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My undisclosed. Let me share some information about myself.
I am sixteen years old.
I live in Colorado...but I am not American. I am English. Yes, I still have an accent. I was born in Dover, Kent but moved to Uxbridge, Middlesex when I was four. Left England when I was 10 to come to the States. Been back twice.

I am a senior in highschool. I hope to teach in either the US, France or the UK depending on the status of my citizenship. I love to write and draw.

I am a huge Potter Nerd and am proud of it. I giggled in Love Actually when the Prime Minister mentioned Harry Potter (See quote below).

I also adore Pirates of the Carribbean. Yes, i admit to being a crazy Johnny Depp fangirl. There could possibly be some potc ficton in the near future. Saw the second movie. i liked, but i liked the first one better, simply because it was more historically accurate.

Saw fourth Harry Potter movie. was pleased. new quotes have been added to da list

-sighs- Now the dreaded "ship" paragraph...
I will read basically any ship...that is a good one. I do not read all...just not my thing. That does not mean I am homophobic. I just do not like reading about it. fyi, one of my best friends is a gay male

Ships I Write:

Harry/Ginny: It's sweet...and canon...and I like it just because Ron/Hermione: They argue and always make just works, k?
Hermione/Fred: She can sort him out, and he can lighten her up.
Lily/James: To that I would like to add a big fat "Durr!"
Ron/OC: I like making up tough girls for Ron...just because
Harry/OC: When I am having one of my "Harry/Ginny is way overdone" moments.
Harry/Hermione: I wrote one. Only under special circumstances.

Will/Liz: aww i like it

Ships I read:

Draco/Hermione: I don't know why, I just like this one.
Remus/Tonks: Come on, it's cute.
Harry/Hermione: It used to be special circumstances, but I'm kind of getting into it more. I don't like evil!Ginny ones though.
Draco/Ginny: Only post-war stories though

Jack/Ana: I really have no idea why i like this one.
+All the ships I write.

Ships I tolerate:

Hermione/Bill or Charlie: I guess you could make it work...I don't know :/
Remus/Sirius: I'll deal with it
Harry/Cho: Mleh.this one is borderline tolerate and hate. idk.

Jack/Liz: only because she snogged him in the second movie

Ships I hate:

Hermione/Snape: ew ew ew can you say pedofile?
Harry/Draco: Come on, they hate each other!
Harry/Ron: You will never make me believe these two are in love.
Ron/Ginny: Who came up with this one? EW! incest is not cute.
Twincest: see above
Draco/Ron: This one is just plain weird. O_O
Harry/Luna: er...not likely
Ron/Luna: She would drive him insane within a week and you know it.

I am now going to tell you about the kind of stories that I write. (Don't you hate it when people start paragraphs like that?) Anyway, I usually write Harry Potter stories. I heart the marauders. I also like writing Ella Enchanted stories. I just don't post them on here because they suck. I like writing a lot of "What if..." stories.

My take on: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. I was horribly disappointed. I thought that Seamus was extemely GOOD-LOOKING! I also discovered that they're acting talent kind of degraded. I took a theatre class right before I saw it so of course I thought that. .Oh well...a lot of them are extremely good looking. "Is that what my hair looks like from the back"

My take on Ella Enchanted: That movie ruined that book. It had hardly anything to do with the book. I don't know what was going on in the minds of Hollywood, but they're stupid.

My take on: Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire: I was impressed with the way they fit such a long book into a movie. I liked it. I really did. I loved how they actually had them act like normal teenagers instead of book characters. The acting talent did go up a bit.

My take on: Pirates of the Caribbean: Pearl: I love this movie. it's my favourite movie. the history and the humour just makes me fuzzy all over. i adore the ambiguous line between right and wrong.

My take on: Pirates of the Carribbean: Chest: this one's good. i like the different agenda's in the book. um...i thought i'd be depressed that jack sparrow was eaten, but i'm not, because i know he's coming back in the next one.

Funny Quotes

CCS: Syroan sp: "I don't need your help for anything! -walks off-...-comes back- I need to cross the water"

HPPS (BOOK): Harry: "I'VE GOT PRESENTS!" Ron:"Well what did you expect? Turnips?"

LOVE ACTUALLY:Daniel: "We need Kate...and we need Leo...and we need them now!"
LOVE ACTUALLY: David:"We may be a small country, but we are a great one. A country of Shakespeare, Winston Churchill, Sean Connery, Harry Potter -audience laughs- David Beckham's right foot...David Beckham's left foot for that matter..."

HPGOF (MOVIE): Ginny: "Aw Ron! You're in love"
Hermione: "Viktor is much more of a physical being." Harry: -attemps not to laugh-
Ron: "Well, Seamus never told me anything, so it was really me all along. I figured, once you figured that out, we'd be alright" -slight pause- Harry: "Who could possibly figure that out? It's completely mental"


Vows (Unposted): A look at the time from when James proposes to Lily, to the wedding. Possibly to their deaths. James, Lily, Sirius and his girlfriend Ronnie, all live in the same flat. Starts when James proposes to Lily until (see above). Remus is in the story too...right after he gets dumped because of his...condition.

Signs of Life (Posted SQUEE!): Lily and James married...were married for a year or so, and had twins named Harry and Catherine, but Lily left because James can't keep his hands to himself. The courts decided to split the custody. Harry went with James and Catherine with Lily. Soon after the divorce was finalised, Lily moved to Salem, Massechusetts. The biggest wizarding community in the States.

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