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Author has written 22 stories for Pokémon, Super Smash Brothers, Warriors, and Fairy Tail.


Just to let y'all know, I AM KIT THE POKEMANIAC but WITH A NEW PEN NAME. :D And I go by Kit. Some folks have called me Choco... or Chip... or Kit of the Maniacs of the Pokemon... or That Girl, which is a story for another time. Or YOU IDIOT WHAT THE HECK WERE YOU THINKING, which is another story for another time.

Some stuff to mention because I feel like it:

1. I am a girl. Maybe some of you know this or can infer, but... yep, fun fact of the day, ChocoChipKitty's a girl. Heh.

2. Don't ask for personal info, please. I outright refuse to reveal any sort of information beyond what's here. Not my age, not my location, not my birthday (besides my account's birthday, lol), and definitely not my real name. Sorry, folks.

3. Read the work of these guys! Typhlosion8, Reevee21, I am Lu, PkmnMaster Rolf, and FinalArc - and if you wanted to see some of my stuff, too, I'd be flattered.

Okie dokie, now that's over with...

If you were here for a look at my somewhat-hilarious profile, READ ON!

Once upon a time, two Pokémon and a Digimon, plus my sister Cindy (who happens to be part Cyndaquil), were journeying through for no apparent reason. Suddenly, they stumbled across a strange-looking profile...


Glaceon: Huh? Kit's profile? Oh, man, I have GOT to see this.

Cutemon: Yay! Let's check it out!

Cindy: Looks interesting enough. *pokes the profile*


Glaceon: Apparently. Let's check it out. *shoves Kit out of the way and heads over to profile*

Cindy: *follows along, whistling the Pokémon theme song*

Kit: HEEEYYYYY COME BACK HEEEEERREEE!!! *falls to ground in defeat* NOOOOOOOO...

Upon entering the profile, an annoying ad popped up in front of the group.

Glaceon: Not an aaaaaaaad... *groans*


Please try not to get annoyed by this ad.

Glaceon: *grumbling* Too late.

ANYWAY, this ad is for my deviantART! I love doing cover images and profile pics, and so just contact me (preferably by PM... no, I am not giving you my phone number or email...) and I can draw fanart, cover images, and profile pics! *waves goodbye* M'kay, the ad's over now!

Chikorita: *sighs* Good. It was over before it got too terrible...

Cindy: Y'mean like those infomercials?

Cutemon: *cringes* NOT THE INFOMERCIALS!!

Glaceon: ...sooooo, where to now?

Cindy: *looks around* Man, Kit's profile is big.

Glaceon: Not as big as Reevee21's.

Cindy: Point taken. I got lost in there.


Cindy, Glaceon, and Cutemon: WAAAAIIIITT!!

The Pokémon then entered an odd little room with a sign that said: "OCs".

Cutemon: OCs? What OCs? Where? I don't see any - *walks right into a huge wooden crate* OW! I swear that wasn't there a second ago.

-*a list tumbles out of the box and rolls over to Cindy's feet*

Cindy: *picking it up to read it* Um... let's see... *reads*

First OC: Emily

10 years old; fair skin and a bounty of freckles on her cheeks; medium-length, wavy honey-colored hair; normally sweet-tempered and naive but smart and quick in battle; appears in The Ash Conspiracy: Down in Flames; crush on Percy Jackson

Emily: YO! How's it goin', folks? *vanishes*

Cindy: Ooo-kay then... *continues*

Second OC: Ana Marie

11 years old, pale skin, shining black hair in two buns; overexcitable and is obsessed with ice cream; has an amazing talent for fixing and building things; appears in The Random Room and Reevee21's What Goes Down in the PC; crush on - NOBODY. SHE AIN'T EVEN GOT A CRUSH.

Ana: Yes I do! I like Gary Oa -

Kit: SHUDDUP! *stands in front of Gary* MINE!

Ana: Whatever. Hiya, folks! *licks ice cream cone*

Cindy: *pouts* But Gary's MY crush!

Ana: *scowls* ... *vanishes*

Third OC: Lucy

14 years old; short, fair skin with a couple freckles here and there; deep brown hair that's almost black; a quick thinker, very witty and wry, but genuinely cares about her friends even if she doesn't show it; a crazy gamer; appears in A Crossing of Worlds; thinks this one guy at her new school is cute - but no, it's not exactly a crush

Glaceon: She sounds nice.

Cindy: Next!

Fourth and Fifth OCs: Cameron and Abby

They're twins! 12 years old, Cameron's a guy and Abby's a girl if you didn't figure that out yet; coppery brown skin and chocolate brown hair (Abby wears pigtails a lot); not exactly "crazy gamers" but hey, they're big fans of Nintendo; love each other like heck and are pretty amiable and friendly, though Cameron is a bit awkward when it comes to talking to strangers (Abby is NOT, by the way); these two appear in A Crossing of Worlds; neither of them have crushes (okay, MAYBE Cameron thinks Lucy is kinda cute, maybe a LITTLE, but not REALLY, and it's not REALLY a crush...!)

Chikorita: I think Cameron likes Lucy.

Lucy: WAT.

Glaceon: I think you're right, Chikorita.

Cameron: WAT.

Cindy: Um, should I keep reading?

Cutemon: *shakes head "no" vigorously* Uh-uh. No way. Don't. DON'T. I know who is on that list and I don't want to -

All the rest of the OCs, who are Pokémon, and who appear in my fic The Random Room, suddenly leap out from the box!

