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Author has written 27 stories for Mega Man, Transformers/Beast Wars, Gundam 00, Code Lyoko, Kingdom Hearts, Captain America, Captain America, Avengers, Spider-Man, RWBY, Gundam Seed, Sword Art Online/ソードアート・オンライン, Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, Justice League, Mass Effect, Final Fantasy XIII, and Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

ALIAS: Lyoko Prime

Founder and Leader of Studio Fandom

Hey whadup? Soooo a few things about me, favorite colors, classic red and blue (Hey all the greats wear it)

Favorite anime:

Sword Art Online, Digimon, Yu-Gi-Oh (Original, GX, and 5Ds), Naruto, Gundam SEED and SEED Destiny, Gundam 00, Gundam Unicorn, and a bunch of other Gundam series as well.

Other favorite series:

Code Lyoko, Transformers, Young Justice, Smallville, Avengers, Spider-Man

And that's just the short list. Anyways, I started writing fanfictions as a side hobby and after having a few of my friends look at em and telling me they were pretty good I figured what the hey, I'm gonna get an account on here. And now, it’s only gotten better and bigger from there.

Guess what, I’m now on YouTube! For a lot of cool stuff like reading video series and special news videos, check out the Channel:

Not only that, but if you want to check out both my cover artwork in full, along with a few other images related to my stories, you can now head on over to my new deviantart account! Check it out:
https:// www.deviantart. com/studiofandom (just remove the spaces when you type in the URL)

And now, here's just a preview list of what to expect from me in the near future or what I've worked on or am working on right now:

Current Projects:

Gundam War Online

A crossover story with SAO and multiple Gundam series, but mostly focused on Gundam 00, since the central main characters are both from said series. If you think that they're taking the place of the SAO characters though then think again, because Kirito and some of his friends will be playing some part in this story in a way you may not expect.

Code Avengers Series (A Code Lyoko/Avengers EMH Crossover):

A little something that I thought up at random one day and was inspired by stories by "The Incredible Muffin", "CaptainRex75", and other authors. Two Lyoko Warriors end up in the Avengers EMH timeline after losing everything, and it leads to many new developments as they begin to take on a fresh start in new lives in the MARVEL Universe. (Currently on 2nd Story: Code Avengers Cosmic)

Shield of the Cosmic Era (a Captain America/Gundam SEED Crossover)

Captain America joins the fight for peace as he's swept into another war after being in a cryogenic state for so many years, but this time, he's fighting in a war of massive, man like weapons known as mobile suits that sprouts from the argument of Naturals vs Coordinators alongside the Archangel and Kira Yamato.

Justice Marvel, Justice League/Captain America (may end up changing to MARVEL) Crossover

This story basically tells of what might have come about if Captain America was actually a part of the DCAU and was found in his icy sleep by the Justice League. Makes you wonder just how much of the MARVEL universe would end up being a part of this timeline as well if that were the case and what having the First Avenger would bring about in the Justice League's adventures.

Avenging Normandy (A Captain America/Mass Effect Crossover):

You know the story of Mass Effect, starting from Mass Effect 2, but this time around, despite recovering Commander Shepard's body, Cerberus was unable to save the first human Specter. With the Collectors threatening human colonies, the Illusive Man makes what could be the biggest gamble in his time as leader of Cerberus: he decides to have Miranda Lawson repurpose Project: Lazarus in order to bring back another one of humanity's greatest heroes and soldiers: Captain America. With the First Avenger now in command, the Normandy SR2 will be facing whole new marvel of adventures! Expect a lot of changes and different plot twists in comparison to the Mass Effect storyline, as this is not just a typical story where one hero takes the place of another.

Avengers Academy:

Based on the mobile app game of the same name, witness heroes rising up to become Avengers, including a few teenage versions of some MARVEL heroes. Witness the adventure as Spider-Man, Wasp, Falcon, and more experience all the drama, all the struggles, and all the stories typical of high school, with the added twists of training to one day become Avengers while getting a head start on saving the world on a near-daily basis. These kids may not be at their maximum of the potential they could achieve as heroes, but both they and their instructors are confident that they have what it takes to one day become the newest members and newest generation of Earth's Mightiest Heroes.

A Spider's Focus Final Fantasy XIII & Spider-Man Crossover:

A battle with his old foe, Doctor Octopus leads Spidey into joining the fight with Lightning, Snow, Hope, and the others as they take on the battle after battle, mysteries, and monsters in a quest to save the world and Lightning's sister. Just another Wednesday for your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, huh? The only question is, just how much of an adventure will all of this lead to, and just will be changed by the web-swinger being around for the action this time?

