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1) Info

For almost two decades now, I’ve had writing as my on and off hobby. I started out writing guides at GameFAQs under the username Minesweeper in 2000, then I discovered fanfiction and decided I wanted to write some of my own stories. So since I had a big interest in Sonic the Hedgehog games, I wrote in that archive for a while. Had fun doing that for a few years in the mid 2000s, then got tired of that and decided to do text roleplaying on messageboards.

But after my principle text roleplay board was abandoned by its users, I still felt an itch to write and decided to return to this site again around 2014. I thought I’d try my hand at Star Fox fanfiction now, I guess because now as a full on adult I identify with the Star Fox cast more as opposed to the Sonic cast (who are never allowed to age out of their preteens and teens). Been mostly around the Star Fox archive ever since, and I’ve met a lot of great and interesting people here. Hopefully I’ll stick around longer :)

In real life I’ve had a pretty long career as a computer programmer now, and I think spending so much time writing has done wonders for my written communication skills at my job. Lots of people come to me to write their documentation or explain things simply to them. Maybe someday I’ll make the jump to writing my own novel. I’ve got some potential ideas in my head that I think I could make a story out of.

Also, as one small side note, the character in my avatar is Augustine "Nail" Strafer, the very first fan character I've ever created. I've had him in a number of Sonic stories, although have yet to really give him a prominent appearance in my Star Fox fics.

2) Updates

2018/3/15 – I thought my old profile format was kind of trash, so I’ve decided I want to properly organize this thing into coherent sections. In particular I wanted to have an update section so that it’d be easy to see what I’m currently working on.

As for what’s going on…I recently finished The Wrong Side, an old Sonic fic from over ten years ago that I wrote until the finale chapter, then stopped. I decided I wanted to finish it off for good recently, and now I’ve finally done that. Feels really good to have that behind me at long last, and it won’t be bothering me anymore now that it’s done at last.

This currently leaves me with Hazardous Contents and Love is Blind to work on. LiB I think I can finish in a few more chapters, while I’m expecting HC to go on for a significantly longer time.

3) Current Stories

Hazardous Contents – Star Wolf gets a mission from a mysterious woman to steal a case of unknown contents from a secret Cornerian military vault and deliver it to her. They succeed in getting it out of the vault, but trouble rears its ugly head once the case is out in the open. Star Fox is hot on their trail to get it back, and there are spies and moles within Star Wolf that want the case for themselves. And this is only the start of where the rabbit hole goes…

Out of all my Star Fox stories, this one has been in my head the longest, with my original ideas for it beginning in 2012. I also want this to be my epic, with a long plot, a detailed universe, and a wide cast of characters. Eventually, I’ll be having Wolf, Fox, and Panther serving protagonist roles in the story, each with their own arcs. However, it’s been a very on-off thing working on this story. I’m hoping now that I’m down to just two active stories, I can spend more time on it.

Love is Blind – Set just after the Lylat Wars end, Wolf O’Donnell is fleeing the destruction of Venom along with a few hanger-on ex-Venomian soldiers. They plan to flee the Lylat System to escape the oncoming Cornerian forces and then figure out what they’ll do next. But along the way, Wolf ends up meeting a young kitten named Rachel separated from her mother, and as penance for the horrible things he did under Andross he decides to take her home. However, one of Wolf’s ex-Venomian companions doesn’t agree with this idea and he starts to make his own plans…

I got the idea for this story from a rather obscure source. There’s this 1995 anime called Wild Knights Gulkeeva which stars a team of anthro superheroes. One of them is a wolf named Greyfus, and despite his big, scary-looking appearance he’s actually polite and gentle when off the battlefield. In one episode he ends up befriending a little sick girl, and the episode shows him doing what he can to take care of her. Since both Wolf and Greyfus have similar appearances and they’re both warriors, I thought it’d be fun to put Wolf in the same situation, since he’d be out of his element you know?

4) Possible Future Stories

HOSHI SENTAI KITSUNERANGER – I am a huge fan of Super Sentai, which is used as the basis for Power Rangers in America. Teamwork is a major theme of Sentai, and it’s the same way in Star Fox. Granted, Fox does most of the heavy lifting, but he still needs his support team at his back to accomplish his missions. So I thought it’d be kind of fun if Star Fox ended up becoming a Sentai team and battling a Sentai-style villain instead of going up into space to fight. I’ve got all kinds of ideas in my head for this one. By the way, if the title is not spelled in ALL CAPS, then it is typed incorrectly :)

The Grinder – This is actually going to be a Grand Theft Auto fic. Ever since March 2017, I’ve been a pretty steady GTA Online player. You pretty much have to treat GTA Online like a second job and grind like hell if you want to unlock the fun content, since it’s crazy expensive to buy properties and vehicles needed to participate in this activity or that activity. I thought it’d be fun to chronicle the adventures of my GTA Online protagonist along his journey, and how he changes and develops over the course of the plot. It’d pretty much mirror my changing stance and philosophy towards the game as I’ve come along over the past year.

5) YouTube

I don’t update my YouTube channel much anymore, but it’s right here if you’d like to see it.

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