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UPDATE (Monday, June 12th, 2006 @ 10:07 EST)!

Hey everyone, look! Ah'm not dead!Long time, no update.There'll be another chapter coming to you shortly (in less than a week) that'll tie up all the loose ends. So look for that.

And now, the burning question:


Quite simply, I couldn't be arsed. I'm not going to say I was overworked (which I wasn't) or that I didn't have time- I didn't have the inclination, and rather than serve you guys with a steaming pile of merde I decided to let nature take its course and see if I couldn't rassle up a decent chapter or two in good time. Well, six-and-a-half months later, I have.

Just so you know, these'll probably be the last chapters of WWC/CC, at least in this form. I'm looking into maybe starting up a web comic (because I haven't been able to find too many out there that have an actual storyline past 'let's take something in real life and skew it to make a joke!' a la Penny Arcade. While that's all well and good, I want some ACTION. And I'm sure other people do, too.

Now if I could just figure out how to draw...

P.S. Since it's been so bloody long since I updated, I'll just update the reviews after this chapter. Okay? okay.





I've decided to post my replies to the reviews I recieve in here as an experiment. Just so everyone's clear, I WILL BE DELETING THE RESPONSES AFTER THEY ARE NO LONGER CURRENT. That means if we are on Chapter 3, I will delete the responses to chapter 1 and replace them with responses from chapter 2.

P.S. Tell me if you like this concept or not- I'm not saying I came up with it (maybe I did- I don't know to be honest), but I want to know how it works out, and I need your responses in order to accurately gauge its success. If it works, it'll stay this way. If it doesn't, we'll go back to putting it at the head of the chapters (tombstoning, I call it). So please, be honest.

When Worlds Collide (Reviews for Chapter 14)

Anendee- You might be onto something there, my friend... then again, you might not . Wait and see! Lunatic Pandora1- A Paladin is like a knight from King Arthur's Camelot- he's the king's champion (which means he fights in place of the king) during duels to the death and other ceremonious battles. So yeah, he's good. Midori Aoi- Right, right... I forgot that I actually didn't explain who she was in chap. 13. but you'll get your answer soon. Promise. NC Ace- Why, thank you! Y'see, for most crossovers, the artist and/or writer may be leaning more towards one side of the crossover or the other. For example -and I know I'm dating myself- ever see the '90's Spiderman cartoon that was on Fox Kids? In one of the story arcs he met the X-men, their cartoon having already aired a few years earlier. Since it was the X-men were on the Spiderman show, the Spiderman animation techniques were used, so that the X-men looked a little off (Kinda like George Bush and John Kerry- the both kinda have the same look, but put them beside one another and they look nothing alike). Anyway, what I'm trying to say is that I try to keep a balance between the animes- and there will be more on the way, trust me. NiteMistris09X- Thanks. I'll try to keep it on time. ShadowFox777- all shall be explained.

Important Story Note (THIS IS FOR EVERYONE): In their review of WWC chapter 14, ChibiRaccon said: 'OH! THE REINCARNATION OF NINA!(i think).' In answer to the question, long story short: Early on in Fullmetal Alchemist (the anime that Edward's from) there is a little-four-year-old girl named Nina who had brown hair and blue eyes whom Edward and his brother Alphonse (then a walking suit of armour- don't worry will be explained later) befriended. However, she was inadvertantly killed. Now, here's where it gets interesting: in around the middle of Trigun, Vash befriends a twelve-year-old girl with blue eyes and brown hair named Lina. Their faces even look similar! So, that got me thinking (and was actually what lead me to put Edward into the Chrno Crusade universe) that perhaps when you die you go through the Gate and pop out into a different world as a newborn (sort of like reincarnation, as suggested by ChibiRacoon, only squared). (However, due to the odd circumstances of her death she remained four years old when she came out in Trigun and Grandma Sheryl found her. That's my story and I'm sticking to it).


A crash course in Demons of Anime As Defined by Me: There are three types of demons (demons being the umbrella term for all manner of creatures not found on this planet): Devils, Youkai, and Monsters.

Type 1: Devils- These are Christian demons- the Vampires (yes, even the FREAKS and ghouls) from Hellsing, the Devils (no kidding!) from Chrno Crusade, and any others that find that they can't stand Latin and that holy water burns them.

Type 2: Youkai- These are Asian demons. These include: the demons from Inu Yasha and Saiyuki and any others that are adverse to Buddhist/Shintoist holy magic such as charms, chants and sutras. Shikigami (animated paper dolls) by (this) definition are demons and thus fall into this category, even though they are created by Buddhist holy magic.

Type 3: Monsters- This is the jumble sale of demons. Anything that's not a Devil or Youkai are tossed in here. This includes (but is not limited to): Pokemon, the monsters from Violinist of Hameln, Chimaeras (from FMA), etc.

Note: Virtual creatures (like the ones from .Hack//Sign and Digimon) are not counted in here because they do not exist on a tangible (meaning able to see/hear/smell/touch/taste them) plane of existence, and as such do not count as living entities (I'm going to get angry emails for that, so let me put it another way: Virtual creatures (for the most part) cannot harm the characters on a physical level, and so are put in a category of their own.

Also, human-based demons (such as the witches from Witch Hunter Robin and the Haibane from Haibane Renmei) are not put into a category because they are still basically human. Vampires and other creatures who were once human but are no longer are considered demons for precisely that reason- they are no longer human.


Till next time,


(just kidding)



Just so you all know, I'm using the Japanese subtitled version of both Chrno Crusade (which is why he's Chrno in my story rather than Chrono, by the way- it's not a rampant spelling mistake) and FMA, as the TV networks that I receive have squat in the way of programming and they call it the biggest library of anime in Canada! Hah! My little sister probably has more anime than (name withheld for reason of potential lawsuit)! Edit- it's improving, having recently added Naruto to the ranks, as well as Shaman King. So please bear in mind- I KNOW NOTHING ABOUT THE DUBBED VERSIONS OF FMA OR CHRNO CRUSADE. (Aside from the fact that the voice for the Fuhrer from FMA- yes, that's what he's called and no, he's not Hitler- sounds disturbingly like Sean Connery, and that's just WRONG) If you have any questions about who the characters are (as in the names I use are different from the ones you know) please, feel free to put it in your review, and I will be happy to reply!

Also, for all you copyright lawyers out there- I do not, have never and will (probably, but I can always hope) never own any of the rights to any of the anime that I write about. If I did, it wouldn't be fanfiction, would it?However, the REST of the stuff- concept, plot, some characters, etc., are MINE.

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