Hearts of Avengers, A Kingdom Hearts & Avengers EMH Crossover, and First of the Kingdom Marvels Series:

My response to the challenge by "Spiderfan626". Instead of Traverse Town, Sora lands himself in New York City after Destiny Islands fell to darkness, and awakens aboard the SHIELD Helicarrier just moments before The Breakout. One superhero team-up later, and Sora finds himself on a much different adventure than the one you may be familiar with, especially considering how he's now a member of Earth's mightiest heroes, and is helping to battle the escaped supervillains, while dealing with the Heartless, searching for any clues as to where his missing friends are, saving the worlds, and dealing with so many other things in between all of that. Whoever said becoming the Keyblade's chosen one would easy was a big fat liar, because this is definitely no magic carpet ride!

Cyber Star Wars Star Wars The Clone Wars & Transformers Crossover:

As the Clone War rages on, both sides have come to a stand still with neither of them gaining or losing any real ground. In the hopes that a recently discovered world on the outskirts of the Outer Rim may hold the key to tipping the balance, Master Yoda and Chancellor Palpatine have sent Obi-Wan Kenobi, Anakin Skywalker, and his padawan Ahsoka to investigate the mysteries behind it. But just what will happen when the answers they discover turn out to be the precursor that reignites an old war that had driven this world to its destruction? Optimus Prime and the Autobots join the Jedi and the Republic, as their war against the Decepticons becomes entangled in the Clone Wars. Prequel to Star Wars Rebel Autobots.

Kingdom Hearts Keyblade Legion A Kingdom Hearts Story (Third Story of the Keyblades Unleashed Series):

Sequel to Kingdom Hearts Dual Keys, and continuation of the AU story line that was started in Keyblades of Future Past. After having their memories tampered with and sleeping for a year, Sora, Donald, and Goofy awaken, ready to return to the worlds for another adventure alongside Ventus, only this time, they're bringing along a few new friends: Roxas and his sister Xion. They're going to need new friends though, because a new sinister group is now threatening the worlds with both the Heartless and creatures that exist in neither the light or the dark: Nobodies. But just how deeply connected to this Organization XIII are Roxas and Xion? Old friends will be reunited, new worlds and friends will be discovered, and the team of adventurers will be facing greater challenges at every turn. Good thing they've got a lot more than two Keyblades to fight back with, and it doesn't stop with just Ven, Sora, Roxas, and Xion. A whole new spin is taken for the story of Kingdom Hearts II, and this time, there's an entire legion of Keyblade wielders for the forces of evil to face, as the battle for the worlds and the light continues!

Remnant of the Key A Kingdom Hearts & RWBY Crossover:

Taking place Post-Kingdom Hearts 3, things take a turn for the AU, as we explore a world where Sora was unable to use the Power of Waking to save Kairi. Now, with the help of Roxas, Lea, and Ventus, Sora will travel to Remnant in order to find their lost friend, and re-learn some of the skills he lost in his quest to truly prove he's ready to be a Keyblade Master. But Sora's going to find much more than he ever expected on this world, starting with the spark of something special and new with a certain silver-eyed, red cloaked huntress. With all that's about to come after them, the newly formed Team SLVR (Silver) is going to need the help of Team RWBY, JNPR, and all the rest of their friends on Remnant if they hope to stand up to all the challenges to come. Whether its combatting the stirrings of their feelings, or the forces of darkness that will prove to be an even greater test than even the mightiest of Keyblade wielders could imagine.

Friendly Neighborhood Huntsmen A Spider-Man & RWBY Crossover:

An accident with a new Oscorp invention has stranded everyone's favorite web-swinger on the world of Remnant. Thankfully, he's not alone. Spider-Man's swinging into action alongside his partner in crimefighting, Jessica Drew, aka Spider-Woman, and they're going to need all the help they can get in battling the forces of evil on this world. From deadly, soulless monsters, to the regular criminals and terrorist organizations, and even a shadow group operating in the shadows, Spidey just might be welcoming the help of his new huntsmen friends in his against evil. And I don't just mean Team RWBY either. He and Jess going to need backup from a couple of new friends as well, who will have to rise to their own Spider-Destinies if they're to have any hope of saving both their worlds. And why in the world is everything on this planet also a gun?!

Transformers Remnant A Transformers & RWBY Crossover:

The war between the Autobots and the Decepticons rages on, as both sides now struggle to locate the lost AllSpark. Oh wait, you think you know this story huh? Well what if I told you that this time around, the war did not lead the Transformers to Earth, but to another world entirely: a world that is now a Remnant of what it once was? The battle will soon span across two generations of huntsmen, starting in the days of the greatest huntsman team to ever graduate from Beacon, and leading into the days of Team RWBY afterwards. Destiny will be altered in ways you can't even begin to imagine with the Autobots around to help out some of Remnant's greatest defenders, and the Decepticons allying themselves with its greatest threats. Just see for yourself what may come soon.

