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Hi there! I am a female and I am in my 20s. Before reading Harry Potter in the 6th grade I hated reading. After that you could not get me out of my school library. When I was younger I liked all the good guys and detested the bad guys. Rereading the book and fanon has opened my eyes to a few characters. My favorite character has been and will always be Harry. With that said the characters I dislike the most are Severus Snape and Hermione Granger. Fanon has severely distorted both these characters and I sometimes wonder if we all read the same books.

Severus Snape was powerful, talented, and smart and he wasted every ounce of it. I hear it already and I will tell you now to stop with the excuses. It was not Lily's fault. It was not his parents' faults. It was not Dumbledore's fault. It was not the fault of the Marauders. Nor was it the fault of Voldemort. It was the fault of Severus T. Snape. When in life is it time for a person to grow up and take responsibility for their own actions? This man was almost forty when he died and he was still hung up over James Potter. James Potter had been dead for almost two decades. Snape was as pathetic as he was pitiful.

From the first moment we meet him we get a great grasp on his character. A teacher who is feared. A teacher who likes to intimidate. He was horrible to those Gryffindors. I hear the dissenters already, 'It was because he was a spy.' Stop it. Let me direct you to PS and GOF. In Harry's first year he saw Quirrel coming from the third floor corridor. He didn't give the man a second thought. Why? Simply because he was a bumbling, stuttering fool. Barty Crouch Jr. was the best. He was nice to Harry. Flattered the boy to get that map. He used Neville, Dobby, and Cedric to get his job done. Plan worked flawlessly. Voldemort rose once more, did he not?

Harry's first ever potions class would be a horror film for any respectable chemistry teacher. Every chemistry class I have been in has spent significant time going over every safety precaution. Snape did not do that much. Instead he decided to take shots at James Potter's son. If I am not mistaken he enjoyed it. In that moment he was the savior. The more Harry did not know the better Snape felt. Then he managed to answer every question. Oh yes, he was certainly smarter than Potter. Harry Potter that is.

Throughout Harry's years we hear 'James Potter this' and 'Your father that.' Now I have, on a constant basis, seen reviewers tell Harry to stop whining. To get over it. Tell me why is it okay for a man over thirty to bitch and moan about a dead man when a fifteen year old who saw a friend die, is being called a liar, being lied to and ignored is not allowed the same courtesy? Does that seem alright Snape fan girls? Oh, but James Potter bullied Sev. Is Harry not being bullied by Snape, Draco, his friends, and damn near every adult around him?

Speaking of James and Draco I hear you can draw parallels between the two rivalries. Because that is what it was: a rivalry on both parts. In both cases it was Draco v. Harry and James v. Snape. Not victim v. bully. If Snape's memory is to be believed Lily Evans said, 'Why are you so obsessed with them anyway.' Yeah why was he? Why would a victim seek out his torturers? Why would a person with Snape's intelligence seek out a werewolf. Because that is what he did. He investigated and knew exactly what Remus was. He even hinted at it to Lily. He said, 'He disappears every month at the full moon.' Why would any intelligent person listen to a rival about anything? Why would any intelligent person seek out a known, or at least a suspected, werewolf at the full moon? Maybe he was a martyr willing to sacrifice himself in order to get back at the Marauders. Maybe he was an idiot. Lily also says, 'Your friends are creepy.' Snape immediately jumped to defend them. I also believe that when Snape went to sit at the Slytherin table after his sorting Lucius A. Malfoy patted him on the shoulder. He wasn't alone. Where were they during his worst memory, you ask? I can't answer that. Maybe Avery and MacNair (or was it Mulciber?) were off bullying a mudblood. I believe they along with Snape did that to Mary McDonald. But as that was off screen we can't hold that against Snape, of course.

Speaking of Snape's worst memory you do realize that is exactly what it was: his worst memory. What do you think Draco Malfoy's worst memory was? When Harry shot Sectumsempra at him? When the faux Moody transfigured him into a ferret? Either way it would show both Moody and Harry in terrible lights. And why is that his worst memory? I get it he lost Lily that moment, but one would think his worst memory would be when he told Voldemort that prophecy. Or when he found Lily dead in front of Harry's cot. Huh.

