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:Jambo Jamani:

Welcome tomy littlereserved section of FF. net in which I am allowed to enamour you all with tedious niformation about myself.
Name: Priestess_Of_Blue-A.K.A. Coco-I officially go by this, or Priestess_Of_All_Things_Blue, Blu, Blu_Skye, Nia, or P_O_B-Chan.
Age: 15
Nationality: African American, A.K.A. Black, with a hint of Irish descent-YAY!.
Well, for now I have two really good friends on FF.Net. They are:
LuClipse and Angelic_Goddess27.

Stories I am Currently Writing (Which are also taking forever due to unspecified reasons...):
:Songfic Shuffle:
In this story, the character I own named Cocomi Myojin. (Little sister of Yahiko Myojin form Rurouni Kenshin and Angel, who is actually the one and only Angelic_Goddess27.) And her love interest Kenji Himura (The slightly modified son of Kenshin and Kaoru Himura from Rurouni Kenshin, who looks a bit like Duo from Gundam Wing.) Host a Karaoke-based show where RK and INUYASHA characters are voted on anonymously by the crowd, which is the huge mass of party-goers on the dance floor, to sing and choreograph to a song in less than an hour of preparation. The outcomes are hilarious, because you never know who will be singing next!


I am not going to continue this...I just don't have the strength to...I mean, my uber-silliness that was required to write this has died...gah. I am so sorry to everyone who followeditclosely...but there is a 20 chance that I may do it in the future...So for now. know that songfic shuffle is complete. sniff

I also have some stories I am planning to work on.

Love Is...: Constructing chapter 10
This story is sort of an odd twist for me. The title isn’t all that good I think, but I would like any suggestions anyone has after reading this summary. Well, Kikyo was just appointed the Miko of the Shikon no Tama after the recent and tragic death of the former Miko. (Explained in a later chapter.) Recently after that, she meets Inuyasha in an unsettling environment while being attacked, and she hates him from the jump, while he feels otherwise for her. For them, it’s a constant game of cat and mouse_. They stay together for a day, until Inuyasha betrays her. Later on, something happens that brings them closer to each other, and makes them realize that being different like they are can spark love. Well, that’s at least what I think it will turn out to be. Beware of a real big surprise in the end !


I am really trying my best to write this story. I am currently working on Chapter 10. I guessI am getting back into the rhythm of it all, because I read it over and to meI think this is the bestI have done so far...Please RR Inu/kik fans!

Also, I am a BIG Sonic the Hedgehog fan, and I am going to write a story about him for sure. Here is an idea that has been swimming around for days.


Shadow and Amy are complete opposites. Amy loves Sonic. Sonic loves Sally and Sally loves him back. What is a girl to do? Can Shadow step up to the plate and confess what he feels to her before she gives up on him completely? Do they have a bond that they will soon realize? Am I confusing you? I hope not…

Anime Academy Awards:

There needs to be an award show, like the Oscars or the MTV awards or BET awards for all anime characters. Some Anime character(s) need(s) to host it, and some musical performances need to be arranged. Awards like best plot, best hair (male category) and best hair (female category) best bod, best family rivalry...and all that good stuff... This would be really awesome...I am going to take this into effect.

OH! I saw Harry Potter Four, and ever since I have become a huge Fred/Angelina fan. I have been reading all the stories on here who have them as a couple and I love it! I am working on trying to draw them, and it is getting rather frustrating, butI can do it if i set my mind to it...I guess...YEAH! Look out for a story by me with them in it.And if it has Fred and Angelina, I have to warn you it will be rated M...

So, that’s it for now! Thank you for taking time to read this! I really do appreciate all of this! Thank you very much!


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