RWBY Meetings A Repository of various RWBY ideas:

Like the short description says, this is a collection of various ideas I have for RWBY fanfictions. Whether they're crossovers, AUs, or some other type of story, you're likely to find the brief look into that story's world here. Some could just be there to get the idea out of my head, others could be special sneak peeks of stories yet to come, and specific moments in those very stories. You never know which it's going to be until you have a look inside this little section of the Studio Fandom vault.

SLVR Chibi A Kingdom Hearts & RWBY Chibi Crossover:

A little comedy spin-off to Remnant of the Key, because we all need a few more laughs to lighten things up, and where better to get them than in a world where nothing bad ever happens. EVER. So enjoy a good number of fun comedy skits, and hope that certain people (Nora) don't get any coffee and end up breaking the fourth wall. (I've got my eye on you Valkyrie. Don't think I won't see you trying something!)

Completed Projects:

Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Prime Series

This story takes place during the time of Mobile Suit Gundam SEED and answers a simple question. What would change the war between Earth and the PLANT if the war from Cybertron was brought into the mix? This is a trilogy of stories, so please bear that in mind before you think you've read the whole thing after finishing the first story. The titles include the following:

Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Prime, Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Prime: Destiny Sentinels, Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Prime: Chaos Hunters

Keyblades of Future Past (First story of the Keyblades Unleashed Series)

Master Xehanort controls a vast army of darkness as war between darkness and light rages across the world. Nobodies are formed from people having darkness in their hearts for even a moment, Heartless ravage hearts unbidden, Unversed open the paths to the worlds for the forces of the dark, and only a few world's remain in the light, with what's barely more than a handful of warriors to defend them. But somehow, something seems wrong. Is this really how things should be, or did something happen that should never have happened? The only ones who have any hopes of finding out now, are the two greatest heroes of the light: Sora and Kairi.

Kingdom Hearts: Dual Keys, A Kingdom Hearts Story (Second Story of the Keyblades Unleashed Series):

Spin-off/sequel to Keyblades of Future Past, and AU to the Kingdom Hearts story. The legend you know returns, but this time, it's not just Sora, Donald, and Goofy racing to save the worlds. This time, they'll be working alongside the newest Keyblade Master, who has decided to become Sora's new teacher: Ventus. Experience the very first Kingdom Hearts adventure you know, with Ven fighting alongside Sora, and possibly a few new worlds as well, as the forces of darkness face off against two Keyblades in the battle for the worlds!

Code Resolution: A Code Avengers Holiday Special:

In a brief glimpse into the future of the Code Avengers Series, Iron Man, Captain America, Ulrich, and Aelita find themselves in for quite the New Year's Eve when Peggy Carter and Howard Stark suddenly appear in New York City, but the two heroes from the Forties aren't the only ones to make an unexpected appearance. Someone very special to Lyoko Warrior history has appeared as well, and when Kang suddenly attacks, the reunion times turn ugly, leading to a New Year's adventure that could spell trouble for history as the team knows it, in this first ever lyokoMARVELanime holiday one-shot. Warning: This story does indeed contain events and characters that appear in the future of both the Code Avengers Series and other stories by lyokoMARVELanime as well. Anyone who dares to read this one will be finding themselves greeted by various bits and pieces of information or slight references that may not have unfolded by the time either a story as a whole or a specific chapter in said story has been posted, or simply if someone has not read any part of said story/story series already, though mainly in the case of the Code Avengers Series. You have been spoiler-warned.

Enter The Spider-Verse: A Code Avengers Story A Spider-Man & Code Lyoko Crossover which ties into the same timeline as the Code Avengers Series:

A little tie-in to the story of the Code Avengers Series, as in, it starts at a point in time when Aelita and Spider-Man have gotten engaged. Everything's looking absolutely stellar for Spidey, so of course, life's decided to throw him a curve ball, one that comes in the form of Doctor Octopus' latest scheme. During his last encounter with the not-so-good doctor, Octavius had managed to escape into a portal that lead to parts that were previously unknown, but now, Osborn has the answer as to where his old colleague has fled to: Doc Ock is now traversing the multiverse, hunting down different Spider-Heroes from all across reality for some unknown purpose. The best solution to stop him: Send Spider-Man on an interdimensional chase after him, and with Aelita backing him up, there's not likely going to be any way that Ock's getting away. The only questions are who is this mysterious man assisting Doc Ock, is he really another Spider-Hero, or is this something that's far bigger than any of them realize? The only way to find out is if you dare to enter...the Spider-Verse! Warning: This story does indeed contain events and characters that appear in the future of both the Code Avengers Series and other stories by lyokoMARVELanime as well. Anyone who dares to read this one will be finding themselves greeted by various bits and pieces of information that may not have unfolded by the time either a story as a whole or a specific chapter in said story has been posted, or simply if someone has not read any part of said story/story series already. You have been spoiler-warned.