Lily. Wow. Snape needed help. He really did. Husbands and wives go through all sorts of things when their spouses die. My sixth grade teacher told us how she lost it when her husband died on 9/11. But Snape and Lily did not come off as love to me. Now I don't know much about romantic love. I know about an unrequited crush, but that is about it. I have read Pride and Prejudice a few times. Darcy basically said, 'If your feelings remain unchanged say the word and I will leave you alone forever.' Darcy loved Elizabeth so much that he was willing to walk away despite his love. Her happiness mattered. He did not want her to know about his hand in the Wickham/Lydia debacle. He did it for her happiness. That is not what Snape did. Snape wanted Lily to himself. He did not care that her husband and son were dead. If Lily would have lived she would have been the slave of a Death Eater after hearing and watching her husband and son die. In her case death was kinder.

The Prophecy. Snape told the prophecy to Voldemort. The fact that people create the excuse that he did not know it was about the Potters makes me question your morals. Do you realize what you are saying? That it was okay to give away that prophecy as long as it wasn't about Harry. Snape would not have cared if Voldemort went after poor pureblood Neville. In fact he did not care about Frank and Alice. The man gave Voldemort a prophecy about a child who could possibly destroy his maser. What did he think would happen? That child was going to die. He was a criminal who got away with killing people simply because Dumbledore believed in the power of love.

Oh yes Dumbledore. Boy am I tired of, 'Dumbledore manipulated Snape!' We have all agreed that Dumbledore was a political force. Only risking its damage for something significant. At Karkaroff's trial Dumbledore said, 'Snape is as much of a Death Eater as you or I.' Why would he let Snape out of his sight? The man had a hand in the attack of a child that was being hailed as a saviour. One who would become an international hero. If Snape did something illegal people would begin to question Dumbledore. A politician, especially one with Dumbledore's past, cannot allow others to go digging into his dealings.

Hypocrite. Boy was this man a hypocrite. James Potter was arrogant. Yet...yet from the first moment of their acquaintance he looked at Harry and saw James Potter. Despite what McGonagall, Dumbledore, and any other teacher had to say Snape held fast to his beliefs. How could he be wrong about Potter? No, no everyone else was wrong. He saw Potter for what he was. Was that not the height of arrogance? Speaking of arrogance did it not strike anyone else as odd how Snape identified more with Draco Malfoy than his replica Harry Potter? Now that says something about what he thought of himself.

All in all Snape was an obsessed, hypocritical, self-pitying asshole and a criminal to boot. And no I do not see the world in black and white.

I would like to go into the definition of misogyny. I have seen this word a few times on this site and I don't think people understand the definition of it. A Hermione fan and a reviewer said my story had a misogynistic tone to it. A found it amusing and ridiculous at first, but after thinking about it I was highly offended. I believe this reviewer was looking for the word sexist, but even still I am neither. Misogyny is a hatred or a dislike of women. Sexism is a prejudice against any sex, but usually women. A sexist can be misogynistic, but not all of them. When you consider misogyny you think of hatred, anger, and violence. Someone can believe a woman's place is in the home, but they can have that belief without being angry or violent about it. They can still love women.

Hermione Granger. Again I wonder if we all read the same books or if I am just overly critical. She was loyal, a champion of the underdog, and she was book smart. Take note: book smart. I can honestly only think of those and even they were often shown negatively. Her character has become distorted due to fanon. I, however, have read canon. I know what she was. All of you fans crying foul about HBP and DH need to get a hold of yourself. She didn't change. Those characteristics were always there. You chose not to see them. When Harry first meets Hermione Granger he thinks she is bossy and annoying. Did you think those traits magically went away because she started being Harry's friend? Hardly. Do you remember in PS when Hermione tried to force her study habits on Harry and Ron? I do. Bossy and controlling. As a person who still has teenage tendencies I will tell you that nagging an eleven year old will get you no where.

