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March 02, 2006

The dreaded time has come! It is final, I am leaving this place forever. My interest in writing is gone, my muse has left me and inspiration is out the window. I really had all intentions on finishing all my stories but...when you don't feel like writing ever just can't go on. Plus, that would also mean I would be leading all of you on. Thats just something I am and will not ever do!

I do wish to thank everyone who gave my stories a chance. My C2 staffers! I love you guys. Thank you for the big help! The C2 owners who chose me to be a staffer. I'm happy you guys trusted me enough to do that. Thank you for all the writers who had me on their favorites. You know...if I could remember everyone's pen-name I would list you all. I love you all guys!

Before I leave for good, I'm sure this question might be in some of your minds, am I ever coming back? I will never write here again. I may occassionally come back to read a story or two. But never will I post stories here. As for my mediaminer account...there still is a chance I might write some more chapters for the stories over there. But thats only a slight, slight chance.

God bless you all and hope all of you have happy lives!


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Can you believe this, I lied. I seriously thought I wasn't ever coming back here. Also, I thought I'd never write again. Guess my muse and more correctly my brain had a different plan.

Anyway, my new account is: Bamboo Marbles.

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