Future Projects:

Avatar: The Last Avengers, An Avatar Last Airbender/Avengers Crossover:

You know the story of how Avatar Aang was found frozen in ice after 100 years by Water Tribe siblings Sokka and Katara, and then went on to save the world from the Fire Nation, Azula, and Ozai. But...what if Aang and his bison weren't the only ones that had been found in ice that day? What if, during their travels back to the Southern Water Tribe Village, the three found someone else as well? Someone who's world was already beyond saving, and who was now determined to do what he could to avenge it along with his comrades that he believes have been scattered throughout their world. And what if, the ones responsible for destroying that person's world became allies of Ozai and the Fire Nation? Watch out Bending Nations, because the battle between forces of evil and the Avengers is now heading your way.

Transformers 00, A Transformers Prime & Gundam 00 crossover:

(Post Transformers Prime: Predacons Rising). The day when a young boy was saved by the first Celestial Being mobile suit, 0 Gundam, was the day when he also had a close encounter with another, similar being, one that had not been on Earth for many years, and who had been a high speed car before changing into a massive robot. Years later, Celestial Being reveals itself to the world, but at the same time, another group reveals themselves as well, and the fact that they have returned to Earth to stop a new Decepticon threat. Now, Celestial Being will find themselves with new allies as their battle to end war and change the world draws them into the battle between Autobots and Decepticons, and the Gundam Meisters join forces with...the Autobot Primes.

Star Wars Rebel Autobots Star Wars Rebels & Transformers Crossover:

When Ezra joins the crew of the ghost, the rebels discover that they aren't the only ones fighting against the Empire, and the Empire has gained a few big allies. With the Decepticons backing the Empire up, it's going to take more than a Jedi to help save the galaxy. It may take an Autobot team and a Prime unlike any other. Will feature an original Autobot team that will become the guardians to the Ghost Crew.

Alien l'Cie A Ben 10 & Final Fantasy XIII Crossover:

Their entire galaxy is at peace, the worst of their enemies are either gone for good or secured behind bars, and for Ben, Gwen, and Kevin, life has become something close to peaceful, and for the most part, boring. Until they find themselves flying off to a new world in a galaxy far beyond their own for a new mission full of adventures with magic, monsters, and powers that even they have never seen before. In a stunning race against time, Lightning Farron and the l'Cie of FFXIII will join forces with Ben 10 and his most trusted teammates and friends in an adventure that will take all of Cocoon by storm. That is assuming Lightning doesn't end up killing Ben first for how similar his catchphrase is to the biggest quirk of Snow's personality. Brace yourselves Cocoon and Pulse, cause it's hero time!

Keyblades Unleashed Series Future Titles:

Kingdom Hearts Dreamer's Challenge (Fourth of the Keyblades Unleashed Series):

Master Xehanort's true return in nearly upon us, and his dark plans with him. While it is true that Sora, Kairi, Riku, Xion, and Roxas have all proven their metal in their previous adventures and from training under Masters Ventus and Aqua, Yen Sid feels that it may not be enough. If they are to stop Xehanort, they will need not only new powers, but to truly show that they possess something more. It is time for the Mark of Mastery Exam. Though Roxas is left out, due to belief that his ability to dual wield would prevent the exam from challenging him enough, Sora, Kairi, Riku, and Xion are all sent on a new mission into the Realm of Sleep, to awaken the new powers that they will need. But can they accomplish this task, or are they just playing into Xehanort's hands? And when the smoke clears, will they all still be who they were when the test began, or will a tragedy strike that ends up driving a very deep wedge in the team unlike any there has ever been before?

Kingdom Hearts Trinities(Fifth of the Keyblades Unleashed Series AKA Keyblades Unleashed Version of Kingdom Hearts 3):

Xehanort is nearly ready to reignite the Keyblade War, after capturing one of our heroes in his clutches, and transforming them into one of his Thirteen Seekers of Darkness. Now, with one friend forced to the side of darkness, another off on a quest to save that friend alone after feeling betrayed by Ventus and the others, and Terra still MIA, the Keyblade Wielders must find some way to assemble the Seven Guardians of Light, lest they leave the Princesses of Heart at risk. But they can't just let Xehanort dictate their response to his threat, and knowing this, Yen Sid and Mickey offer another course of action to take. Among the many legends of the Keyblade War, there is one that stands out to them in this time of need. This legend says that if the threat of the Keyblade War were to ever be reignited, the light of three trinities each comprised of three Keyblade wielders, would rise up with powers that would be greater than all others before them, and set right all that those who lurk in shadow have tried to destroy. One such trinity is already assembled, with Sora, Riku, and Kairi still standing tall, but they are still short a member or two with the others. With their new mission set, Sora and the gang set out to assemble the other trinities, while Aqua and Mickey search for a way to bring back Terra, and Ventus travels alone to prove himself to one who believes he had wronged them. But what will Xehanort do to counter our heroes' actions to stop him? An exciting conclusion is nearly upon us.

