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Author has written 5 stories for Pokémon, Fire Emblem, Mario, and Total Drama series.

Hello my friend! Glad to meet you! Feel free to pm me about OCS for Total Pokkemon island or any ideas about what I should do next for a story. Don't hesitate!

Welcome to my profile! My name, as you probably know, is Shuckle Master, and I'm a pretty avid Pokemon fan. If you're a fan of Survivor genres and Nuzlockes, then I'm the person to talk to. I'm a fan of long stories, but I'm also game to hearing some requests for what else you guys think I should write.

Uh so some personal information I should not be giving you!~

Name: Jack

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Physical appearance: I have messy brown hair, blue eyes, freckles (for days!) and REALLY chubby cheeks. I'm about average in turns of weight.

Favorite color: Cyan!

Interests: Well writing obviously, but I'm also a huge gamer. Big movie fan as well.

I'm into darker stories, but I like humor as well, so most of my stories reflect that. I like a good romance, but that doesn't mean I'm not shit at writing it.

Oh and now I'm getting an editor. Take that grammatical mistakes!

Currently writing: Chronicles of Red: a Yellow Nuzlocke story (0% progress on next chapter.)

On Hold:

Unyielding Destiny (0% Progress on next chapter)

Total Pokkemon island (0% Progress on next chapter)

Going to slowly make this profile piece by piece...this is still an in progress...

Chronicles of Red:

My first ever story on, and the one I am proudest of. By far my darkest story, with frequent death and just...generally being dark in general. The story is about half way done, with four out of the eighth badges earned.


The Nuzlocke run that this story was based off has finished over a year ago. Despite this being my first story it is NOT my first Nuzlocke, so there in general were less deaths and better strategies for both me and Red, the main protagonist of the story.

The plot of this Nuzlocke was inspired by 'Sons of three: The eldest son,' a famous yellow nuzlocke. I'm sure you can see several similarities between the two stories.

And lastly, COR will be only the start of my Nuzlocke stories, and they'll all be connected. However, the characters in each of the stories are weaker then Red in terms of strategy, because in general there were more blunders on my part in general being inexperienced at Nuzlockes at the time.

And yes, I will be doing a Story run for Sun and/or Moon as well.

How I feel about the concept of the Nuzlocke Challenge: Simply put: I love it. The challenge is GREAT, and the possibility of death draws me closer to my Pokemon then any normal play-through. Putting the effort into grinding and raising up a Pokemon is taxing, but when all that training pays off it is WORTH IT. The deaths hit hard, and the survivors are immortalized and I love every second of it.


Total Pokkemon Island:

My second story on this site, as well as my first comedy. The story has reached the halfway mark and is slowly drifting towards the top 10.


Total Pokkemon island was inspired by Dark Amphithere's Total Pokemon Island, a clever, well written parody and crossover of Total Drama and Pokemon.

Total Pokkemon will have 2-3 installments after Total Pokkemon island is completed, with an all new cast in Season 2.

My thoughts on Total Drama:

While in my opinion the franchise has gone down in quality, Total Drama has always been able to hold my interest as one of my favorite cartoons. I LOVE survivor stories and shows and the development it brings, so TD really appealed to me. But eh...I lost a bit of interest in it after season 3.


Here is where you can get all of the information on TPI and the statuses of the remaining cast! WE'RE AT THE TOP 10! FINAL STRETCH!

Feelings of Safety scale: Relaxed, Moderate, Nervous, Terrified


Charizard: The Grumpy Leader (Terrified)

Lucario: The Modest Warrior (Moderate)

Tepig: The Cocky Foreigner (Relaxed)

Infernape: The Hyperactive Optimist (Moderate)

Slowking: The Sleepy Genius (Moderate)

Zorua: The Ice Queen (Moderate)

Umbreon: The Cynical Loner (Moderate)

Scrafty: The Backstabbing Hoodlum (Moderate)

Gallade: The Silent Warrior (Moderate)

Shuckle: The Unlucky Strategist (Terrified)

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