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For those who actually care to read this part, here is the update area by Date:

And if you're new, skip this bold and italic stuff and read past that if you want to know more about me. I'm a fairly open person so I have no issues in telling you all a little about myself, which may or may not need to know information due to the story. If you could care less, just scroll down to the stories and start with Series 1.


As you likely noticed, I posted Chapter 35 not long ago. The hiatus turned into other health issues from pretty much the start of the year on. Positive side, I have been vaccinated, negative side, I will have a chronic issue going forward. Nonetheless I choose to press on writing.


Next chapter up, in which our story will make a rather noticable hard turn. Speaking of hard turns, I was tested for Covid earlier today. While I don't necessarily think I have it, it's definitely been a miserable few weeks. Everyone take care.


New Chapter is up, its lengthy but it covers a lot of stuff. As indicted, it has been a stressful time as of late but I'm coming out of it and have been able to jump ahead a little bit for once. Thank you for your kind thoughts in my reviews. I have added my twitter handle and stream channel in the notes below if you want to dive into that, though if progressive and political thoughts offend you, or you like to be a troll, don't click.


Series #8 has begun. Update times will vary and be spread out as I have a lot on my plate right now. I don't have near as much done as I'd like, but deadlines motivate me.

Just to clear something up, I have NOT given up on this story, I am just very very busy with something called a life. Due to having to work a lot and and balancing my off days as either sleep or fun, speed of the updates depends heavily on how much progress I've made. I apologize for that, but its the nature of the beast.

I don't expect 50 reviews for every chapter (boy wouldn't that be sweet) but if you have a question or what not just review/PM me, I'll see the message either way. If its just a straight up response, I'll take the review. But at least tell me what you liked or disliked. It doesn't tell me much when I see "great chapter, update soon" all the time. I will take anonymous reviews as well, though if you want a response then please do sign in. I generally don't like to post responses in a chapter or on the profile. An anon question to anything basically says you don't want an answer that much. An earlier review question, you might as well click next page because the answer might be further down. And I take concrit as well, I just don't seem to get it though. Stupid flames about update times won't get you very far - I get it if you're that interested, but good ideas take time. And please, don't review if you're just going to complain about something that you alone specifically didn't like. I don't see it much, but when I do, it gets really annoying. If you like the story, cool, if you don't like it, oh well don't read it. If it's a mixed bag...which I expect, then just sift through what you did and didn't like. Everything I do is for a reason. "Well if I were you, I'd do it this way!" or "You should do it that way, because that's how everyone does it!" No, I will do it the way I want to do it, not the way everyone else does it. That's like saying that jumping off a cliff is the next hip thing just because a thousand people did it before you. If someone wants something done a certain way, I have a very simple phrase that's been around forever: Do It Yourself.

Here's the other stuff that I don't mind revealing.

Real name: David or Dave, whichever.


I don't mind those who are constructively critical, but I really don't care for flames. If you can't have an intelligent discourse, then there is no point.

Review method is best. If you want a response to it, sign in and leave it. Guest reviews are speedy and okay, but it's not a serious way of communication.

FFN app: I may not respond right away but I will respond.

Twitter: @dmthomas1982. Disclaimer warning: Most of my twitter world is politics so fair warning.

A select few have further access than that.

A/S/L Age: 37; Male; Location: Iowa, the States.

Job: IT Analyst. That means someone broke a computer, I fix.

School: Graduated with a Bachelor's in Information Technology.

Life: I'm not married. One plus I can say is that unlike many others I know that are in a similar situation, I at least own my house, so I pretty much do what I want. I'm not a type that cares if people judge me or not, because anything derogatory that's said to me I can fire right back. I'm very, very good at verbal fencing as some of you have figured out.

Other than that I'm just another Fan fic writer out there working on his so called masterpiece. By all means, gimme an honest opinion, they've been pretty positive so far.