Kingdom Hearts Beyond the Worlds (Sixth in the Keyblades Unleashed Series):

They thought it was over. They truly believed they had seen the last of Xehanort's vile darkness. But, in this, the most direct sequel to Keyblades of Future Past, they will find out just how wrong they were. Xehanort, namely the one who had first altered history and set this entire continuity in motion, has returned, ready to unleash the powers of the Palace of Nightmares upon all, and he's no longer interested in finding out the mysteries of the Keyblade War. No, now, all he wants is revenge on those who he feels have wronged him, and he intends to strike from the last place that our heroes suspect. Not that it remains a mystery for long, as our heroes soon sense the danger, and are sent to a place where none of them have ever gone before: the worlds beyond those that they know. The three trios of Keyblade Heroes have now reassembled, with Mickey, Donald, Goofy, and Namine at their sides, and are out to discover whole new worlds that are strange and wildly different from any that they have seen before. This time, the worlds of Disney movies are left far behind, because now, they're going beyond those worlds, and into uncharted territory. Find out what sort of places they will discover, how far they'll go to stop Xehanort for good, and just what they will experience in this, the next chapter of the Keyblades Unleashed Series.

Keyblade Legion: Dark Reflections (A Keyblades Unleashed Crossover Special Event with "TheRedeemer1995"'s Parallel [Likely to be considered canon later on if requested by followers or is built up well enough to work with the series. Takes place between Keyblade Legion and Dreamer's Challenge]):

In this story, the cross-dimensional traveling anti-hero of "TheRedeemer1995"'s Parallel finds himself chasing down his foe, right into the world of the Keyblades Unleashed Series. Upon realizing such a dangerous threat is now on their doorstep, the Keyblade Legion must reassemble, this time in full from the start, including Riku, and with their ally from another dimension providing assistance. Though the big question on all of their minds is can they really trust this warrior of darkness? How can he possess such powers? And why does he remind them so much of Sora? It's an adventure like none they've ever faced before, but it could lead to revealing a great deal about what still awaits them in their not-so-distant futures.

Also, here's a few details on some of the OCs that are either my own, or just on loan to me from other's

OCs of Others:

Donated by "twilightnite13" for Gundam SEED Prime Series:

Name: Quicksilver

Affiliation: Decepticon (more loyal to Starscream.)

Body type: Quicksilver's body is not as bulky as most mechs but it is enough to let people know that he is not as weak others think of him, but also to make sure his physical speed hasn't been dampened. His body coloring is mostly silver, his arms dark red with colors, shoulders curved with two purple lines horizontally moving from the sides to the center till they tipped down to look like a V, his feet were more of a platinum color as red knee guards heels and black pedals (feet). His eyes are not as red as other Decepticons but red to show his alligence as well as his Decepticon symbol (Which he will reveal at the end of the story) on his chest which looks like a Motorcycle's front' as the front wheel is on the side into his chest, his jet wings are thinner than his lord's or any flier. Smaller fins are on his forearms (similar to Dreadwing's shoulder fins), His rear wheel split, shrunken, curled into itself, and hanging on the sides of his waist almost like holsters for his hand blasters.

ALT mode: Cybertronian speeder Jet & a silver motorcycle

Jet mode appearance: His jet mode, though not the strongest or the heavily fortified or even well armed it was created to keep Quicksilver true to his name as a quick and awesome flier. The wings on his back becomes the razor sharp wings of the plane. When not using his firepower he uses his sharp wings to cut through a weaken armor or to soar faster in the air or even space as pinpoint accurate lasers shoot out of the triple barreled lasers near either side of his jet's nose.

Cycle mode appearance: His cycle mode resembles a modified and altered sports bike called "Suzuki Hayabusa or Honda CBR1100XX Super Blackbird" that can reach high speeds. The winds of his jet curled to become the hull of the motorcycle, the decepticon symbol is where the license plate normally is

Personality: Quicksilver is strong in his believes as well as in his sense of right and wrong which had strengthened since becoming Starscream's apprentice, who the young triple changer owes his life to, but is less of a coward than Starscream and more sensible than most bots when he knows he cannot defeat a battle. He strongly believes that the war is both Sentinel prime's as well as Zeta Prime's fault for creating the caste system and for that he hates them with a passion that is matched by his determination to complete a mission as is his shyness & feelings around Femmes like his crush Slipstream and the flirty Thunderblast. Quicksilver also hates discrimination of any kind and he feels an over whelming force that makes him jump himself into the fray he. Like Dreadwing is loyal and has honor in the way he fights, his determination also allows him to fight with a ferocity. His rage also signals that the person who angers him is close to being regretting it.

