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Hello all!

Welcome to my profile. I've been writing for a good chunk of my life...well, I count 10 years a good chunk out of my life, I don't know about you. I'm a 25yr old who works in a bookshop and is a Harry Potter, Sailor Moon, Doctor Who, Torchwood and Kingdom Hearts fanatic. I've tried my hand only at writing HP fanfiction only up until very recently I decided to try my luck at a Harry Potter/ Sailor Moon crossover titled Sailor Moon M. Yeah the title kinda sucks but I couldn't think of a better one. I'm a member of the largest Harry Potter Fanfiction site under the Pen Name Remus. Yep...I'm one of those lucky few who have a canon name. :D

Anyway, my stories:

Sailor Moon M

This is the beginning of The Second Ice Age as the Sailor Moon Universe said it would happen and the coming of Crystal Tokyo. This is set 5 years since the end of Sailor Moon Stars and 4 years after Voldemort's defeat. This is MY story as to how Usagi became Neo-Queen Serenity and what happened to the Wizarding World.

Update: Beginning to draft chapter 8. The Reunion. Harry is tested as he fights someone he cares for. Meanwhile Usagi gets receives terrible news that will haunt her for the rest of her life.

The Immortal Lords

This is a story about Percy Jackson and Harry Potter. Kronos offers Voldemort a deal he cannot refuse: Immortality beyond any Horcrux could ever give him. Now with Voldemort and Kronos together as Allies, Harry and the Order of the Phoenix must team up with Camp Half-Blood in order to defeat both evils. I may or may not continue to be honest due to lack of reviews on the latest chapter. I'll still rough draft the next chapter but Sailor Moon M is STILL my #1 priority so who knows if this story will continue.

Update: Due to low reviews...I'm not updating this anytime soon and concentrate on SMM. Maybe I'll update again in 3 years. XD

The Time it All Began (Written before Half Blood Prince was published)

My first ever Epic HP Fanfiction. Harry gets sent back in time and lands in the body of Godric Gryffindor. Harry now has to learn old magic but also be part of King Arthur's court. This is a slight cross over between HP and Mists of Avalon. If you enjoy time travel fan fictions but also stories about King Arthur look no further! This story is also in hiatus for the time being as Sailor Moon M is my main priority. I MIGHT go back to finish it but I would need to re-read MoA to get a the feel to it.

Lily, Where are you?

A short story of 7 chapters that tells the tale of James, Sirius and Remus taking care of a 5 month old Harry. Hilarity ensues. Haha, at least I think so! You'll have to read to find out. However, this story is ALSO on hiatus...for a while now...I make no promises to come back to it.

As you can see...I have writing A.D.D. I start something but never finish it. I promise to change that and also promise to ignore all the plot bunnies that threaten to come out. Also, keep in mind that I have a full time job, somewhat of a social life, a significant other and well a thousand and one things that a 24yr woman has to take care of. :D

* Currently Reading in the Fan fiction World*

Harry Potter and the Conspiracy of Blood at HPFF. Seriously, give it a go! It's right up there with Dumbledore's Army and the year of Darkness.

* Currently Reading *

Kitty Goes to War by Carrie Vaughn

Thank you for reading!

*Status Update*

Chapter 8 is on the works. 5/21//12
The Immortal Lord's 7th chapter is up! Chapter 8 is still up in the air and most likely will be forever in the air.
Drafting (still) Chapter 14 and on for The Time it all Began. No promises made as SMM is STILL my priority as well as TIL

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