I get it. She had no friends in school. The only thing she could do was get the attention of adults. She had little to no social skills. Please tell me how you authors constantly make this character into a sociable person at eleven and then attempt to make Harry a mental case? Hermione found a way to make an impression on people: knowledge. Ron and Hermione were both out to impress people. Hermione was the one who already knew how. She attempted to impress Harry on the train and failed. Speaking of making an impression, how come when Snape and Malfoy called her a know-it-all she hardly shed a tear, but when Ron said it she went into hysterics? How long do you think she was trying to get Ron's attention?

Ron bashing in and of itself is incredible to me because Hermione was just as bad as Ron. She was incredibly insensitive and jealous. First let me say something about the whole incident on Halloween. Ron was venting to Harry. Are we no longer allowed to vent to our friends? Just because she began to cry does not nullify the truth. Should he have said it in private? Yes. Does that make him a bully? No, just insensitive and crude. Anyway...onto her insensitivity. Why did Ron say she had no friends? Because she was so hung up on Wingardium Leviosa to be concerned with her own condescension. Condescension that had already alienated her peers. Throughout canon we often see how much Hermione insults Ron because of something he said. She goes out of her way to put him down. Is this her version of flirting? Or is she simply suffering from the Elizabeth Bennet syndrome?

Third year once again shows her lack of sensitivity. Crookshanks. I don't care if Scabbers was Peter Pettigrew. It was still wrong of her to buy that cat. Cats eat rats. Why would she buy that cat? I wonder how she would have felt if Hedwig nipped at Crookshank's ass. She was less than sensitive about Lavender's rabbit as well. In fifth year she was horrid. Harry has often been called whiny for his attitude in OOTP. Did you call Hermione whiny for POA? I doubt it. She snapped at everyone, but when Harry called the arguing duo on their snipping they had all sorts of problems. 'Can you give it a rest already?' 'No need to take your anger out on us.' *Snorts* Next what did she do? Took it upon herself to nag about Harry's occlumency lessons. I wonder how well she would do if Snape kept calling her a bossy know-it-all while hammering her skull? She finally reached her breaking point in HBP. Harry had stolen her thunder and Ron found a girlfriend. Jealousy rears its ugly head.

Now the problem I have always had with the textbook was that it was just a textbook with better instructions. Nevertheless Hermione Granger was jealous. I guess it was okay for her to use that time turner because it was ministry approved? I guess it was okay for Harry to teach her and a select group defense because it was beneficial to her? Once again she was back at snapping at people. Naturally, it is okay because she is Hermione Granger. God (or Merlin) forbid Harry or Ron continued to bitch.

Speaking of Ron, he had a girlfriend. Lavender Brown flirted and complimented Ron while Hermione continued to insult him. Hermione invited Ron to the Slug Club I believe. Or did she just throw that out there and expect him to take the hint? I honestly can't remember. Anyway they were supposed to go...as friends. Ron and Hermione made no promises. Why was she angry? Did she like him? Was dense Ron Weasley with the emotional range of a teaspoon suppose to take the hint? Why didn't she tell him instead of beating around the bush? According to her fans she is an independent, mature, strong young woman (something I plan to tear down.) Instead she chose to sulk and when she saw them kissing she became weepy. When Ron came in and saw Hermione and Harry her anger and sadness turned to violence. Something we see all throughout canon, which puts those abusive Ron stories into question. Who would really be the abusive one in that relationship?

Hermione also had a need to be right. Throughout the whole series she just had to be right. When they found out the firebolt was from Sirius she could not hold in that I told you so. Seems trivial right? Not when Harry withheld telling her how wrong she was about the house elves. She also couldn't resist telling Harry I told you so after he cursed Malfoy. Naturally, Harry deserved it. He cheated, didn't he? What about when it was discovered how Malfoy was a Death Eater. Do you remember how Harry refused to look at Ron and Hermione? Do you remember why? Because he did NOT want to say I told you so. Or maybe he did look at them and saw their misery and refused to say it. Still he refused to say it.