Bio: Before the war broke out, Quicksilver was a recruit to join the air legions of the Cybertronian Elite Guard. His training became harder when he voiced his negative opinion about the Caste system that had been created and that made him unpopular by all of the Sentinel and Zeta Prime supporters, even those like Smokescreen, the trickshot-twins, and Crosshairs. Until Starscream saw potential in the young triple changer in his vehicle speed, physical combat skils, and his drive. The sky commander recruited him as his apprentice. Since then Quicksilver has been devoted and loyal of a soldier to the air-commander. Quicksilver got his name from how fast he was at quick draws and people can see him and how they see but a silver blur as he moved. Quicksilver was not with the others when the war broke out, unlike others he does not blame anyone.

Weapons: his trusty blaster that seemed to be of unknown origin though made from Cybertron, it's tougher than the modern blasters. Quicksilver also has some default blade in his arms that are used for melee combat.

First appearance in my stories: Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Prime: Destiny Sentinels, Chapter 15.

Donated by "twilightnite13" for Code Avengers:

Codename: Lycan

Real Name: same as his code name

Age: Unknown but looks around Peter Parker to Ulrich Stern's age

Species: Mutant

Personality: To put it lightly he's rougher around the edges than Wolverine. After being in the wild for so long, he acts like an animal that expects danger to be around the corner. Because of this, he would snarl or growl at anyone who even looks at him the wrong way. Despite his anger and the wild-animal-like issues he has, Lycan is very stubborn, strong-willed, and caring.

Appearance: fair pale skin, blond mixed with red messy and unkempt hair. Wears special clothes that change in size to remain usable and suitable in either wolf or human form. He wears a vest that works with that special flexible cloth and his pants are torn from the knees down. He also has a Celtic symbol for wolf on a silver necklace.

Powers: Lycanthropic abilities and transformation (which includes claws, fangs, enhanced senses, and healing factor). Second power relating to his first is a supersonic howl.

History: Lycan has been on the run since his mutant powers emerged at an early age, because his home village is not connected to the outside world, and as such, the thought of him as an actual werewolf, and tried to end him. He has been living in wolf form since he could first learn how to run. It wasn't until Sabertooth found him and brought him to Magneto that he stopped. Only at his henchman's request did Magneto allow Lycan to stay with his Acolytes, but only if Sabertooth would train the boy in the same way that the beast-man had been. While hunting for food one day, Lycan saw a brunette haired girl that was being attacked by soldiers. When the others and Magneto were not looking, he began hunting the Weapon X troops down, because of how they saw the girl with metal clawas as nothing but a monster (In case it was unclear, said girl was Laura Kinney, alias X-23, alias Talon). He told the master of magnetism about how the moon brings out the monster in him, and every month on the night of the full moon since then, Magneto was forced to put Lycan in a cell comprised of silver walls and ceiling. Lycan served as a guard for Genosha, until after Kang's invasion attempt and its subsequent failure. Sometime after that point in time, Magneto decided to send Lycan to Xavier's school as a means to show the world that Mutants can be heroes too, to try it Xavier's way just this once.

Weaknesses: Silver, zero gravity zones, heights

Fears: losing control on the night of the full moon. Heights (since he can't fly)

Crush: X-23, in case that hasn't already been made clear

First appearance in my stories: Code Avengers Cosmic, Chapter 10: Avengers Recruit: The Mutant.

Donated by "Many Faced Mage" for Gundam SEED Prime Series:

Name: Headcase

Affliliation: Decepticon

Body Type: Similar to that of War for Cybertron Starscream

ALT Mode: Cybertronian fighter jet

Bio: An insane scientist with a love for messing around with organic DNA, and A supporter of Starscream, and very loyal to him. However many doubt his sanity. Unlike some Decpticons he finds organic lifeforms interesting. He especially loves how they evolve to survive the environment. As such, he would love to experiment on humans and animals to make soldiers or beasts to fight in a gladiator ring for the entertainment of the 'Cons. Examples of what he would do would be to combine the DNA of Stella with a wolf, or Auel with The DNA of a shark. Well he could grow a tail in the water along with kills a dorsal fin, and he also swim with legs if you wanted to. Sting's DNA would've been spliced to make him a gargoyle, giving him the tail and claws and wings. He would look something like Goliath from gargoyles. Cagalli with a lion. Just to show you the dimensions of his experiments.

