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Author has written 8 stories for Harry Potter, and Song of the Lioness.

NEWS: Once Braids and Boils is finished I don't plan on continuing fanfiction. The majority of my writing will be done on fiction press, I really hope you all look at me there.


Myeight storys are as follows:

A Wizard's Guide to Fanfiction: Basically me andQuidditchmoke have teamed up yet again. I came up with a great idea; how to write a good review and it expanding into a guide for fanfiction. It will be posted under her account though so keep a lookout over there. The first chapter will be about decodeing fanfiction. Everything you ever needed to know about fanfiction explained to us by none other than the Golden Trio...

Progress; Discontinued by me, I sincerly hope Proma continues it.

Foolish Sorrows: An unique catogorey with nothing under it became the inspiration for this story. Cho's boyfriend breaks up with her and she thinks her life is ruined. Filch sees the roblem and has a whole different outlook. This isn't romance between Filch and Chang! Its more of an, intresting objectives story. The second part, or second chapter, is the Sorting Hat thinking some odd thoughts. I have chosen to make this a series of one-shots with odd characters. On the third we see Ludo Bagman and his self-pity and wallowing. On the fourth we have my response to a challenge, and the fifth chapter is about Padma Patil.

Progress; Not being continued any more.

Harry Potter and the Forbidden Forest: This is a story I am rather proud of and is getting quite long. It follows the trio through their sixth year and only has one new character. It does have humor, romance, drama, and action towards the end. However before reading this be prepared that it is not a Ron and Hermione story and I will have some deaths. Overall thoguh I enjoyed writting it immensly and am quite sad it is over, it is good but long and any chapters you can read I apperciate.

Progress; Finished.

Myrtle before she Moaned: I always wondered about Moaning Myrtle and what her life was like before she died. It is a very short story and is completed. I don't think it is overly good but my main reason for writting it was to inspire other Myrtle fics. So if you could leave a review I would appericate it.

Progress; Finished.

Overshadowed: This is fanfic of the tortall series by Tamora Pierce. It follows Daine's child through her life, or will if I ever get the chance to work on it.

Progress; Disconntinued. It is horriable and has a Mary Sue in it, I beesech you not to read it

Braids and Boils: I am co-writting thiss story with Quidditchmoke whom was my beta reader for FF. It is going really awesome so far and I love it to death. It follows Fred Weasley and Angelina Johnson through their seventh year at Hogwarts (the trio's fifth), it alternates view points with me as Angie and Proma as Fred. It has humor, drama, betrayal (well, teenage girl betrayal), and lots of humor. PLEASE check it out and review, its so incrediably awesome. Fred and Angelina seemed perfectly platonic in their seventh year. Friends now and friends always. But as times are changing in and outside the school, feelings and relationships begin to change...Told throught diary entries RR!

Progress; Chapter22 up! Yea! QuidditchMoke should be writing Chapter 23, hint hint.

After the Forbidden Forest: Short little thing, epilouge to Harry Potter and the Forbbidden Forest. Follows Hermione on her rampage due to what happened in FF. Angst, but at the same time amuseing. Just read it

Progress; I think I'm finished, though I can never be sure

Cheese Fondue:

Response to Quidditchmoke's challenge (its on her profile) this tells of a strange, and yet humurour meeting in Diagon Alley, and the way someone can view themselves. It has a mysterious letter, some creature you've never heard of, the oldest Malfoy, and our best Professor. So, what are you waiting for? Read!

Progress; Well, somebody wants me to continue, but I'm not sure

CHALLENGES: Some challenges are designed for certain people, others are there for the whole world. All my challenges have but one purpose; To make an odd story that we have never seen the likes of before. Anyone welcome to take them!

Ostrich; Challenge number 1: This is a Harry Potter challenge for those writting fanfiction. What do Bellatrix and Gildorey Lockhart have in common? Nothing, which is why they aren't any entries under these two in the filters. SO for the challenge you have to a)Have the two main characters be Lockhart and B. Lestrange, b)Have no secondary characters, c)Include an Ostrich, ancient langue, and a magical green thumb. Any one who does this send me a review saying so! It ought to be hard.

People who have undertaken the challenge;

Funness who wrote Wild Goose Chase

Deb-lil who wrote Passerby in the Forest

Quidditchmoke; Challenge number 2: So, you accept. Thats daring without knowing the conditions. Fear not, I have thought of something wickedly brillant. The two main characters must be Tonks and Neville. Has to be post-Hogwarts and has to involve the order of the phoneix. Other requirements include; A new moon, a graveyard, two very minor characters with first naems starting with 'a' and already metioned in a HP book. You also musts have one normal, and one mythical animal, as well as be decapitated(you know, head cut off). So viola, and don't forget to put that its a challenge from me on the inside summary. Anyone else can particiapate if they wish!

Quidditchmokewho wrote Celebrating his Life

She did us part; Challenge number 3:

A scene between James Potter and Remus Lupin. No one else. Explains why Sirius thought Remus was the traitor, and has refrences from Remus of an ultiminium, between him and Lily. No slash, but a tense moment between friends. Must also include a untied shoe, a laundry chute, a really badly written metaphor, and the end of a friendship and start of a romance.

Difficult not because of the refrences, but because it takes a different path. I actually was reserved about giving this to you, I wanted to write it myself.

This page was last updated 6/12/05 and please inform me of any errors! Read and review my storys and remember this;

If you try to fail and suceed, what have you done?

If anything is possiable is it possiable that nothings possiable?

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"The difference between fiction and reality? Fiction has to make sense."
- Mark Twain

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"Ignorence is Strength."-1984 by George Orwell

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"Those who do not know their oponents arguements do not truly understand their own." American Values, opposing viewpoints

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Braids and Boils reviews
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