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Hey fellow fanfiction readers, how are we all?

I'm great, but i'm not really sure what to write in this space... something about myself? i love reading fanfictions, especially the well written ones, or even better ones that have an original and captivating story line. That being said i have a great weakness for the cliches out there, anything really that finds the characters in steamy trouble that they can't possibly get out of without falling in love. Or atleast lust. Lust works for me.

I love Harry Potter fanfics and i adore Hermione and Draco shippings, just because they are so unrealistic but more becasue they just have that extra bit of chemistry that shippings like Harry and Ginny don't have. It's true, who wants to read about two straight edge people falling in love when you have the torment and the passion that comes with opposites. And i do like the bad boys.

Sometimes i think that maybe JK Rowling (i adore her!) might check out some of the Harry Potter fanfics and i imagine for her it would be a bit like reading about your children getting caught up in some very comprimising situations. But she is a cool lady so i'm sure she just has a big laugh about it, i like to think so anyway.

I'm twenty and i live in Australia, which is just lovely. Although it gets so hot sometimes i don't like to go outside (pale skin and all) which is probably why i read so much. I really would love to travel and maybe go to England and just play in the rain for a while. I like the sound of America too, i wouldn't mind meeting some really hunky cowboys with Southern drawls, that would be like something straight out of a mills and boon book! But mostly i would love to go to somewhere small town and out of the way and pick strawberries or be that weird Aussie girl that tries to copy an American accent and pass it off as her own. I don't know about you, but i think the Aussie accent isn't as nice as everyone elses' in the world. Oh and I don't say G'day ever. well maybe once... or a few times, but as a joke.

I want to say stuff like 'y'all','how ah ya?' and 'chowda' but i imagine i've just been watching too many American tv shows.

What else... well I also like reading Sailor Moon fanfics, but i always get confused with the Japanese and the American versions (are they much different?) but roughly i like the Serena/Usagi and Darian/Mamoru pairings. There are some really awesome ones that i should probably add to a list or something, you just have to read them. Oh and i like Ella Enchanted, i love fanfics that deal with alternate endings of the story, you know like instead of Ella being found by Char and his knights after the ball, she gets away and it's just works out so much more complicated. I also adore anything resembling a fairytale, but with like strong female protagonsists that just don't melt and swoon but kick butt. They rock.

Oh and i love Firefly and Buffy fanfics. I love Jayne and River pairings aswell as Mal and Inara of course. I love Mal and how he is such a cowboy with a heart. And for Buffy (A show close to my heart! love the vampire factor) the whole Angel and Buffy v.s Spike and Buffy pairings, i just can't decide which i like more.

Oh oh and also X-Men fanfics, Rogue and Gambit pairings mostly but i'm still trying to find a Kitty and Colossus one...yep i'm a bit of a nerd.

So... yeah i've written three fanfics for Harry Potter, well i'm still on the third one but it's something i like to do. So if you like Draco and Hermione pairings that are mostly smutty (can't help it hormones you know) feel free to read on. And if you have any fanfics that you think i might like buzz me or whatever it is that you can do to let me know. I seriously lose myself for hours trying to find some real gems.

bye now y'all... does that work? :)

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