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Name: KB

Gender: F

Age: 17

Location: California

Sexuality: Bi

Status: Single

Favorite andoms: Naruto, Fullmetal Alchemist, Gurren Lagann, Legend of Zelda, Metroid, Silent Hill

About me: I'm a hormonal teenager with access to porn and a few good buddies. Unless it's a pairing I despise, I'll probably read anything you throw in front of me--fandom-wise, that is.

I prefer men, but I tend to write about women; it just comes more naturally to me. I like dark humor, special moments, and I like realism literary styles if they're not taken too far. I don't like dirty talk, too much slang, or many AUs.

Don't even get me started on those stupid "OC"s.

Likes: Yaoi, yuri, shounen/shoujo-ai, poetry, chocolate, crack pairings, watermelon, sleeping, eating, punk/ska music, J-rock, public parks, hentai, and my shoes.

Dislikes: Romaji fics, pop music, white chocolate, most OCs (aka Mary-Sues/Marty-Stues, which the majority of them are), brussel sprouts, crappy pens, hardcore assholes that hit me in the face in the mosh pit with their belt, and math classes.

About Crossing Currents:

Began as a list of jokes made in my spare time, it evolved into what had before been one of the most popular Wind Waker parodies of On indefinite hiatus, slowly decomposing, as I continue writing soft-porn.

About Pink:

What can I say? Fanservice! I love you guys. Even if I don't update enough to show it.

About The Sound of Sand:

People always pair Temari with a guy and poor Kin never gets any action. Also, as of beginning it, there were only 4 f/f Naruto fics, which seemed wrong, in my mind. I was able to make a plausible storyline; hence, SoS was born.

About Now That's Art!:

Birthday present for a dear friend of mine. I had tons of fun writing it and will definitely be writing more yaoi in the future!

Fanart: Oh my god, I cannot believe I have fanart!~ You're so amazingly nice! THANK YOU, TAKI-SAN AND DOVE-CHAN.

And lastly, big thanks to my previewer/editor, Taki-san! Takes two pairs of eyes sometimes. xD;