During the time of the cast system he was assigned the position of a scientist, and he loved to run theoretical tests on organic DNA. When Megatron formed his faction he joined at once, because he knew under Megatron's rule no one would stop him from conducting his cruel experiments. However, he hated how Megatron always seemed to take science for granted. As result when Starscream began to show appreciation for his work and that of many other scientists, he secretly joined Starscream's group. He was assigned to Cyclops's unit and worked hard to prove himself by treating the injured. He and the survivors of Heaven 1, which was defended by Spartan of the 300 Autobots, later joined Starscreams forces on Chaar, and he remained loyal to the sky commander when Galvatron returned.

Weapons: default blaster and Corrosive Acid Cannon

First appearance in my stories: Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Prime: Chaos Hunters, Chapter 6

Name: Spartan

Affiliation: Autobots

Body Type: Similar to that of War for Cybertron Ironhide

ALT Mode: Cybertronian truck


First Appearance in my stories: First mentioned in Chapter 2 and later officially appeared in Chapter 11 of Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Prime: Chaos Hunters

Name: Boomstick

Affiliation: Autobots

Body Type: Similar to that of War for Cybertron Warpath

ALT Mode: Cybertronian tank


First appearance in my stories: Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Prime: Chaos Hunters Chapter 11

Name: Kyne

Affiliation: Autobots

Body Type: Similar to that of War for Cybertron Jetfire

ALT Mode: Cybertronian Jet


First appearance in my stories: Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Prime: Chaos Hunters Chapter 11

Name: Banshee

Affiliation: Decepticons

Body type: similar to that of Slipstream

ALT Mode: Cybertronian Jet


First Appearance in my stories: Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Prime: Chaos Hunters Chapter 10

Name: Cyclops

Affiliation: Decepticons

Body Type: Similar to that of War for Cybertron Shockwave

ALT Mode: Cybertronian Jet


First appearance in my stories: Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Prime: Chaos Hunters Chapter 11

Name: Roadkill

Affiliation: Decepticons

Body Type:

ALT Mode:


First appearance in my stories: Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Prime: Chaos Hunters Chapter 11

My OCs:

Name: Jaylen Westenfluss.

Affiliation: Z.A.F.T. Red.

Description: Dark, bruenette shoulder length hair, diamond green eyes, normally has a kind, easy going face, even when things get tough in the midst of a battle. Normally wears a Z.A.F.T. red uniform same as Athrun and the other members of the Zala team.

Bio: Jaylen is the twin sister to Heine, and was assigned to the Zala team shortly after it began its mission to pursue the Archangel and the Omega II. She always had very high marks, making her ability to graduate as a Z.A.F.T. red an easy task. She is always very observant of everything and everyone around her, so attempting to keep a secret from her is an impossible task, especially when one takes into account her easy-going, open minded personality that just makes you want to befriend her the minute you know her, a personality which only easily matched by her brother. She is also extremely level-headed in even the most trying of situations, and is well-versed in many of the old Earth legends, including the ones that had begun to fade away until they were barely ever heard of again.

Mobile Suit: ZGMF-900 Zaku Accelerant

First Appearance: Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Prime, Chapter 11.

Name: Evan Stanson.

Affiliation: Z.A.F.T. Red.

Description: slightly tanned skin that many people who live in the PLANTs normally have, silver blonde hair, and dark colored eyes.

Bio: A refugee from when Orb was attacked in the first Bloody Valentine War, Evan had lost his entire family due to the attack that the Earth Forces had launched, and he now believes that the Autobots under Optimus Prime's command and the Athha family are to blame for it. After joining Z.A.F.T. Evan had shown he was easily angered and had been reprimanded multiple times for misconduct as a result, one of the most serious being that he was arrested for starting a bar fight that led to him killing a few people who did nothing more than speak positively about the Athha's and Optimus Prime and his Autobots. Some go so far as to say that the only reason he was never kicked out of the Academy was because he normally got good marks and had excellent piloting skills. In a sense, Evan Stanson is basically a replica of the original version of Shinn Asuka in SEED Destiny had Shinn received the character development that one would've expected him to receive.

Mobile Suit: ZGMF-43SC Arch Destiny Gundam

First Appearance: Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Prime: Destiny Sentinels, Chapter 21

Name: Sakura Regale.

Affiliation: Z.A.F.T. Red.

Description: slightly tanned skin that many people who live in the PLANTs normally have, same as Evan, black, brunette hair, and silver colored eyes.

