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Hello! And welcome to the wonderful, if slightly insane world of; 'The Daily Prophet!'

A Little About the Authors:

There are three of us (obviously), Padfoot, Prongs and Moony, aka Kash(f), Cam(m) and Em(f). We are 17, 12 and 18 respectively. We are all English, have known each other since we were tiny kids, and all live in the South-East of England. (The United Kingdom/Great Britain: England, N.Ireland, Scotland and Wales, for the seriously retarded people out there.)
Thats the basic information, I won't bore you with personal descriptions; slime, scales, evil red eyes and the like.


We don't like slash (well me and Moony don't, I'll have to ask Prongs), nothing against people who do, we just like to think Sirius, Lupin and James are nice friendly (because they are friends ONLY) boys who don't use the Shrieking Shack as a men-only brothel and Harry and Draco are not going at it in every Hogwarts broom cupboard they come across. Did you miss the fact that they do actually hate each other?

We also don't like Peter Pettigrew - there is no excuse for what he did, and I for one was rooting for Sirius to kill him in the Shack, to quote Hagrid: He's a "FILTHY TURNCOAT!". We also despise with a passion Bellabitch LeVeryStrange, who although she didn't actually kill Sirius (cause as everyone knows, he's still alive) she's still an evil cow, there are not enough curses in the english language to describe her evilness - although we have tried. Repeatedley.

We also hate the casting of Sirius Black for the movies whilst we're on the subject, Gary Oldman is horrible! He's related to Big Mo off Eastenders for Harry's sake! There is no way he should have been cast! Say it with me - J-O-H-N-N-Y D-E-P-P. We also hate the casting of David Thewlis as Lupin, we just don't know what they were thinking! I just asked Moony what she dislikes cause I'm running out: "spiders, eugh, that's my biggest hate, almost." Thats a direct quote y'know. She just added cockroaches too! My biggest hate has to be ink -of any colour- I won't go into details, but suffice to say I had a bad experience whilst chewing a pen in a Geography class once.


Anyway, thats enough about stuff we don't like - for the moment - here is the stuff we like: Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, James Potter. They are just MAGNIFICENT MAURAUDERS! Although, we do begrudgingly admit that Peter IS a Marauder, and he wasn't born evil - as far as we know...

Em also has a strange obsession with Red Dwarf. I am at a loss to understand this. Whilst I am completely immersed in the world of random Indie/Punk/Rock bands. NME is my bible.

I will have to think of some other likes at some point. We do have some. I think.

Padfoot, Prongs and Moony - The 'Stories'

1.The Daily Prophet, Lonely Hearts:

This is an idea that Prongs came up with a while ago, and we are so stunned by the response we got for it! To anyone waiting for an update, there will be one coming soon! We are just slightly caught up in other things at the moment, but I (Padfoot) am drafting an ad for Oliver Wood! Be patient!

Original Advert for The Daily Prophet, Lonely Hearts:
Do you want to hear James' love poems for Lily?
Do you want to know if you could be Snapes ideal woman and who the kinkiest Harry Potter character is?
Do you want to know just how far Ginny will go to snare Harry, and why Winkys chained herself nakedto railings outside the Daily Prophet offices?
Then read The Daily Prophet, Lonely Hearts!

2.The Daily Prophet, Readers' Columns:

This is an offshoot of the Lonely Hearts thing, basically a section of the Daily Prophet where characters from Harry Potter write in to give opinions, write columns e.t.c. This is also being updated as reguarly as we possibly can update! Ideas would be appreciated!

3.The Daily Prophet, Blind Date

Yes, we have finally put something new up! This is another offshoot of Lonely Hearts, and basically follows the format of the old TV Show, but without all the 'chuck' business. Basically it matches up couples - the first one is pretty standard, but watch out for the odd couples, and people being picked by people they wouldn't have imagined ever going on a date with in their wildest dreams...
Also covers the actual date, guaranteed laughs methinks.

Other Stories
Finally, we also write a few actual stories, but they are under different names, feel free to check them out, they are very good!

Padfoot: ForPetesSake ('Lily's Date with the Giant Squid', 'Lost Souls Forever', 'Road to Ruin')

Prongs: Kamz ('Fourteen Years of Peace', 'Muggle Exchange Monthly')

Moony: Moonbugg ('Once in a Blue Moon', 'The Last Seer', 'Too Late')

They are in our favourite Authors/Stories!

Stories Coming Soon:

We have several stories in the pipeline for the Daily Prophet, which promise to be very funny, although I will not write what they are going to be here - I don't want to spoil the surprise!

Updates/News: 21st January 2005:
Just because it qualifies as news: We have a new story! It's called the 'Daily Prophet, Blind Date'! Go on, read it, you know you want to!
And please leave us a review! We're getting horribly disturbing withdrawl symptoms!

9th June 2005:
We know we're awful, but we have finally started to pull ourselves together with web-improvements, new forum: etc, so if you'd like to leave us a message etc, just go there and we'll pick it up. Hopefully they'll be progress reports etc coming soon!

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