Those house elves. The purpose of house elves were to show us how far kindness could go. Anyway...I have seen people say house elves were conditioned to be the way they were. Quite possible. People say they were slaves. Quite possible. If you read GOF carefully you will see Dobby say he went looking for work. I may need to brush up on my history, but I cannot recall hearing a slave say, 'I need a new master 'cause I really like working in them cotton fields.' She did not take into consideration how those house elves felt. She treated them like lesser beings. They were slaves. What did they know? She was being kind you say? Indeed, 'that very kindness stings with intolerable insult.' I believe Dumbledore has often been called a tyrant? For the Greater Good has often been quoted? Do you get it?

You may or may not have noticed, but Hermione only had Ron and Harry for company. Although by the end of the series she could call Ginny a friend. How come? I mean Neville Longbottom was a kid who was lonely. Why did she not attach herself to him? She even had two other roommates besides Lavender and Parvati. Fay Dunbar and some other girl. As shy as I am I could not imagine sharing a room with four other females and not having at least an acquaintance among them. As I said before she lacked basic social skills to survive amongst her peers. Her friendship with Harry was really beneficial wasn't it?

I'm gearing up for something here. Hermione did not like Lavender, Parvati and Fleur. Why?

You know Ginny Weasley is often condemned for things fans turn a blind eye to when it comes to Hermione. Harmony fans say Ginny used Dean Thomas to make Harry jealous. First I ask, when was this said or implied? Second, didn't Hermione do the same thing with Cormac McLaggen? Hmm...caught. Harmony fans (and Ginny Haters) often remember her calling Fleur Phlegm. Do you remember why Harmony fans? I doubt it. She said it was because of the way Fleur spoke to her. Like she was a child. You remember in GOF when Fleur said 'but 'e is a leetle boy?' Do you remember how Harry bristled? It's not hard to believe she did the same to Ginny. Do you remember why Hermione didn't like Fleur? It stands to reason Fleur spoke the same, but I doubt it. Hermione didn't say anything. I hardly believe she would take someone else's condescension. So why? It is simple actually. She was jealous and that jealousy was two-fold. One, Ron would not stop drooling over Fleur and two, Fleur was stunning. 'Hermione isn't like that!' Fans scream.

If there is one thing Hermione doesn't do is she does not connect beauty and intelligence with her sex. Lavender and Parvati are two typical teenage girls: boys and clothes on the mind. Knowledge and education not their main priority. They probably wanted to have their own clothing line or something. Did that make them less intelligent? Did Lavender flirting with boys make her a tart or a cow or whatever Hermione called her? Luna Lovegood was described as pretty (I think.) Hermione barely tolerated her. But that could be because Luna had an active imagination and Hermione was systematic. By the by did you notice how Ginny whipped out her wand to defend Luna against her brother? Did you notice how Hermione upturned her nose at Luna? Funny how fans fail to mention that. Which leads me to the question of how anyone could think a Lunar Harmony would work? OOC indeed. I think she says Tonks was pretty and she called her intelligent because she was an Auror. Tonks also said she was a rule-breaker at Hogwarts. Do you think she would have given Tonks the time of day at Hogwarts? Keep in mind how Hermione repeatedly dismissed Fred and George until HBP.

Ahh OOC. For all the authors and reviewers complaining about Super!Harry I would like you to take a look at your Hermione or your favorite Hermione story. Tell me does she give the best advice about war despite hardly being in the thick of things? Does she give relationship advice when she has yet to have a boyfriend? Can she beat Harry in a duel after third year? Has she undergone a major personality change? Has she suddenly become the most sought after girl in the school? Mary-sue Hermione or Super!Hermione is what you are reading.

Harry v. Hermione in a duel? Harry wins hands down. Just because she has more OWLs does not mean she was better at dueling. Dueling is instinctual. Harry lives by his gut reaction. Hermione lives by control. Anyone who silences a Death Eater and then turns their back on said Death Eater to have a conversation of all things is not the best duelist.

