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17-02-06 Aaaaaaerrrrgrgrgggghhhhhh, sorry, I know I said I'd update, but I'm at home for half term and I left the damn file at school! I'll be back @ school this sunday so I'll continue work on it then.

Sry :(

PasifikStar says 'This is my last FF8 fic officially'... :(

BUT first new favorite author for ages - Hiashi!

I've fired up the old story again! My aim is to finish it, not to go back over old chapters yet, but it IS going to finish.

Knighted Chapter8 DONE.

Knighted Chapter9:

... I haven't even thought of it yet. It'll be ina hotel... lots of nice Squinoa action I hope. I want to read some more Squinoa again to fire up that side of my imagination... (what a weird thought).


It's possible that I'm the only person on this site who has actually read anyone else’s bio, but I'm gonna write one anyway.

1.Me -16!, blond, quite short (but growing!), English etc...

2.I'm a guy!

3.I live in Cambridgeshire, England but I spend most of my time at bording school in Rutland sigh I'm a music scholar at school.

4.Interests -Music: (i) I'm a musician, once a chorister, I play the piano, violin, clarinet, organ and I sing.

(ii) I'll listen to just about anything and enjoy it, as long as it's not Slipnot or similar (no offense) - though Avenge Sevenfold is... interesting ;) Favorite bands areTenacious D and loads other at the moment. I also listen to classical and film music.

Computer: I'm a diehard Zelda fan, and Final Fantasy 8 which I intend to write most fanfiction on. Loads of others, but I can't list them all here (I'm kind of a Nintendoid).

Reading: Reading is great. The Lord of the Rings is the best book the world's ever seen (in my HUMBLE opinion), Terry Pratchett's books are brilliantly funny, Philip Pullman is good; basically I like all things fantasy. NEW: ROBERT JORDAN IS TOLKIEN'S PREDECESSOR! READ HIM!

I don't particularly like slash fanfiction. I just think that, if the characters weren't originally like that, then they shouldn't be made to be. That's just my opinion.

Current Fanfiction: Knighted

Rinoa's having bad dreams about Ultimacia, and Squall's sufficiently worried to go to Cidd. But soon he'll realise that his job as Knight to Rinoa, his Sorceress, is going to be more difficult than he thought... This is extreemly sappy, it must be all of those Squinoa fanfics I've read this year... sorry. Basically for my first fic here I wanted to have something which was interesting but not too intense. I’m planning on getting Squall and Rinoa off on a holiday together; but the basic idea is that they are trying to connect more-to realise that they really do love each other etc. Rinoa’s dreams are really only a starting point for their search to find each other.

Hopefully my writing skills will improve as they go along. Check out the favorite stories and authors for some of the best Final Fantasy 8 author and stories.

By for now!


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