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Author has written 8 stories for Zoids, and G. I. Joe.

New Info: (10-28-10) Okay, it's been over a year since I updated "The Assassination of Cobra Commander." Why? Well, because it just got too damn complex. I overdid it with the multiple branches of storyline and don't know how to clean it all up prim and proper like. I do have two more chapters "almost" ready for publishing, but I've been off the story for so long I don't know if I can get back in the groove. Seriously, though, any reader feedback would be GREATLY approved. Thank you.

Who am I?

Roy Olsen is a happily married man who has spent his entire life collecting toys, movies and comic books. My gargae is full of Zoids, Transformers, Star Wars, and above all: G.I. Joe. I live in the State of Washington in a lovely home that is WAY bigger than my old apartment...but is still WAY too small to hold all of my toys.

One of the biggest influences on my writing is Larry Hama, the creative genius who wrote the G.I. Joe comic books and file cards. I met him at a G.I. Joe Collector's Convention in 2009 where he gave me pointers on character development. He sure knows his stuff! Another great influence is Mark Evanier, the writer of the Groo the Wanderer comic book series. I have always considered his story-style nearly perfect, and would sure like to meet him!

I love cartoons. With a passion. I've watched them, drawn them (not professionally) and even painted portaits of them. I will forever support them as best I can. My DVD collection overflows with animation, and it has had a powerful influence on my writing.

But my G.I. Joe writing isn't based solely on the cartoon series. I've always enjoyed the original comic book series a lot more, so I decided to combine aspects of both genres into a single storyline. After all, the cartoon Cobra Commander's hissing is an icon of the G.I. Joe universe, is it not? And although there have been multiple versions of many different Joes, I just stick with their first versions. After all, they are the versions everyone knows, and often look the best.

Currently, I am writing stories for practice, attempting to get up to a publishable level of skill. I figured the best way to learn how to write well was to write about the things I love and let the public give me their opinions. I hope you understand that since I put my stories on fanfiction chapter-by-chapter, they are almost always first draft, occasionally second draft. Whenever I do my final edits of the stories, I can't believe how sloppy some of the chapters are, but hey, as long as you get my point, it works, right?

JoeCon '09: The G.I. Joe Convention in Kansas City was great! I bought a lot of toys, a lot of comics and met a lot of people I never thought that I ever would. And yes, that included Larry Hama, the man behind the G.I. Joe comic books and File Cards. He's a really nice guy who knows his work and loves G.I. Joe. I was lucky enough to get writing tips from him and fully intend to make use of them. It was a blast being in a place with so many people who love G.I. Joe! I am always teased for my love of the Joes, but not in Kansas City!

Thank you! Yo Joe!

Favorite Movie: Star Wars

Favorite movie quote: "I'd buy that for a dollar!" (Robocop)

Current Favorite Book: The Birth of Britain - A History of the English-Speaking Peoples

Food I'm really good at making: Strawberry Cheesecake

Favorite G.I. Joe guy: Roadblock

Favorite G.I. Joe Vehicle: W.H.A.L.E.

Favorite G.I. Joe Cartoon Episode: The Revenge of Cobra

Favorite G.I. Joe Comic Book: Marvel Issue #21 "Silent Interlude"

Favorite Zoid: Liger Zero Panzer

Current Hobby: Collecting New G.I. Joe Figures and completing my Marvel Comic set (17 to go!)

Favorite Cartoon Character: Bugs Bunny

Favorite Cartoon (Film): The Incredibles

Favorite Cartoon (TV): Cowboy Bebop

Favorite Cartoon (Short): Duck Amuck

Most Famous Guy I know: Peter Alexander (Reporter from NBC News. Hey, he hosts it sometimes!)

Something I've Done On the Internet: I wrote a bunch of Comic Book summaries at

Most Interesting Fact About Me: I grew up on an orchard. I can drive a tractor, baby!

Least Interesting Fact About Me: I can't tell you that. I got an image to maintain!

Favorite Current Fact: This list of "Favorites" is over

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