perspective of at least one of the Lannister twins at some point. 5) No, eighty year old men die peacefully in their sleep all the time. Sometimes the heart just gives out. 6) Probably see one or the other sometime soon 7) It's possible but it wouldn't be highly relevant. 8) Part of the point of the past twenty chapters was to set things up differently then canon. 9) It's possible, but I doubt Quaithe will come to the North. 10) Refer to my answer to question eight.

EnduranceAlpha: You're right about how Pycelle's death will be received. I would say Melisandre's interactions in the North will be interesting to say the least. It was the best way I could think to incorporate the Tyrell's. I had other ideas but it seemed the most reasonable.

reader: There has been contention between some of the more disgruntled crows and the Norfolk, but nothing that has resulted in blood. They have a healthy fear of what might be done to them by Mormont, Benjen, and especially Harry. Funnily enough, you were the only one to ask that specific question. No, he didn't survive, Alliser just didn't see him die. As for Littlefinger, they might not have gotten along particularly well but he will have been providing the old man with company for years now. He did it on a regular basis in the show.

theosay: You would need to establish a proper justification as to why he can't perform magic from his own world, but that shouldn't be difficult. There is also the matter of what event leads to him learning he can still perform magic. The idea of him joining multiple groups is a bit of an issue as, with the exception of the maesters, none of those groups seem the sort to allow people to abandon them without repercussions. It's pretty bare bones at the moment but seems like it could be promising. I've actually explored some of the native magic in my other story.


coldblue: 1&2&3&4) Read and find out 5)You'll have to wait to find out 6)Harry will come in contact with the Ironborn at some point 7)Possibly 8)They probably won't much if at all 9) Eventually 10) Yes

theosay: Their failure could mean a great deal to them, it could mean nothing when they consider the circumstances. As long as it doesn't effect their reputation though, I can't see them being too terribly concerned. You'll have to wait and see how I handle things with the dragons. He has meetings of his guild leaders where he delegates responsibilities. They don't really raid the way they used to, but they discuss hunting, trade and any other number of things.

reader: There was nothing unseemly about their quick departure. Yes, the Targaryens have seen and used the portals.

El Hernan: Dragons will appear in the story. There will be other anti-poisons, not the bezoar.

I-Need-No-Ledge: 1) There are things that Harry can mimic, like warging, or perform in his own way, such as the glamour that Melisandre uses, most magic but he won't truly be doing any of the magic native to the world. 2) Canon events are unlikely to take place given how much Harry has changed 3) Perhaps but it would be entirely different from canon 4) Not sure if you're actually asking or if you just want to show some love for Dinklage.

Joren: You'll have to wait to see what the other Great Houses are planning.

hZ: The continued growth and stability of the Norfolk.

Nyxium: Glad you like the story. The aging comment will be addressed at some point. Just so you know, you can't actually type your email without leaving breaks between the lettering. Thank you for the offer though.

Guest: The speech pattern that people tend to associate with the Faceless men isn't actually theirs, its Lorathi. The waif uses pronouns when she speaks to Arya, as does the kindly man. And the very last thing that Jaqen says to Arya in the books before he changes his face is "My time is done." Not a 'A man's time is done." So it was a deliberate move.

GoT-Milk: Bran was grabbed by the Night's King, Harry was not. So no.

Salvy: The Long Night is a threat to the entire world, but the Others appear to be a concern of the Westerosi alone.

HARRYxLEAF: Not that I imagine anything of this nature will be happening, but I would think it would be a hybrid. It is believed that the small stature of the crannogmen in the Neck is a result of their intermarriage with the Children.

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