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Author has written 4 stories for Advance Wars, and Tales of Symphonia.

Well, I'm DW which actually stands for Demon Wolf. There ya go, I bet you didn't saw that coming. I'm from Sweden as well. Now that was a surprise, eh?

Anyway, my fics are:

Rock The World

Dance Of The Dead

The Heart Of Snow

Broken Wheel

The latter three are all put on hold, I'm focusing solely of making Rock The World as good as possible. It is also my most successful fic, which is why I write it. Erm, strange? Didn't think so.

Anyway, since I'm a master of wasting time, let me tell you this. Favourite games: Final Fantasy-series, Tales Of Symphonia, Advance Wars and a bunch of others which escapes my mind right now.

I've promised myself that I'll write a FF7 fic, someday... But we'll see about that, I want to finish Rock The World before attempting something new.

Rock The World is planned to be around 25 chapters, and hopefully I will be able to finish it. :d I'd like to thank everyone of my readers, and a special thanks to Zelda's Fox 38. Her fic Abandon Inc is superb, everyone should go read it.

Do you want me to advertise you? Sure, I'll gladly do it for a mere dollar an hour. Just let me know.

Now I've wasted enough time for this time, so it's time to round everything up for this time. Time is one of my favourite words. Eh, or not.

Anyway, take care and be sure to check out my fics.


I... NO, MY POPCORN! runs

to be continued

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