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(Update - 02/14/06) - The house is finished, but "Errant Exile" is nowhere near completion. I've just posted Chapter 24 and have started work on the next one, titled "Bent." If you're familiar with the source I've "borrowed" from you'll find clues as to why I've picked that title.

I'm working hard at saving enough money for a laptop. The prices continue to come down and they're a lot more affordable than they used to be! I don't need something super zippy, just enough for me to run word processing software and a wireless card so I'm not tied to my desk. I borrowed one from my husband one day and I couldn't believe how much writing I cranked out.

I've given in to my ego and opened a Forum here at FF. "DBZ and the Exile's World" is a place where you can ask questions and I'll happily answer them as long as it's not spoiler material. I've also got a lot of background notes and information that may interest some readers, given all the Sci Fi stuff I've tossed into the mix. You'll also find plenty of newer artwork on my DeviantArt account, most of which are illustrations for "Exile."

Thanks to all EE readers for sticking with me so long, and I'll work to make sure your time was worth it!

(Update - 7/21/05) - Summer is taxing me in so many ways. Updates are going to be very slow until September because the house continues to consume much of my time, and now insult has been added to injury -- I'm having surgery tomorrow. It's minor, but it will wipe me out for a while until my anemia is brought back under control. My brain continues to perk on "Errant Exile," and the chapter I've been wrangling with (far too long) is starting to have its feathers smoothed over. I'll give you a hit -- the title is "Opening Bids," will feature more of Vegeta and have a couple of major surprises. It will also resolve that cliffhanger I left you with!

Bear with me. I'll get that chapter up as soon as I can. XO

(Updated - 04/04/05) - Spring is finally here! I'll be posting new chapters of "Errant Exile" as often as I can, but I'm in the middle of house construction and it's demanding more and more of my time.I am committed to this project and as of Chapter21, I don't thinkI'm to the halfway point. As always, feedback is both welcomed and encouraged!

(December, 2004) - My current project, "Errant Exile," is written for what may be a small readership. Its for those who take DBZ characters, specifically Piccolo, very seriously and want to see him treated with respect. It IS a romance, but the story is anything but porn without plot (PWP). Even though there is an original character involved, I've worked hard to give Khri a life, a personality and a history of her own that blends with the DBZ universe. There's also plenty of action, adventure, drama and even a bit of humor, so even those who are put off by the idea of a "Piccolo romance" can find something to like. All the major characters get involved and are kept IN CHARACTER, so you'll be seeing plenty of Gohan, Trunks, Vegeta, Bulma, Goten and even Pan.

Artwork of Piccolo, Khri and Sai can be found on my DeviantART page as well as on Mediaminer.

Thanks to all my reviewers and readers. Feedback is always welcome!

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Twilight of the Dawn by Dreamwraith reviews
Piccolo refused his sire’s legacy, but Daimao won’t take “no” for an answer. When the demon’s hand is revealed, he must make a choice. Can Piccolo give up what he has become and go back to the monster he once was to save the planet he calls home?
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Undiscovered Territory by Demi-Saiyajin Prodigy reviews
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Violet and Crimson by Leia reviews
[Complete] Before Vegeta and Nappa arrive. Piccolo, now that Son is dead, has no more direction in his life. He has fulfilled the desire that has consumed him for years. But perhaps, through a certain five year old, he might find peace after all . . .
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Errant Exile reviews
[In Progress] NEW Ch. 26, Strong Medicine, Pt. 1. After Goku leaves to train Uub, Piccolo finds himself with little to do until an acquaintance from his childhood returns, a friendship is kindled, and boredom becomes a thing of the past.
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After years of training and hardship, Piccolo feels he's ready to finally avenge his father's death, kill Son Goku, destroy humanity and rule the Earth. A few quiet moments the eve of the Budoukai reveal Goku isn't his only challenge...
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Everyone's A Winner! reviews
A pre-tournament carnival comes to Satan City! Bulma badgers Piccolo into taking Khri, but why does the idea of a day of fun make both Piccolo and Vegeta feel so threatened?
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Simple Gifts reviews
[Reloaded and Edited] As if spending Christmas in a posh skii lodge with the DBZ team wasn't irritating enough, Piccolo has to find a gift for Khri. [Christmas side story to Errant Exile]
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