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Author has written 3 stories for Pirates of the Caribbean, and Labyrinth.

Well how y'all doing? I'm sure you want to know some things about me. All right I'll tell. First of all I don't plan on giving out my age or name anymore since I don't like having my friends find me on here. It got annoying especially when I come in here just to write. Anywho I was a member of this site for a while. Mostly just to review on stories(many good ones I may add)until I cooked up a story of my own. Before discovering this site, I did small original science fiction stories for another site that doesn't exist anymore. After that I did a story for The Sims Official Site and it was very well recieved. 5 out of 5 stars(not meaning to brag) and I guess you could call it my "breakthrough" into the whole fiasco of writing internet stories, lol!

After that I hadn't written a thing for two years until recently. At the moment that would be my POTC fanfic. I started my first POTC story when I was 17 and finished it within the year. With the prequel already in progress, a sequel has already been planned out.

Stories So Far:

FanFic: POTC
Title: Pirates of the Caribbean: Revenge of The Mystic
Status: Complete
Summary: See Below
Rated: PG-13 for language, violence, rape and sexual content

Fanfic: POTC
Title: A Sparrow Without Wings
Summary: A prequal to Revenge of The Mystic about Lia's life as a barmaid living in England with her mother. See her life as Liana Morgan Carter and see how she encountered the father she never knew.
Status: In Progress...
Rated: PG-13 for language, violence and sexual content

Upcoming Stories:

Fanfic: POTC
Title: Pirates of The Caribbean: The Secret of Captain Margo's Treasure
Summary: A year after ROTM, The Black Pearl sails upon the half sunken ship of Captain Levi Margo, leaving his daughter Ellie Margo as the only survivor. Prior to mutiny and left on the ship to die, she is brought onboard. The mutioneer, Captian Alexandria Rather, betrayed her captain for his map which holds the secret to an ancient treasure. But what happens when Jack and Lia happen to play an unexpected role?
Status: Announced
Rated: R for language, violence and sexual content
Expected: When prequel is complete

Special Announcement: 02/04/2009 - I know its been forever since updating A Sparrow Without Wings. I honestly had to stop due to a very intense case of writers block. However the next chapter is coming together piece by piece so it will be out asap. I'm also collaborating with a friend to take on a new project "down in the underground" ;) Haha, okay if you hadn't guessed correctly, I'm doing a fanfiction for Labyrinth. I'll give information on the story once we get out of the drawing board phase.

I've noticed that Revenge Of The Mystic is still getting reviews after finishing it so long ago and for that I would like to say thank you. It really means a lot and don't worry, I'm not putting A Sparrow Without Wings on hold to work on Labyrinth. Hope to hear from you all again once I get things rolling :)

Upcoming Stories will be updated when I get more ideas for more stories. :)

BTW I love receiving reviews. They give me the drive to write faster and bring out the chapter quicker then I normally would. My rules on reviewing simply are no bashing and be honest, constructive critisism is really helpful as long as its not being mean or insulting.

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