Bio: Another refugee from when Orb was attacked in the first Bloody Valentine War, like Evan, who's attitude think that Starscream's normal attitude was pleasant. Sakura is the type of girl that thinks she's perfect in every way simply because she succeeded in mastering one area of expertise, in this case being the Fury Impulse's Rage Silhouette pack, which would lead one to most closely associate her with one of the stuck-up, snobby girls in High School that tries to make every other girl or person around her feel like dirt. (I think you know who I'm talking about, the kind of people that make other's miserable and are basically another form of bullies. A kind of people I really don't like, at all) One would be quick to point out that even when Sakura is giving someone a compliment, she is still managing to make it sound like its not one and like she's putting someone down. A very great, living definition of arrogant, cocky, and overconfident, but there are still a few things that get under her skin. When beings like the Autobots order her around being one of those things, but the one thing she can't stand at all is Lunamaria Hawke. Since the older Hawke sister is the pilot of the original Impulse, Sakura believes that she needs to defeat Lunamaria once and for all to prove that she's the better pilot, which just goes to show that Sakura Regale is truly the definition of a person who is the opposite of Lunamaria Hawke.

Mobile Suit: ZGMF-X56S/Ω Fury Impulse Gundam

First Appearance: Mobile Suit Gundam SEED Prime: Destiny Sentinels, Chapter 21

Name: Dave

Description: very lightly tanned Caucasian skin, dark brown hair, and bluish-green eyes. Normally dressed in an outfit that has some combination of classic red and blue colors, normally blue pants, red shirt, dark colored shoes or boots, and an unzipped, black jacket/coat for areas with cooler weather. Warmer areas see him wearing blue pants, a black t-shirt, and a sleeveless red vest. Both instances have a chance of him wearing glasses, but likelihood does not happen often

Bio: A character that acts as my personal avatar for when I want to put myself into the action of my stories in someway. Normally only makes a cameo appearance as a character who only does small things to help with the plot, or is just there as an observer of some type that comments on a situation, but in every instance that the characters of a story encounter Dave, they get a peculiar feeling about him that they can't identify. It's not a bad feeling per-say, but it is not easy to describe, so people normally just shrug it off and move on with what they were doing before. There's really nothing extraordinary about Dave beyond the fact that he's an OC that I like to use as my stand-in for when I appear in my stories.

First Appearance: Keyblades of Future Past, Chapter 15

So please choose a story I publish that catches your interests, read, review, and most importantly enjoy.

Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

RWBY: A Rose's Nightmare by RyuJudge6614 reviews
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RWBY - Rated: T - English - Romance/Adventure - Chapters: 8 - Words: 31,760 - Reviews: 12 - Favs: 61 - Follows: 62 - Updated: 8/5 - Published: 7/16 - [Weiss S., Ruby R.] Blake B., Yang X.L. - Complete
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Crossover - Kingdom Hearts & Sword Art Online/ソードアート・オンライン - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Fantasy - Chapters: 17 - Words: 163,325 - Reviews: 94 - Favs: 69 - Follows: 55 - Updated: 11/18/2022 - Published: 12/17/2021 - Complete
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Crossover - Digimon & Naruto - Rated: T - English - Adventure/Drama - Chapters: 25 - Words: 339,825 - Reviews: 703 - Favs: 1,033 - Follows: 940 - Updated: 7/1/2022 - Published: 9/23/2013 - Ruki M./Rika N., Naruto U.
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Final Fantasy VII - Rated: T - English - Romance/Hurt/Comfort - Chapters: 21 - Words: 179,546 - Reviews: 487 - Favs: 346 - Follows: 275 - Updated: 7/31/2020 - Published: 4/12/2020 - Cloud S., Aerith G. - Complete
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Crossover - Naruto & Legend of Korra - Rated: T - English - Adventure - Chapters: 101 - Words: 1,681,513 - Reviews: 1448 - Favs: 1,520 - Follows: 1,422 - Updated: 12/3/2019 - Published: 2/10/2015 - Complete
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Spider-Man - Rated: T - English - Friendship/Drama - Chapters: 40 - Words: 282,058 - Reviews: 561 - Favs: 420 - Follows: 390 - Updated: 7/22/2019 - Published: 9/15/2018 - Peter P./Spider-Man, Mary Jane W., Miles M./Ultimate Spider-Man, Silver Sable/S. Sablinova
One Bad Coffee by Vengfulfate reviews
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SmallvilleX Evolution Year 3:2: Clones, Copies and Collectors by ben10987654321 reviews
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Crossover - X-Men: Evolution & Smallville - Rated: T - English - Drama/Adventure - Chapters: 44 - Words: 202,832 - Reviews: 624 - Favs: 262 - Follows: 199 - Updated: 6/10/2019 - Published: 6/12/2017 - Jean Grey, Shadowcat/Katherine P./Kitty P., Clark K./Superman - Complete
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They're enemy had somehow survived, and the last of them were willing to give their lives to stop him for good after losing everything, but something unexpected happens that allows the last two members of these mighty warriors a second chance at life. Brace yourself as Earth's Mightiest Heroes now find themselves united with two of Lyoko's.
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Yay my first challenge! Title says it all as to what it is a challenge for, and rules and guidelines for it are inside. Please let me know if you wish to take a shot at it. It is still open for anyone who wants to try
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