Another thing that irks me is when authors incorporate the movies in their stories. Not okay as the movies were hardly canon. Emma Watson looked nothing like Hermione Granger nor did she behave like her. Snape was too nice and Alan Rickman is way too charismatic for Snape. Ginny hardly had any lines and Daniel Radcliff was too short (Harry was almost as tall as Ron in HBP.) To make matters worse some of Harry's greatest moments were stolen by Hermione and then by Luna.

This unending loyalty that fans proclaim Hermione had for Harry to justify Harmony is quite frankly annoying. Just because someone is there physically does not mean they are there for you emotionally. When Ron left in DH Harry and Hermione hardly spoke. Let me repeat: THEY HARDLY SPOKE. When Hermione next spoke to Harry it was about going to Godric's Hollow. Honestly, I really want someone to give me a conversation Harry and Hermione had in canon that was just a friendly chat. A banter if you will. A moment when they were in each other's presence and they did not discuss the war, Harry's problems, or homework.

Poor misunderstood Slytherins, especially little abused Draco Malfoy. I get it. Ff is to show how things could have worked, but Draco wasn't abused. Narcissa would not have taken such a risk if she were beating her only child. Lucius would not have gone to such lengths if he were abusing Draco. Draco was a spoiled brat plain and simple. Do you remember in OOTP and the Inquisitorial Squad? Misunderstood children don't do that. They jumped at the promise of power. Notice how the didn't get punished when Dumbledore came back? I do. But naturally only Gryffindors get away with bullying. Remember when Draco said he wished Hermione would die in COS? Remember when he tried to throw crucio at Harry in the bathroom? See this makes me question the morals of a lot of people. Just because someone is sorry, injured, or too cowardly does not abdicate them from responsibility. Just following orders is no excuse. Being under the legal age does not stop a prosecution. Draco Malfoy tried to kill Albus Dumbledore. That is attempted murder. Premeditated attempted murder. He also almost killed Ron and Katie Bell. All those stories having Harry apologize to Malfoy for Sectumsempra is BS.

Harry and Ron never said they disliked Slytherins in canon. If you read closely you will see at the beginning he dissuaded Harry from arguing with Snape in their first potions class. You will see that the only person who talked badly about Slytherin was Hagrid. If Harry took Hagrid at his word he would have said 'I want Gryffindor' instead of 'Not Slytherin.' On the train ride Ron said, 'Most of my family has been in Gryffindor. I'm sure Ravenclaw would be alright. I don't think my family would be too happy with Slytherin.' Harry said, 'That was You-Know-Who's house right?' Ron answered, 'Yes.' That was the conversation. He did not disdain Slytherin at all. Harry didn't want to go to Slytherin because of Malfoy. And please remember whenever you are on your 'Harry should have been in Slytherin' kick remember the hat said he could have gone anywhere. He chose not to go to Slytherin and by the time Harry was in his second year he was a Gryffindor.

I am not a fan of angst, but I will read it. I am not opposed to a good slash story, but I wish authors would stop making Harry so weepy. I am a female and I don't cry as much nor do I act so...I don't want to say girly, but that is the only adjective I can come up with at the moment. I am so tired of reading about Harry swallowing thickly and breaking down in every other chapter. The greatest thing about canon Harry was his endurance. The only time he cried in canon was at the end of OOTP and Dumbledore's funeral. Oh and when Molly gave him a hug after Cedric died. Death makes him cry. The death of others that is. I don't think he cried when he walked to his own death. Stop having him have a nervous breakdown when someone yells at him. Canon Harry would just holler back.

Did anyone else notice how useless Remus was in canon? Had Sirius actually been a Death Eater and after Harry he would have died. Remus knew about the map. Remus knew Sirius knew all the secret-passageways into the school. Remus knew Sirius was a dog. OMG! He kept that all a secret just to keep Dumbledore from being disappointed that the Marauders had been animagi.

