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Alone, she sleeps in the shirt of man,
With my three wishes clutched in her hand.

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Name: Francis (Слава) K.
Age: 21
Sex: Masculine
Major/Minor: Triple Major: International Studies (concentration in comparative literature), English (concentration in creative writing), and Classics
Dual Minor: Linguistics and Russian Studies
(I'm never graduating)

Music I Really Like:
Kid Cudi
The Octopus Project
Death Cab for Cutie
Motion City Soundtrack
Vampire Weekend
Say Anything
Tokyo Police Club
The Postal Service
Barenaked Ladies

The Importance of Appreciating Authors:
It isn't a secret that much of ffnet is asinine malarkey. This generally displeases me when I go to sort through fanfiction, but I typically ignore it. However, it has come to my attention that much of this inexcusable twaddle has a colossal number of reviews. This seems atypical and erroneous.
So, my beloved readers, profile stalkers, and friends, I exhort you to recognize that a lack of reviews on a story does not mean the story is shit. It means it is severely underappreciated or misunderstood by the swarm of mindless nits that seem to frequent ffnet. I don't normally voice my opinion in a serious manner (because of backlash), but it sincerely disconcerts me to see fabulous writers wind up jaded because of a lack of positive reception.
Do your part and review. If you read something and you like it, review. I know, I know -- I hate writing reviews. They're awkward and the stupid review box will glitch out and you never know what to say, but if you don't review, an author won't know if they should keep writing. And if you like that author or the way they write, say so. The number of abysmal authors greatly outweighs the number of exceptional authors, so please give your support.

I'm retiring my soapbox now.

Stories (Non-one-shots)

Axel's Fables: Axel thinks Aesop taught decent lessons in his fables, but the redhead is willing to bet he could do better. What good are fables that teach things like “attempt not impossibilities” or “little friends may prove great friends” anyway? Times are different from when Aesop lived and Axel thinks it’s time for a new set of fables. All of which will be authored by himself, of course, because he’s an expert on love, life, and what truly matters.
That, and Roxas Badcock promised to marry him if he gets his book published.
-AxelxRoxas- -SoraxRiku- -AxelxDemyx- -ZexionxDemyx-
Now successfully completed.

Guiltly Conscience: Question: How do you take revenge on someone who’s smart enough to figure out what you’re up to?
A. Promise the pool boy you’ll finance his music shop if he pretends to be Zexion’s conscience.
B. Get everyone you know to help with your plan for revenge.
C. Convince Zexion he’s got six months to turn his life around or he’ll die.
D. All of the above.
-Demyx x Zexion- -Axel x Roxas- -Riku x Sora-

Smoking Lamps: Roxas hates his family. He hates that his mother and father are separated. He hates his mundane job. He hates his girlfriend. He hates being gay. He hates that his best friend is dying of cancer. He hates, and hates, and hates, and one day his girlfriend buys him a Hookah pipe to cheer him up. And even though he doesn't smoke, he decides to light up anyway because it makes him sad to see his beard cry. So he breathes in and then he breathes out. And before he can accurately comprehend what the fuck is going on, a drop-dead gorgeous genie named Axel is sitting on his bed, yammering about three wishes. And before Roxas can wish his beard away and his life back to normal, Axel tacks on the addendum: "But I'm binding us together and if you make your three wishes, we'll both be stuck in that Hookah pipe for eternity."
-Axel x Roxas- -Demyx x Zexion- -Roxas x Namine- -(Tiny Bit)Riku x Sora-

January 5th, 2012

Okay, so... GC is almost done! To me, it still feels campy and at the end of the story, there will be a note about the last chapter and why I had trouble writing it and all that good stuff. Part of the trouble was, of course, time, but most of it was actually writing it. And I would just post a note here about it, but I don't wanna give anything away so... Anyway -- it's nearly done. I have to polish it a little bit, but then I'll be sending it to my beta either on Sunday, the 6th of January, or Monday, the 7th of January. I'll update my profile when I do.