My story(s) revolves around my ORIGINAL character who gets introduced into the Z world ala self insert, twisting it around slowly. At first not much is different, however it slowly changes into a completely different world as his presence alters it forever, or at least in my story. There are at least 16 Sagas I plan to write for the story itself, I've completed 1-7, and working on 8 currently, along with other goodies. One night I decided to see what it takes to start posting and bam, here I am. And yes, it will be that long. People frown at the whole self insert thing, thus I have made it my mission to prove them wrong as best as can be done. Besides, find me someone who didn't imagine being in that position at any age, but especially as a kid, you'll fail. And if you do find someone that supposedly fits that description, check them over for drugs because I'll bet the farm on it.

This story has other purposes though, because it allows me to get out frustrations that I normally would vent in a blog (though I do that too). You may see multiple references to issues of society embedded within. Some are hidden, and some are blatant. A lot of them are just flat out jokes and other nifty little ways to poke fun of stupid things, it's a habit of mine that I have honed to near perfection. And when I say frustration, I'm not saying I'm a completely emo person that has a shitty life, someone who has pissed away everything and that lives in his own little world. I have a life that I try to stay on top of, but there are times when you can only hold so much in before your mind just fries and you snap. Which by the way, emo is one of the most retarded terms I've ever heard, I prefer disturbed. Whether people are "emo" or not, let's face it, reality fucking sucks sometimes. So it's kind of nice to take a break from it. In all honesty, I was in the midst of heavy depression when I started this, it helped get me out. I'd love to keep going, but this will turn into a blog in a hurry, so onto more about the story and the way I spin it.

I have written from primarily from a first person point of view, I personally think its a pretty good way to go as it would be easier to imagine yourself as that person and acting somewhat accordingly, and it sucks up daydream time. I have since completely shifted to third person since I've pretty much established everything I wanted to "through Verto's eyes." Either way, when it comes to ideas that appear to sound good at least to you, writing it down is best so you're not stuck on the same idea over and over, I've been able to think quite a bit ahead of where I am now. Writing things down also really helps clear your mind, gives you that feeling of accomplishment, especially when you complete it.

I will also do my best to avoid the title of Mary Sue/Gary Stu (whatever), but that's always difficult. My character(s) aren't perfect and I will make sure they stay that way. But when it comes to that ridiculous label, there's no way you can win with some people and their skewed opinions that are almost troll-like. Others may consider them that way just because of similar characteristics, but all you have to do is mention something and I will prove you wrong somewhere. Some already have, but end up taking it back within a certain amount of time. Do not assume you know what direction the story is going, as many times I will hint in one direction only to spin it the other way completely.

I employ a heavy amount of crossover themes, but some are not 'true crossovers', thus why I label it 'DBZ' themed and not 'crossover'. No matter how I write these and in what context I write them in, I always try to do better than I have been. Whether it's a 'classic' fight scene or a comedy scene, I always try not to come across as stale and make sure I include the interruption dialogue that we all have to have amidst the action, otherwise we burn out on pages and pages of 'this character did this and that one did that'.

I do not like to read OR write dialogue in the Japanese wordage like many others do in the style I like to call japlish. I'm not going out to use a dictionary while I type something out just to re-write for 3 words of translation to replace 5000 times per chapter and try to make myself sound more intelligent. I'm not going to be one of the many writers that feel the need to add Japanese words just to sound like they know what they are talking about. I would think if you've been on here long enough, you probably already know how it goes and don't need to make it seem legitimate. Personally, I think that those who waste their time with that should worry about their content and storyline whether than how many times you see the word "Onna!". So its going to be a primarily English only story, which I'm pretty sure no one has a problem with unless they are checking this out on a dailup in Brazil. About the only words other than names you'll catching me using a lot are words that won't need translation "gi, Zeni, ki and Chi", there may or not be a few others, but that is it. I read and write better when I don't have to worry about translation and I'm sure most people do too. If someone is speaking a different language at all, it is not going to be Japanese, more than likely I'll make it unrecognizable. Sometimes however, I will do Japanese names, attack names, or perhaps a few words made into names. Not all the time mind you, but for specific situations or characters.