It is actually quite possible that Harry actually loved Ginny. Little Weasley was the only one who had a smart comeback for Harry's temper. That relationship would be quite equal as Harry could yell and scream and Ginny could reciprocate. Harry/Hermione had more of a big sister/little brother or mother/son relationship than anything. Anything Hermione wanted she would browbeaten him into doing it as seen with the Polyjuice Potion in 2nd year, the DA in fifth year, and the Hallows/horcrux thing in DH.

Ginny looked Lily is quite frankly absurd. Ginny was a fiery red head with brown eyes and freckles. Lily had dark red hair, green eyes, and she might have had a pale complexion. To say Ginny looked like Lily is to say Harry looked like Snape and Fleur looked like a Malfoy.

Mundane: lacking excitement; dull. Stop using this word to describe the muggle world. It is extremely incorrect even if you use it in the context of the 'earthly; material' world. Just say muggle or regular.

Divinations and Trelawney. I feel the need to discuss both. Neither were unimportant to the story and neither were useless. Trelawney was most certainly not a fraud despite popular opinion. 'Indeed, I do not recall ever meeting a student whose mind was so helplessly mundane.' Truer words have never been written. In GOF she said something about Harry being born under Saturn during mid-winter. She talked about his mean stature, dark hair, and difficult losses at a young age. Harry wasn't born in mid-winter, but he did have an extra bit of soul belonging to someone who did. She called Cedric, Dumbledore, and Harry's deaths. In HBP she talked about the tower and the coming catastrophe.

Divination is about the spiritual world. It is about seeking answers beyond the mundane. 'Mars is bright tonight.' The coming of war. It is about character, which is a theme in HP. Harry is not better than Snape, Dumbledore, and Voldemort because of his magical prowess or intelligence. Ultimately, he is better than them because of his character. Whiney brat you may call him, but Harry achieved things the other three did not. Love and forgiveness. Trelawney said, 'You either have it or you don't.' People like Hermione and McGonagall did not have it. Despite their talents they are two very close-minded people.

James Potter probably had a perfect life as a child. The only son of wealthy, old people. Spoiled probably doesn't cover half of what James was. Despite all that he still befriended a Black, a werewolf, and an all-around loser kid. He could have been friends with Frank Longbottom or Edgar Bones, but he chose a kid who was no doubt abused, a werewolf, and a loser for friends. Dick he might have been to Snape, but dude was sill awesome.

Harmony and Snily fans: If you have to make James Potter and Ginny Weaaley into one dimensional characters in order to make Snape and Hermione look good then what does that say about them?

Idk whose fans are more delusional: HG, SS, or DM. I get that these are all fictional characters, but I am no less concerned by such a fact. Are you all fucking that one friend that has been there since the beginning? Despite their acerbic, abrasive, all around unpleasant attitudes? Despite the fact that they are just a friend? Your life must suck. Do you all feel obligated to stay with a person despite losing whatever you had years ago? Outright hatred is way better than indifference. Can you imagine having a marriage based in pity?

I feel bad for characters like Ron, Ginny, Molly, James, Sirius, Lily, and even Harry.

Molly Weasley was a typical mother hen and Harry loved her for it. Maybe not so much in OOTP, but he had little love for anyone in that book. I will say I did hate the way she treated Sirius.

Sirius Black's life sucked. It really did. He literally paid for every crime he ever committed or might have in the future. Sirius has often been accused of being a terrible godfather. At times be was, but let's go back to '81. He said, 'Give him to me Hagrid. I'm his godfather.' The most reckless character in the book wanted, begged, and pleaded for responsibility. Why didn't he get Harry from Hagrid? Idk, but it might have to do with Hagrid being huge and incredibly sensitive when it comes to Dumbledore. By the fifth book he was insane. Stuck in a house with his mother and Kreacher for company. Speaking of Kreacher, that hatred was mutual. What do you think Kreacher said when Sirius walked in the house? Probably something about breaking his poor, mistress' heart, being a blood-traitor, and the family disappointment.

My beloved James. Like I said before he had an awesome life as a kid, but he was the best of the best of friends in the world. He was probably the biggest douche in the world as well. Strutting around with his hand in his pockets. Now riddle me this: can your twenty-one year old self be compared to your fifteen year old self?

