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Hello, everyone!!! I welcome you to my profile! It's...probably smaller than you thought it would be, right? Well, this was all I could afford so sorry XD. Seriously though, I'm glad to have ya here!

I love reading fan fiction! Particularly, Fairy Tail fanfics, but I read various others as well. I just recently started here and am currently writing my first story, The Dragon and the Fairies. Yes, it's a NatsuxHarem fic and it will stay that way. NaZa is my OTP which is why they are the main pairing in that fic. However, all the girls will be with Natsu in my fic.

I have a new story! It's a crossover between the Justice League and Fairy Tail. If you could please check it out, then I would really appreciate it!

Currently working on: A Demon's Temptation, Chapter 4

What made you start writing in the first place?: Oh boy, I added questions here? Oh ok then! be honest, it was mostly because it was kinda a mixed bag of lots of things. Like, a SEVERE lack of Fairy Tail crossovers for example!!! Idk why people are so adamant on creating so many Naruto fanfics, but give the shaft to One Piece, Bleach, and FT. Not to mention the Grandaddy of them all, DRAGON BALL Z!!! Which so happens to be my all time favorite anime of all time. Does it have it's flaws? Oh of course, but what show doesn't? I could go on and on about how frustrated some animes or manga have made me (FT for example! Look forward to a future rant about the state of the manga! :D), but that wasn't the main question being asked. So, the lack of FT crossovers really did bug me, but that wasn't it. There was just so many ideas I had swirling inside my mind that I just eventually had to just put to paper...or I guess, text or whatever. Not to mention the inspiration I got from some writers on this very site.

Where did you come up with your ideas for your fics?: Umm...well I've always had an active imagination. Like, play me an awesome song and my mind will just wander...actually my mind does that regardless XD. Seriously though, I'm kind of in the dreamer sort of crew that wishes to be someone I could never be, but has to resort to using fiction to support my ambitions...ah well *shrugs*. Can't be bitter about this stuff. Well, I mean ya can, but it's not wise to. Secondly, I also get inspiration from other works of art; books, songs, games, poems, etc. Then, I kinda work them into my fanfics either in a subtle, or a not so subtle way :P. Idk, I've just been aching to write for so long, but never had the balls to do it. Well, now I do! And you can too if you really want to! Believe me, my writing is nothing special. I hard (VERY fucking hard) to make it really stand out. I mean...nah, let's save that for another question.

How come you only write FT fanfics and not others?: Well, the reason mostly is I'm more familiar with that world and how it works the most other animes. Plus, it helps that I'm a fan of the Natsu character and I wished he got more love on this site. Sure he's kinda similar to Luffy, but most shonen protagonists are cut from the same mold. Well, Ichigo wasn't really...but look how that turned out...*silence ensues*...ANYWAYS, NEXT QUESTION!

Do you watch any other animes?: Yes, I do. Plenty of them: Akira, Attack on Titan, Amagi Brilliant Park, Avatar (if that counts), Baka and Test, Haganai, Dagashi Kashi, Is It Wrong to Pick up Girls in a Dungeon, Evangelion, Ghost in the Shell, Hibike! Euphonium, High School DxD, Infinite Stratos, Ikkitousen (guilty pleasure of mine), Kill la Kill, Every Day Life with Monster Girls, One Punch Man, Oreimo, Oshiete! Galko-chan, Princess Lover, Queens Blade (Another guilty pleasure...), RWBY (Does that count...meh. Either way, I watch it.), Rosario to Vampire (prefer the manga...even though the ending wasn't so good either.), Senran Kagura (OH BOY! Another guilty pleasure!), Shokugeki no Souma, Sora no Otoshimono, Steins;Gate (El Psy...KONGROO!), The iDOLM@STER (Both original and Cinderella Girls.), To LOVE-Ru (Original and Darkness), and Zero no Tsukaima series. Those are the ones I can remember...and put in alphabet order. Also, yes I watch the big three along with FT and DBZ Super.

Why all the harem animes? Jealous much?: Hahahaha fuck you. Or...well fuck me I guess. Geez I'm such an asshole. *coughs* Anyways, why I prefer watching harem animes and having my stories be harem shippings is because why have one girl be happy...when you can make All of the happy! ... ...Yeah, that's my reason. So what? I just...I don't know. That's just my preference. Plus, it's always tough for me to choose an ice cream. ...What? Weird tangent? Well, my favorite ice cream is Neapolitan so that should tell you what you need to know about how bad I am at choosing...or make me seem like a weirdo. Ah well.

