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Dear Reader,

Laura V. Bleediote is a 13-year-old writer/reader/artist/volunteer and has not burned down any houses with or without accused arsonist Lemony Snicket, despite what you may have heard. She is simply a mild-mannered Christian teen growing up in the US with her famliy. Laura owns all the books in A Series of Unfortunate Events, written by totally and completely innocent Lemony Snicket, but only for research. One of her duties as a detective is to make sure any crucial information in these horrible books does not go unnoticed. It is because of this, she spends most of her days weeping uncontrollably, wishing desperately she didn't have to read such a tragic series.

Laura V. Bleediote's latest presentations include several accounts of the lives of the Baudelaires in her "K. Baudelaire Chronicles" series. Her more light-hearted tale, "Book the Twelfth: A Comedy", is probably the best one to read, considering how it won't make you weep for hours. Experts predict that her next project might be a report on the devastating plight of young Fernald Widdershins.

With all due respect.


Augh, wow, it has been so long since I've visited this site! Here we are, one more day to go before the release of Book the Twelfth (ACK!) and I'm getting back into Snicket mode, becoming more inspired to get back into fan-ficcing. To tell you the truth, folks, I had kinda given up on my stories. I have homework every schoolday and on the weekends I am always too busy not being busy- that is, lounging around soaking up the non-schoolness- that I haven't really gotten around to any writing. But now, seeing how many people are still out there, waiting for an update,'s actually really heartening you guys, that some of you have been here from the very beginning of After All, all the way to the latest chapter of Book the Twelfth: A Comedy, and still wanting more. You guys are the reason why I'm here right now, writing this note of encouragement: You haven't seen the last of K. Baudelaire and Co. This fic is still very close to my heart and I feel horrible for how long I've left it waiting for another chapter. I can't tell you how soon it will be, but please don't leave just yet; if you stick around just a little longer, it'll come, folks, it'll come.

With all due respect,



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