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I'm now sixteen, BTW (.07.19), I'm a girl and I have lazy updates.

I love anime, books, vampires, slash, watching TV, CSI, Orlando Bloom, Johnny Depp, cute guys and cliche stories. French fries make me high and I detest broccoli or any kind of vegetables, save for carrots. I hate people who leave unhelpful flames and those reviews who proclaim they love my story yet badmouth me when I can't update. I adore sleeping and reading at

Oh, another thing that annoys me: those who read stories and don't leave even at least one review. I write to enhance my writing skills and to entertain my readers, but I also do it to receive feedback about my story, positive or not (though I implore you that it shouldn't be RUDE). Anyway, I think it's only proper etiquette to leave a review after reading, ne? But, as usual, I can't order but can only guide...

PS: I've just found my OTP for all time...//sighs dreamily// It's a guilty, forbidden pleasure, I tell you!

Story status:

Teach Me Heartache: (10/11/05) Still on HIATUS, guys. My interest has mostly waned (for the moment only, so don't you panic!) and obviously, if you read further my profile, you'll see to which fandom I am now stuck in (for years now!). :P But, I've started editing this story because I've just realized my errors are just HORRIBLE. I was too lazy to do it properly before but now I'm going to edit it right. There's a possibilty that a few paragraphs might be changed or deleted completely. Just a little note, y'all.

PS: Oh, and I might start the next chapter soon...(Honestly, do people READ this profile/author's note?)

The Creative Assignment: (08/01/05) My first one-shot...posted and complete_

I've read HBP and it's THE BEST OF THE SIX BOOKS BY FAR! I won't mention any spoilers but I will say this: I absolutely, completely, thoroughly HATE Snape, that slimy, greasy git! (No offense to all you Snape-fans but if you've read HBP, I think you'd understand) no matter what is revealed in book 7.

Oh yeah, on the bright side, Draco CAN be saved! Yes, there is a light in the tunnel. Possibility and hope is within reach //grins like the crazy person she is// Okay, I think I've ranted and freaked you out now so I'll stop.

PS: Harry and Ginny...bleck.

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The Creative Assignment reviews
Kagome has just a day to produce a project for her Creative Lit. class and she’s stumped. Tired of Inuyasha’s incessant ranting, inspiration finally struck. Why, her life is the very meaning of creative! InuKag
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