Your humor...what's up it? It's kinda-: Weird? Oh, most definitely! It's a mix of a smart-assery (Not a word, but I just made it one!) and self-depreciating. I made it my self :D. Feel free to try it sometimes. It'll do wonders for your self-esteem! WARNING: side effects may include rising or lowering of self-esteem. Use at your own risk! Haha seriously, I don't know. That's just my brand of humor. Like I always say...or not really, but I want to is this: Better to be a smart ass, than a dumb ass. I like to apply that to how I write the Natsu character in my stories. As well as Rito in my Carpe Diem one.

Oh yeah. You do tend to favor a certain type of interpretation of Natsu. Why is that?: Well, I just don't like how some writers write him as some kind of dumb ass idiot that's just...well kinda dumb. Don't get me wrong, it's not their fault. It's just a staple of the common shonen anime protagonist. I just try to balance out his stupidity with a more smartass/troll persona. Plus, he is kind of a troll in the anime/manga so it's not like I pulled it completely outta my ass. Also, I feel he's more complex than meets the eye...or at least, I'd like him to be. Like, that scene in the castle banquet scene after the GMG arc and he busts in with the stolen crown just cussing and making a ruckus. Now, you could just say "Ha! Classic Natsu!", but I took it as him trying to be a Stepford Smiler. It's a person who's forcing a smile on their face after perhaps going through something traumatic. Like say...well I don't know seeing THE FUTURE COUNTERPART OF ONE OF HIS BEST FRIENDS MURDERED RIGHT IN FRONT OF HIM! I mean, there is no FUCKING way anyone could just do a complete 180 after beating down the person that did that to you (Future Rogue) and just shrug it off like it's nothing. Well...I guess through lazy writing, but that's not how I interpreted it. I saw a guy who was overcompensating because of all the grief he was feeling and threw caution to the wind in order to push the depressing feelings back downwards. I think Mashima missed a golden opportunity to paint Natsu in a whole different light with that, but that's just me. Lucky for me though, I'm a fanfic writer now so I can do just that and MORE!

Speaking of which, your Natsu's in your stories tend to be...a little more than meets the eye. Why?: Well, the reason, or reasons for that, are spoilers. So, my lips...ARE SEALED!

Well...did you have a reason, or reasons for doing that?: Well...the answer to that is kinda complicated. I love the character of Natsu, but...the anime he's in bugs me quite a bit. FRIENDSHIP IS POWER! ...Seriously? Look, I get that that is also a staple to shonen animes, but C'MON! Other shonen animes have different themes! Fairy Tail just harks the same tune over and over! Now, part of me likes it, but then a part of me is like "SHUT UP ALREADY! I fucking get it!" Not to mention that our main cast of FT get away pretty much scot free every what? Luffy and his crew were beaten down and separated from each other...FOR 2 YEARS!!! Not to mention Luffy sacrificed so much to save his brother; his body lost ten years (I's been so long now...), sacrificed Bon Clay, and STILL HIS BROTHER DIED. Sacrifice! That's what I loved about that arc. That's what made it so real and heartbreaking! That not everybody is gonna get a happy ending no matter how much you sacrifice. It sucks, but it's the truth. The immortal bard, Shakespeare knew it best; Everybody loves a great tragedy. I wish Ace could've lived, but the way Oda handled that arc was stupendous and I applaud him for it. So, that's the central thing I focus in on my Natsu's and you'll see that hinted upon throughout my stories. Just know that the Natsu's you're reading about in my story are not quite the same as what Mashima is writing now. I'm going for a more emotionally and morally complex Natsu Dragneel and I hope people like that.

