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I have no websites or any other place where my words or thoughts have been archived. Honestly, I have no completed words or thoughts to archive. I am a procrastinator, and I’ll admit it outright. However, I am working on several pieces and they are in the Anime/Gundam Wing section. I am an advocate for homosexual relations, since I am bisexual, so I’m warning you in advanced not to flame me for my fic’s contents.

All of my stories will be rated R, just simply because I’d rather not have a younger member stumble upon my slash fics no matter the content. Whether it be a simple kiss or a full out lemon, anyone under the age of 18 should not read my fics. In addition, none of my stories will be useless smut set on entertainment. I simply refuse to write garbage. I will never have a PWP because if you want porn, when you turn 18, you can go buy it. You will not find it here. What I write is art, nothing but.

Quick Bio:
Age: 20
Place of Residence: Ontario, Canada
Favourite Fandom: Gundam Wing and Harry Potter
Favourite Parings: 1=2 (GW), Sirius/Harry, Fred/George
Least Favourite Parings: 1xR, 2xH, 3xC (Seriously, people...c'mon!), 4xD, 5xS
Least Favourite Character of All Time: Dekim Barton (GW), Severus Snape (HP).

What's Going on Right Now:
Okay, that Creative Writing thing I mentioned then mentioned again? All problems are fixed. The University realized their mistake and changed the Later British Literature class to 8:30 in the morning and I was accepted into the Creative Writing class! Yay! My beta has it with me too, though she's a Biology Major (figure that one). This means that she's uber amazing, obviously. However, this also means that because I'm spending all of my writing time doing assignments I won't have anything new to post until study week or maybe even summer session (which I will NOT be attending since I don't like the idea of going to school for 20 months in a row).

Also, the school is still trying to kill my beta. (Too many stairs + unusable elevators + knee surgery = death.) But at least her lopsided runhas evened out to an odd prance-run. Poor beta. I'm still working on thatGW story I mentioned previously, and I've lost my HP plot bunny. I gave him carrots andhe ran away.

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