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Hello,My name is Surfing Aimlessly sorry but I'm afraid that I cannot tell you my real name.Continuing I know that it is a really crappy way to start a biography but,my mood is usually based on how I write my stories or vise versa I think.Anyway please read my story/stories (you know for the future.) and I am terribly sorry if anyone is offended by what I wrote about Rikuxsora but hey nothing negative has come up so I guess I'm alright.I mean who could hate a good yaoi story.I know I'm getting of topic so I'll get on with the biography.

Name:it starts with an M
Birthdate:june 20 yes,I know Father's Day
Birth place:Califonia
Current Residence:A nice home with a lot of annoying little kids Surrounding the area.
Hobbies:currently skate boarding,when we go to the beach surfing,Indoor activities don't laugh reading the dictionary,Reading novels, playing with the playstation 2,Surfing the web, hence creating my name because I accidently found this website because I was sufing aimlessly,I'ts my thing
There's actually much more but, I wouldn't waste my time putting it all down
yeah pretty much wraps it up.See how writing cheers me up.

Okay I won't be so secretive about myself now. So I'll let you know a bit more about myself.

Name: Marla! I know that none of you know me! I wish that some of you did though! It's really hard to find someone who appreciates anime as much as I do! And some of my better friends!

Birth Date: June 20, still the same as last time! I was born on Father's Day.

Birth Place: California, Where I currently reside and probably my permanent home. I like it here! But I really just want to get away from it all!That makes no sense! Please forgive me! I am very psycho crazy!

Current Residence: Well it's still the same little home with thesame annoying little kids surrounding the area.

Hobbies: I have become a lot more active so I am not sure if I should just write it all out! Well, I am really obsessed with a band called Eighteen Visions right now! I just can't get the "You Broke Like Glass" video out of my head totally hot!

Other Hobbies: Uhhhmm...Martial Arts...uhhh...skateboarding...still like surfing (again when we go to the beach)...uhhh...I love my PS2! Surfing the internet! There's lots of things I like I will type them out when I get the chance!

You will just have tobare with me for right now people! Okay?

Well, Sayonara for now!

Hey There! So bored...

More stuff about me...god I sound conceited! Anyway, uhhmmm...I don't know what to type!

What haven't Itold you...uhhmmm...I know... my hair is Blue Black.


Maybe I'll update one of my stories...yeah...

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