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Author has written 4 stories for StarCraft, and Warcraft.


Age: 20 years

Gender: Male

Favorites: Fantasy, Science Fiction, Anime, Videogames, writing up good ol' fanfics, ect. If your going to take the time to read my story's, you might as well review them. The feedback really does help my drive to continue writing which results in quicker chapter releases.

Stories in progress:

Blood, Portents, and Crown: My first Warhammer fiction. I have been planning it on my writing hiatus since December. Look forward to seeing it published soon!

Stories Completed:

1.)Starcraft: Battle of Kaiser Pass: My very first attempts at a fanfiction. Short, and never resolved, Battle of the Kaiser Pass was very much a trial run on my part as I felt out the formats of FF as well as developed my writings. BoKP is the story of Jason Wolfe, a conscripted Terran marine from the the world Dylar IV, a former Confederacy stronghold. Jason and his unit battle on a distant colony world which soon becomes the center of a battle between not only the Dominion, but also a faction of Protoss templar and the Jormungandr zerg brood.

Sit-rep: Cancelled

2.)Warcraft: War of the Ruins: My second fiction posted on FF, as well as my first completed fiction. War of the Ruins centers on the story of Alaric'Quel, a blood elf whom witnessed the destruction of his homeland of Quel'thalas firsthand. In a time when the last vestiges of civilization slowly begin to die out on the northern continent of Lordaeron, Alaric'Quel marshals a great expedition and sails forth into the perilous Great Sea in order to find the far off land of Kalimdor, and there obtain an artifact of godlike powers in order to defeat his sworn enemy, Arthas the Lich King.

Sit-Rep: Complete

3.) Warcraft: The Third War: Tales from the Third Great War through the eyes of it's heros, villans, and victims, of the conflict. From the first battles to the last embers of hate, the Third War rages across Azeroth, consuming everything in its path...

The Third War, or as I'll call it for time's sake, "TTW", is going to be divided up into 8 "Acts", two for each of the campaigns. To answer some questions, I skipped Thrall's prologue because TTW is not a direct novilization of Warcraft 3: Reign of Chaos in itself, but rather follows the span and happenings in the world of Azeroth during the time that the game takes place, including some of the characters and their own story's, most notibly Arthas Menethil. I do also use the "Old Calendar" that was used in Warcraft 2 and 1 because I feel that the original manuscript, lore, and characters are the closest to canon I'm going to get with World of Warcraft out these days (which contrary to some opinions, likes to mess around with its own lore alot, E.g. the Draenei).

The Third War has had a much longer lifespan than I had originally planned, mostly due to the stretching out of the first two Acts which cover the human campaign of Reign of Chaos.

Sit-rep: Complete

Upcoming Stories:

-Possible One Shot fiction

-Warcraft Fiction: Following the orc campaign from Warcraft 2, this fiction focuses on the scenario of what would have happened had the Horde won the Second War.

Quote of the Month: "A wise man keeps a steady hand." Anonymous

For some other great reads see Jeremy's Tides of Darkness or my good friend High Elf Swordsman's stories of emotion, battle, and more.

See you on the review boards!

PM me if you need any more information.

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