Another note about dialogue: I don't hold back. Anyone that knows me in real life through whatever means, knows that I swear a lot. What I have in the story context doesn't even come close to how I am at times. It doesn't matter if it's a joke, an angry tirade or down the middle of the content road, I'll still say it, especially before, during and after work, OR while drunk. That being said, I'll keep it toned down compared to usual, god help the precious little souls that are kept from the real world should they read my story(s). I have gotten a few notes about it before, saying I should completely cut it out because one or two out of hundreds believe "it's a turnoff". Guess what, not happening. It's against my religion to hold back completely...assuming I followed one. They have story ratings for a reason. Also, original Japanese DB/Z also had swearing, even from everyone's favorite "do no wrong" hero, so it's perfectly legit. If you feel that your ears...or in this case, eyes, will bleed from the exposure, then get the fuck off this site.

A lot of things that I do can or will mean something big later on, even if its very subtle. Sometimes I will reveal or spoil something blatantly, and sometimes I don't. Let's see how many of you catch little things early on that might mean something later, some of them are misleading, some are obvious, others are hidden. Sometimes its a simple sentence that often throws somebody off and the 20 questions game begins before they either ask me directly, or read it later on.

About reviewers: I'd rather not see anything in reviews/emails against what i put in for power levels. You can if you want, but it probably won't mean much to me unless there's an explanation of why you believe they should be different. They are going to get ridiculously high, especially the further we get into the story, but keep this in mind: In the original manga from A. Toriyama, Goku's powerlevel when he FIRST turned Super Saiyan was something like 150 Million, not 15 million like a lot of "scripts" have. Therefore I don't want to hear it should some of my levels go past the billion mark (and they probably will at some point). If some of them seem a bit off or don't make any sense, either PM or EMAIL me or just wait because there is probably an explanation hidden in the text somewhere. If that doesn't suit the power level junkies out there, then don't bother bringing it up, it won't do you much good. The whole reason I put them in is to better understand the battle sequences and for fun, not to validate it by any means. More often than not, it will be explained by the fight sequence itself and thus anyone with a calculator who wants to crunch the number will be satisfied. I have seen some absurd numbers on this site, or at the very least, absurd references to how powerful some of the characters are. I fully realize that DBZ was made to be that way, but at least keep a chain on it. More often than not, my fights aren't all determined by the stronger one, but the smarter one that uses certain techniques to gain the upper hand. If you truly believe that "this character should be higher" or "this character is too strong" etc, you can try to talk me into it, but the odds are that I've gone over it many more times and decided on it long before I posted it. If all else fails, write your own story and make them that way, but you ain't using my shit for creative ideas. And if you think you're clever about copy/pasting anything here to your own stories or on another site, be assured, I will find you. And again, the Mary Sue label is fucking ridiculous.

One last thing that I mentioned before. I really hate some of the hypocrites out there. You know the ones, full of jealousy so they attack others just to satisfy their need to act cool. Well this is for the hypocrite reviewers out there, and you know exactly who you are. The fact is, these parasites on the ass of life have very little in common with most people, most likely live off welfare and don't have any talent. Well there's a reason they have no talent, it's because they don't get up out of their chairs very often and probably throw in just enough effort to fill their stomach for the day. So when I see one come out and ridicule others for "having no life" and "having no ability to write" Can you blame me for feeling a little agitated? I don't care how bad said piece actually was, if you don't like it or something about it here's a thought, Don't Read It. And sending in a review that rips the upstart writer down doesn't do anyone any good, including the hypocrite himself. I see this shit enough real life where there is no escape from it. To be perfectly honest, if anyone is actually as 'dumb and untalented' as they try to point out, they wouldn't have even found the site, never mind figured out how to post anything on it. Don't drag this crap into an area where unleashing your imagination is encouraged, because no one wants to imagine being a loser like that.

