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Attention: I got sick of the name Knucklez. Everybody (besides my parents and teachers) calls me that so I figured I go with something different here. I have a shirt that says Interstate420 on it , so I figured what the hell. If the name offends you that's between you and the god that you serve, I was not put on this Earth to please anybody! Anyway, scroll down and enjoy (or don't)! Thanks for checkin' out my stories and my profile!

General Stats*

NAME: Alexandria

NICKNAME(S): Alex, Ali, Knucklez, Scrappy, Blue, Scootie, and Eyez-420

Age: 15 (I'll make 16 on 11/27/04)

Grade: 11th! Class of "06"! What it iz?!

Physical Description: 5'10, curly auburn hair, and blue/green eyes.

Place of Origin: New Orleans, LA! The bottom of the map!

Current Place of Residence: California

Heritage: My Fotha (or for those that don't know, my Dad)is French/German/Irish and my Madre (my Mom) is African-American and Tahitian.

My Family: I've got a 17 year old sister by the name of Caydence, my twin sister Bernadette (she looks nothing like me), 13 year old brother Dante, my little 7 year old sister Parker, and my little 4 year old brother Jean-Marques.


Favorite Hair Style: Cornrows!

Favorite Football Team: Oakland Raiders!

Favorite Basketball team: Celtics.

Favorite Baseball Team: The Giants.

Favorite Movie(s): Friday, Boys In The Hood, Crooklyn, The Talented Mr. Ripley, The Usual Suspects, Murder at 1600, Barbershop, Training Day, Election Day, Soul Plane, the General's Daughter, and many many more!

Favorite TV Show: Law and Order SVU.

Favorite Actors: Denzel Washington (my husband, Rob Lowe (my other husband), Chris Meloni (my boyfriend), and Jamie Foxx (my boyfriend on the side).

Favorite Actresses: Katharine Hepburn (She was and still is the sh*t), Stephanie March, Halley Berry, and whole bunch of others I can't name.

Favortie Shoe(s): All my Jordans! I collect them! I love my white, green, and chrome retros and my snake skin black seventeens. All my Air Force 1s. Although I really like my white on whites. Oh let's not 4get Chucks (Converse All-Stars) I love those shoes!

Favorite Clothes: My Raiders stuff. My hats, my t-shirts, and my Jerseys.

Favorite Car: 1967 Chevy Camarro! Black on Black with bucket seats and silver spoke rims! That's my dream car.

Favorite Authors: Octavia Butler, Zane, Alice Walker, Richard Wright, James Baldwin, Shakesphere, Maya Angelou, Toni Morrison, and whole lot more.

Favorite Music: I listen to whatever the hell I feel like. From Chopin to Juvenile I like

Current Favorite Song: Let Me In by Young Buck.

Thoughts and Comments*

Attitude around life: I feel that everybody has the right to do whatever they want to as long as it doesn't mess with somebody else's roll, ya know? Being that I'm southern a lot of people think I'm uncomfortable with same sex relationships, well I'm not. What others do is between them and the god they do or do not serve. If gay people want to get married and be as miserable as straight couples, I'm not worried about it. My personal attitude is I do things to please me, not others. I mean if I happen to please somebody along the way that's good and if I don't, o well! I'm living life for me, not for others.

Feelings around reviews: I don't have a problem with people helping to make my work better. You can't be a good writter without other people's opinions. However, if you're going to diss me because I don't follow rules or my story isn't to your liking, please expect me cuss you out. Being rude to me isn't gonna fix my work or make me a better writer, ya dig? Oh and my stuff is stuff I do for fun, if y'all don't like how I have fun, don't read my work. If you do like it, stick around and review to help me get better at this art.

My quotes:"Opinions are like assholes, everybody has one." "All I have to do is be black, die, and pay taxes."


If you want to find out more about me just go to my homepage thingy. It's got a pic of me and some other stuff. Mostly it's just me talking about how my day went and what not, but whatever, check it out if ya wanna!


Home Is Where the Heart Is

8/21/04: I'm almost done with Chapter Six. It should be up soon. School starts 8/30 so I might no have very much time to update. But this story will not be ignored. Thanks for all the great reviews, they keep me going.

Other Stories:
8/21/04:I'm working on a new story about a ten year old boy that kills his father. I have no idea when I'll post that.

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Let the Circle Be Unbroken reviews
Casey Novak is the new kid on the block, not much is known about her. This story looks at her past, as well as her adjusted present, and is an attempt to capture the peices of Casey Novak unseen on television.
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A young, witty and highly intelligent, child is befriended by a member of the SVU squad. Told from the point of view of a non-SVU character it depicts the child’s thoughts about the squad’s members, his own past, and his fight with his major demons.
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Alex Cabot, now Lara Dobras and a single mother, lives thousands of miles away from everything she ever loved and worked for thanks to an ordeal with a powerful drug lord. When she gets some news will it change her life for the better or for the worse?
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