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Hey, it's me, the insane person who created the somewhat massivly-flamed story "On My Own"! I'm back to wreak more havoc upon the minds of purists! Mwhahahahahahaha!!!
Anyway, I'm an Elven red mage, and that's all you need to know. Aragorn is hot. Leggy is too. "Greenleaf" Greenleaf, you know. Eomer is too. Kinda. Frodo is NOT! Raistlin is...anyway.

Books: Dragonlance, LOTR, Harry Potter, Tamora Pierce, Robin McKinley, Kristian Britain, and a bunch of others...


Ah! The throne of power! Me- I am, to get this straight, an tasteless black mage. Yeah. Evil... you know the drill. A clarification on my part: My character is a BISEXUAL MALE. Don't get it confused.

I'm obsessive over Raistlin, my ultimately favorite Dragonlance character... in more than one way. Er- yeah. I agree with Nolëriel on the sexiness of Aragorn, 'Leggy' Greenleaf, Eomer??? Perhaps.

Books: Dragonlance, LOTR, Harry Potter, Redwall, yeah- Tamora Pierce... much of the same as Nolëriel...

I'm a gamer, and an anime fanatic, freak in your dictionary. I write a lot. I sleep a lot. I read a lot. I think I'm in love with Dalamar... (you don't have to comment.)