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Author has written 9 stories for Inuyasha, Yu-Gi-Oh, and Pokémon.

I love to write fanfics! Yay! Fanfics! ':D Of course, I've had severe writer's block for anything not RPG-related for about 2 years now, so.. Rofl.

On that note, I do RolePlay constantly, primarily on Pokemon-based sites where you are a feral Pokemon. I'm also obsessive about hybrids, so yeah. Lol. I've been accused more than a few times of making them so complicated I should've just made a new species to keep it simpler. But hey, it's fun! =P I'm not extremely active on anymore, obviously, but have had about thirty ideas for fics haunting me for ages now. n.n' Writer's block and all its wonders, right? With any luck, someday- maybe even soon- I'll actually get around to one. Haha. I also plan to rewrite a lot of these fics, or at least touch them up. I did so with Mamihlapinatapai a few minutes ago, but am too lazy to go about uploading it on just this moment. Lol.

I guess while I'm here, a few plot bunnies for those hauntings wouldn't hurt. (1) A World of Warcraft fic with my Death Knight, who is deeply, obsessively, unhealthily in love with Lord Arthas, and is determined to work her way up in the Alliance army until she is strong enough to prove her true loyalty to him. Lots of questioning of the System, and a slightly different take on the Scourge in general. Obviously, Arthas isn't likely to be extremely forgiving, but you can't blame a girl for trying, eh? (2) Digimon Season 5, picking up on where the epilogue left us. All major characters should have some pretty good spotlight, but will probably have a slight emphasis on Thomas x Nanami. (3) Outlaw Star continuation, because Harry x Mel just needs to happen. (Translation: Because I am an obsessive fangirl. :3) Plot would revolve around a dream I actually had on it, in which Mel lost her memory in some way and things go from there. (Details obviously in need of work, lol. If I was inspired, I'd just write. Haha.)

Name: Alicia Barnard (uh-LEE-shuh BAR-nrrd; pronounce it right! xD)

Aliases: Aimi Kitsune, SuicuneGirl (SG; most common), Heart of Thorns, Icelena Starshard, Rainika Thornheart, Ciarwyn Cinaed, Wyrdfayth

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Country: U.S.

State: Texas

Status: Married and pregnant. :3


Fave Shows/Mangas (In a general but not absolute order)
Yu-Gi-Oh! (Original and Abridged; not GX/5Ds)
Absolute Boyfriend
Digimon (Seasons from favorite to least: 3 & 5, 1 & 2, 4)
Fushigi Yugi
Outlaw Star
Tail of the Moon
InuYasha ('xD For some reason. More the chars than the show.)
Many Gundams (Wing, 008, 08th MS Team, SD, and what little I saw of G.)
Tenchi (Muyo, Universe, and in Tokyo; xD Tenchi is totally a fanfic though! They just keep rewriting the same chars AU! LOL.)
And More!

Fave Bishies
Seto Kaiba, Marik Ishtar, Valon, Night Tenjo, Anakin Skywalker (tie for #1)
Arthas Menethil
Harry MacDougall
Thomas/Touma Norstein
Bakura (Evil, then Good)
Milliardo Peacecraft
Duo Maxwell
James (Team Rocket)
Duke Devlin

Fave Couplings (In no order after the first few.)
Seto x Isis (Kaiba x Ishizu)

Bakura x Kisara

Seto x Kisara

(Generally, I like these three at the same time. xD Makes a hysterical roleplay, by the way.)

'Yami' Bakura x 'Hikari' Marik (Yes, I LOVE TAS Thief, btw. xD I also like 'Hikari' Bakura with Marik, and both Yamis. Ryou x 'Yami' Marik is cruel. x3 This can also be added to the polygon of varying sides above.)

Harry x Melfina

Valon x Mai

Night x Riiko

Rika x Ryo

Thomas x Nanami (Yes for real)

Milliardo/Zechs x Noin

Hanzo x Usagi

James x May (from Pokemon)

Jessie x Harley (Pokemon)

Harley x Soledad (Pokemon)

Yami x Kaiba

Hotohori x Miaka (Go die, canon.)

Shiro Amada x Aina Saharin (Gundam 08th MS Team)

Karen Joshua x Eledore Massis (Gundam 08th MS Team)

Random Facts:

-- I love yami/hikari separation.
-- I love terrible puns.
-- Badgers are amazing.
-- Too many onions ruins salsa.
-- I believe in the need for MINOR Mary Sue traits, and am anti-Anti-Sue.
-- I. LOVE. Vader.
-- Padme can die. Again.
-- Red cream soda is infinitely better than normal cream soda.
-- Ruling the world is easy, so long as you never run out of cookies.
-- And I'm wearing three pairs of underwear right now! (Not really. xP)

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