Completed fics:

DBV Series 1: The UnNatural Saiyan: Future Trunks stumbles upon a young man who has been afflicted by changes. In an alternate Universe, Frieza's scientists discover a way to transform another life form into a Saiyan over the duration of several years, making the planet trade business easy. Trunks and his mother tamper with Frieza's plans by sending the boy into the DBZ universe for training and protection. This is the birth of a new hero: Verto.

DBV Series 2: The Buu Ordeal: The story of Verto continues with the world tournament's arrival. Soon he finds himself on the front lines against Majin Buu. Many things begin to change in the DBZ world, most of them revolving around the new Saiyan. Will the battle against Buu be decided by this young Super Saiyan, or will everything play out as it should?

DBV Series 3: Preperation: With Dabura's warning, the Z warriors, along with Verto, go on through their lives, with knowledge that the Zerg will invade soon. What begins as a routine weekend at home turns into something else when Young Trunks uses an age acceleration device on Verto, making him old again. Then there's this other mishap when Trunks, Verto, Goten and Vegeta end up in the past, by almost 40 years and on Planet Vegita! Can the 4 Saiyans get home in time to stop the Zerg invasion. And a better question, what is the mystery of Verto's hidden powers and why are the Zerg after him?

DBV Series 4: Zerg Wars 1: Invasion: The invasion has begun. The Zerg's massive armies have arrived on Earth and have full intent of consuming it. With Verto's journey completed, and his natural age restored, do they have any chance to repel the Zerg. The key may lie in Verto and Gohan's inner power, a power that has yet to be seen by anyone in their universe.

DBV Series 5: Zerg Wars 2: Swirling Destinies: The entire 2nd part of the Zerg wars in Starcraft dimension. New faces, old rivals and new powers are unleashed in this explosive, emotional and tragic sequel. Will the Z gang find Verto, or will everything fall into darkness?

DBV Series 6: Afterlife Adventures: As one era ends, another begins. Follow Verto's six month stay in the other dimension while he awaits being wished back to life. During his stay, he encounters new and old foes alike and makes his own discoveries during his next phase of training. Elsewhere, Gohan and the other Z fighters head back to Earth, only to encounter not only Frost, but his deadly mercenary as well. Will there even be an Earth to come back to, or has fate finally caught up to the Saiyans?

DBV Series 7: Fragile Peace: The life of Verto and the Z fighters continues as new foes rise up and old ones reappear. During this time of trials and hardship, they'll all be tested by forces more powerful than fate.

Fics in Progress:

DBV Series 8: Axis of Evil: Darkness falls upon the Earth as the shadow of evil slowly emerges to devour mankind. Multiple threats with differing agendas target the Earth and the Z fighters, the only group that can defend against them. Against this alliance of evil, choices must be made, grudges must be pushed aside, and new strength must be attained. Amongst the chaos that follows, Verto finds that he must face his greatest challenge, one that he must pass or be destroyed along with his friends if he fails.

Future fics planned:

DBV The Lost Chapters: This will simply be a collection of randomness that may or may not actually be in the DBV series. If it is, it doesn't get more than a simple mention. Ever wonder what it would be like if Verto actually saw a Pokemon running around? That answer would be included. Also included: DBV Abridged. Yep, I'm gonna be doing a parody of myself.

DBV Movie 1: Verto's rise: An alternate telling of Verto's appearance and the challenges he must face to save his friends and the earth when a great evil threatens it. Not part of the DBV time line (much like every DBZ movie). Will not be written until after Series 8 is completed.

DBV Series 9-12: Coming soon!

DBV Movie 2: Shatter: I'd give you the details, but I'd be violating the Temporal Prime Directive and I'd have to kill you. This will be a what if scenario from the regular DBV timeline.

DBV Series 13-16: Coming soon!

The email should be accessible above, if not: . I'm a little more willing to respond to an email because half the time my reviews are not signed, and I dislike answering a question at the start or end of a chapter.

For those who didn't understand all that, read it all again from the top and repeat until it soaks in, otherwise, start reading the story.

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