Poor Ginny. JKR was pretty obvious in what pairings she wanted. Ginny was a tough girl. She was a hot tomboy who generally had no time for bullshit. She wasn't a crier. A trait Harry relished in. A trait Hermione did not have. She could argue with him. Something Hermione could not do. Whenever Harry was angry Hermione would step back in what seemed like fear. She did not use a love potion despite your beliefs. Harry gradually noticed Ginny in every book. In HBP Harry thought something like they spent so much time together he had forgotten she had other friends.

Fun Facts about canon:

1) Ted Tonks was a muggleborn not a muggle. I do not know how many times I have read that Ted Tonks was a muggle. Read DH again. Seriously.

2) Snape was supposed to be Voldemort's spy. The reason Dumbledore kept Snape there was so the idiot would not die a horrible death at failing his master.

3) Dumbledore was not the Headmaster of Hogwarts when Tom Riddle went. Therefore he could do nothing for Riddle. Therefore Riddle is not all of Dumbledore's fault.

4) Draco Malfoy had gray eyes. Not blue. There was a line in COS about how his gray eyes were alight with something or other. Chapter with Mrs. Norris.

5) If you pay close attention you will see that the muggles and squibs are just as bad as the pureblood witches and wizards. The muggles treated Tom Riddle horribly in the orphanage. Tobias Snape was a wife beater. Petunia, Vernon, and Marge were despicable human beings. Argus Filch was ready to beat those children with a whip. We all live in the muggle world and have seen horrors in the news in last few weeks. As horrid as it is at least the Death Eaters had an agenda.

6) Harry Potter was not short. Daniel Radcliffe was. In OOTP he was the same height as his father when he was fifteen. In HBP Mrs. Weasley said Harry looked as if he had a stretching jinx placed on him. Hermione also said he had grown almost a foot.

7) Dumbledore was NOT an idiot or any other word used to describe a person lacking intelligence and/or wisdom. Having a man who negotiated with Dobby, spoke mermish, and managed to rescue Delores Umbridge from a horde of disrespected centaurs offend various creatures is stupid. Having him be impulsive after being a politician for most of his life is stupid. Yes, he was ruthless, but he was not stupid. He was a tyrant, but not evil.

8) Wands are semi-sentient. Thus it can tell a friend from a foe and a friendly duel from a true battle with an enemy. Not every disarmed wand has switched allegiances.

9) The Gryffindors were not against Harry in GOF. They may not have believed he did not put his name in, but they all backed him.

There will be more as I read more ridiculousness.

To Reviewers: Not all of you will like my stories. I fully understand this. As a reviewer myself if I don't like a story I just leave. If the story is just not my flavor I'm gone without a word. I don't understand the purpose of beating down an author when you just don't like the story and there is no specific reason why. If you do have a reason why try to be diplomatic.

A/Ns are there for a reason. I don't like giving away my story, but I do it to prevent trouble from readers later on. If you don't read them that is not my fault. If you tell me you wish to bang your head because of something that happened in my story when I said it would happen...just know I stopped myself from telling you to knock yourself out.

Another thing that bothers me is when you criticize an author for something you the reviewer misread. Whenever I read a fic and I dislike something I make sure to go back and reread it just in case I missed something. I am always signed in and I don't want a scathing PM about my lack of reading comprehension skills. Trust me that author might not send it, but he/she so wants to. When a character says something out of character go back and reread to make sure something like 'uncharacteristically said' or 'stated atypically' is not after or before such an out of character statement. It makes me question the validity of your entire review when I know I put it there. I have seen this happen so many times it isn't even funny and not just in my stories either.

I want to write a story with Bellatrix and Rodolphus as Harry's parents. He would have been born as the son of Lily and James, but he has been with Bella all his life. The problem I have is that I cannot see her naming any child she has Harry or Henry. I want to keep his name close to Harry James, but the only one I can think of her using a variation of Hadrian. The other names are pretty ridiculous. Are you all too offended by the name?

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