The next chapter of SL is also almost done, but I suspect it won't be ready to post until after the 9th of January.

Before I forget...Do any of you use GoodReads? It's a website that lets you catalog all the books you've read, the books you want to read, and the books that you're currently reading. There's also communities you can join, friends you can add, reviews you can post, and all that good stuff. GoodReads will also do free raffles where they give away books that are newly released. My sister actually won one of these books not too long ago.
If you don't use GoodReads and you read a lot, use it. It's fun. And if you spend a lot of time on GoodReads, add me. We can discuss literature, recommend books to each other, and all that kind of crap. My username is GoodReader.

The next story I'll probably be posting is a Riku/Sora story. I mentioned it (maybe?) in a note for SL? Or maybe I mentioned it here. But I'm still working out the plot points for it and I'm trying to get the first 3 chapters written before I post anything. I keep changing the first chapter because I keep changing the potential story. The problem with publishing chapter-by-chapter on the internet is that I can't go back and change things which is why I sometimes end up with plot holes or factual errors. And, for this new story, I don't want there to be errors.

Okay, so.. PMs... I'm getting to it. I promise. I know I've been sent a lot of PMs. And I'm going to answer them. I really am. I know I keep saying that, but it's on my mind all the time. Just hold tight, folks.

Some Facts:

A. I think love is just one big ego-trip.
B. I have a beta (Aindel S. Druida).
C. I box (but my pet rat is still dead).
D. Russian is my first language.
E. When writing in first person, I consistently screw up the tense.
F. I had to sing the alphabet song to remember what came after E.
G. The further away my iPhone gets from the current generation, the more it starts to suck.
H. I hate it when people "favorite" a story but never review it.
I. I hate writing reviews.
J. I have a bad habit of saying "well" or "I mean" at the beginning of every sentence.
K. I loathe social networking because it allows people to pass judgment and draw wildly incorrect conclusions about someone they've never even meet (and then won't meet because of their preconceived notions / misconceptions).
L: I also loathe social networking because it makes people anti-social and really ignorant (but it makes them feel like they're very social and very smart).
M: I don't smoke or drink, or do anything even remotely noteworthy.
N. My stories aren't nearly as long as they seem because I do a "Review Response" section and my author's notes go on for miles.
O: Every job I've had has ended in a mutual agreement in which I quit as my boss is about to fire me.
P: I have a peanut intolerance, I am lactose intolerant, and a peskaterian.
Q: I have nothing pierced because I can't box with piercings.
R: I love my cat more than I love myself.
S: I'm getting 3 degrees because I don't know what I want to do in life, and because 3 degrees will make a pretty sturdy shelter for when I'm homeless.
T: My ex-boyfriends are сумасшедший лохи и они будут обижаться, когда они переводят это.
U: I'm really terrible with money (I spend a lot and don't keep track).
V: I think it would be cool to publish, but I also think it would be cool to be a superhero.
W: I don't have anything to write here, but I'm lazy and don't want to have to change the letters for the last 4 facts.
X: I'm tired of seeing the plot, "Axel/Roxas is bad, but then Roxas/Axel comes in to Axel/Roxas' life and changes him for the better."
Z: I think Catullus is awesome even if it takes me hours to translate a few lines of his poetry.
AA: I sound pretty eloquent when I write, but when I speak I sound like a retarded third-grader with Tourette's.
BB: I think AkumaStrife is the best.
CC: I also think sea-salt kisses is the best.

And that's about as interesting as I get.

"Forsan et haec olim meminisse iuvabit."
"Ревность убивает любовь, или любовь убивает ревность."

Transatlanticism - when the geographic barriers between two people reflect, or parallel, the emotional obstacles of the relationship or individual.

"They carry grief around like a woman carries her extra weight: beset by self-doubt and ugly feelings, yet look content and worry free so as not to draw attention to it."
-Tentative by AkumaStrife (excellent writer)

"Why do you care what people think? They'll like you. They'll hate you. They'll think whatever they want to think and then you die."
-Lois, MiM

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