I see. So-: Sorry to cut you...or well me off, but I need to go into rant time. I've got a question for you all any of you like what's happening in the last arc of Fairy Tail? ... ... ...Well, I'm gonna assume that it's kind of a mixed bag like it is for me. I just...what the hell Mashima? Have you gone off the deep end? I mean, for a lot of the chapters I've seen ass shots or boob shots of various female mages and it really takes me out of the moment. Honestly, I get it. The FT women are attractive and I know that, but I don't want to see their boobs jiggling or their ass in a panel when I want to see some awesome fights! I don't know, I just feel like Mashima has just full on embraced the ecchi side of the manga, which so does not blend well with the fights. I mean, this is fucking war!! I should be scared for these characters, but I'm not! Which brings me to another contentious point in this arc...WHY IS FT PRACTICALLY WINNING EVERY BATTLE! Don't get me wrong, I want FT to come out on top as the victors, but come on...people gotta die. I'm sorry, but some need to. (*Cough* *Cough* Jellal *Cough* *COUGH*...okay, he doesn't need to, but I'll go into more detail another time why this guy doesn't jive well with me.) For example, when Gajeel was being sucked into that Death portal thing and he gave that emotional, gut-wrenching speech to Levy and got sucked into it, thus implying that he died, I was all like, "...Okay. He'll probably be back in about four chapters, give or take." ...I SHOULD NOT BE SAYING THAT! I should be saying, "GAJEEL! NOOOOOO! OH FUCK! GAJEVY STARTED RIGHT WHEN IT ENDED!! NOOOOO!" That would have made the shipping really sad in my eyes, as well as a warning to people to hurry up and tell your crush or the person you love your truest feelings because you never know when you'll be at Death's door. ...Okay, I'm knocking on some wood right now, so hopefully that will ward off the bad Karma. I'm just saying, COME ON MASHIMA! War needs sacrifice. He killed off Makarov, which he seems to be sticking by so I like that (EVEN THOUGH HE HASN'T BEEN PROPERLY MOURNED YET! But the war is still going on, so I'll give that a pass...for now.). As much as I loathe to admit it, we need to start saying goodbye to fan favorite characters, at least some, because this arc is slowly starting to mean kinda nothing to me. The current chapter was alright (Acnologia bashing Erza's mom's head scared the fuck outta me. I seriously did not expect that.) So...all I'm saying is, Mashima, if you're listening, which I know you're not, PLEASE start taking some risks in this arc because the FT manga/anime has sorta dipped a bit, but you can save it with a BIG FINISH that will leave people saying, "HOLY SHIT THAT LAST ARC WAS AMAZING! A spectacular way to end the manga/anime!" ...Even though some of the other arcs were lame...

Okay...well-: Nope still my time. Now then...let's talk about the shitty ways Mashima has been handling a character...oh wait, did I say one character? I MEANT SEVERAL!!! Jellal, know what to save time let's just say anybody besides the core cast of FT and the two big baddies (Acnologia and Zeref). Now then, let's talk about someone recent for now, Eileen. Oh boy did I find her quite interesting...for a while. Until all she became another OP motherfucker that was wiping the floor with practically everyone until Erza came in. Listen, I love Erza...but she's gotta lose sometimes. Now you could make the argument that Erza is OP because of her mom, but that's so lame. I'm sorry, but that is a lame excuse. Erza Scarlet needs to be at least somewhat relatable and the battles in this last arc have shown me that...she's kinda not. Sure she's got mommy issues, but that's it. Not to mention that she's hung up on her ex-psychotic technically not her ex-boyfriend. Really? Why? Why is she still attracted to that emo, emotionless, boring guy. I'm sorry, but he is. Yes I know he was mind-controlled and blah blah blah whatever I still don't like him. But I'll be honest, the main problem I have with him is that he stands in the way of my OTP NaZa. Now I can already hear groaning from some of you and explanations like "They're practically brother and sister." ...Who gives a fuck? Bottom line, they're not actually brother and sister. Not to mention it makes a HELL of a lot more sense for Erza to fall in love with the man...who not only dressed up as her to accept whatever punishment she was to be given by the Council back when Siegrain was around. BUT ALSO, fought for her, and dragged her out of the Ethernano tower that must of hurt like HELL seeing as he must of had to swim inside to grab her. BUT STILL, she wants the emotionless husk of a man who's pretty much just a little girl crush that she somehow convinced herself is love. You can say I'm just a butthurt NaZa fan, but please, PLEASE make an argument for him that doesn't bring up about how he was mind controlled because I've heard it many times...I'm waiting...well? Is it because he is in fact a boring character? ...Yes, yes it is. I suppose I can't really blame just Jellal, but Mashima is also at fault. He should NOT have brought him back in the Oracion Seis arc. Jellal was a pretty badass villain and all this Crime Sorciere business kinda detracts from his badass status. Now this is my opinion about the character and everyone is entitled to have their own. I welcome it. That's the beauty of Free Will.

Are...Are you done?: For now anyways. If anything else comes up from the manga that I don't like then I'll just come back here to rant about it...sounds fun actually :D. BTW, if anyone ever wants to talk about FT with me or whatever, PM me and I'll try to get back you as soon as I can!

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