Cindy: ... *drops list*

Cutemon: *goes into fetal position*

Chikorita and Glaceon: HEY, GUYS!

Cindy: Wait, you KNOW these guys?

Chikorita: *nodding* Yup! Glaceon and I are from that fic too! These are our good buddies!

...welp, it looks like the rest of the OCs are: Umbreon, Charizard, Dragonite, Cyndaquil, Meloetta, Oshawott, Piplup, Ambipom, and Shuppet!

Umbreon, Charizard, Dragonite, Cyndaquil, Meloetta, Oshawott, Piplup, Ambipom, and Shuppet: HIIIIII Y'ALL!!!!

Cutemon: NOOOOOO!!! *shoves them back into the box* Whew! Thank goodness that's over...

Chikorita: Mmm. It would've been fun if they had stayed.

Kit: YOU GUYS! *pant pant* I finally caught up with you! What are you DOING?! My profile is, like, EXPLOSIVE!! You're not supposed to just go messing around with explosive profiles like that!

Glaceon: *shrugs* Whatever. See ya, Kit!

Kit: HEY -

Cindy: Bye, sis!

Kit: WAIT -

-*the four run off, leaving Kit in the dust*


The group is faced with three doors. One is red. One is blue. And one is gold...

Chikorita: Ooh! Ooh! The gold one! Shiny! Pretty!

Cutemon: The gold one IS pretty...

Cindy: Yeah, I'm all for the gold one!

Glaceon: Just to disagree with you guys, I'm saying blue. *flings open blue door and shoves them into it before anyone can say a word*

So they've entered the blue door, then. What's behind it?

Chikorita: Is that a book?

Glaceon: No, it's a strawberry pie.

Chikorita: OOH OOH A STRAWBERRY PIE?! it's not. It's a book.

Glaceon: *exasperated* You just answered your own question!

Chikorita: ...I DID?!

Cutemon: OKAY OKAY THAT'S ENOUGH! *sighs* Someone get the book off of the shelf.

Cindy: Why don't you get it?

Cutemon: ...

Glaceon: Well?

Cutemon: Erm... *swallows* I'm... uh... too short. *blushes in embarrassment*

Glaceon: *snickers*

Chikorita: You make a fair point. You're definitely short!

Cutemon: *blushes madly, so her pink face turns totally red*

Cindy: *picks up Cutemon* And lightweight, too!

Chikorita: Cutemon, you're red as a strawberry pie!

Cutemon: ...w-will someone just get the book already...?!

Cindy: Fine, fine! *stands up on her tiptoes and grabs the book* Oh! *grins*


Cindy: Weeellllllllllllllllllll, the book is...

Dun, dun DUUUNNNNN!!!

Cindy is about to announce the book's title...


Cutemon: OOOHHH!!!

Glaceon: *tackles Cindy* MINE!

Chikorita: *tackles Glaceon* No, MINE!

Kit: HEYYYYYYY!!!! *tackles all of them* THAT BOOK BELONGS TO MEEEEEEE!!!

Cindy: Oh no! Kit's here! She's found us! QUICK, HIDE!!!

The four race out of the blue-doored room before Kit can say another word, leaving behind a cloud of dust. Kit can't do a thing...

Kit: *coughing because of the dust cloud* WAIT! YOU GUYS!!! COME BACK HEEEEEEEERE!!!

And here we are again, faced with the door choices.

Chikorita: Gold door!

Glaceon: Red door?

Chikorita: No, gold door!

Cutemon: Okay, red door!

Cindy: *gets pushed into the red door* Oof!

Chikorita: I SAID THE GOLD DOOR!!!

Everyone else follows Cindy only to find a... wait... what...?!

Cindy: *gets up* Hey, what's that?

Inside the room... is a... Togetic with easter eggs instead of triangles?!

LovingTogetic: H-huh? O-oh! Hiii! *waves hand like a maniac* Oooh, visitors! Who are you guys? I've never seen you before! Not in here anyway! *flying around them like like a maniac* So who are you guys? Did you come from a story? What story did you come from? I don't usually get visitors! Ooh! We gotta throw you a "Welcome-to-Kit's-profile Party!" *flits around, muttering under her breath and reaching into Nowhere and taking random party objects out* *takes out a phone and starts inviting all of our OCs* *all of my OCs, which consist of a darker-coloured emo misty, a manaphy, a mew, a raven-haired mute emo girl with a purple and black sweater dress, a togepi pokehuman following a togetic pokehuman, an espeon, a shiny meloetta, a shiny latias pokehuman, and a celebi* Hi everyone!

(This section was given to me courtesy of LovingTogetic. Thanks Togie!)

The party was crazy, and it involved strawberry pie, and -


- let me finish! Anyway, once it was over, Togie left the profile for awhile, and the Pokemon decided to try another door.

Chikorita: Okay, can we go through the gold door now?

Cindy: What about the green one?

Chikorita: But -

Cutemon: I don't have a problem with it. Green one sounds great!

Chikorita: HEY -

Glaceon: Then it's decided! Green door!

Chikorita: *pouts* Guuuyyyys... *follows them through the green door*

There's nothing on the other side of this door. Dang it.

Chikorita: we get to go through the gold door now...?

Cutemon: Sure!

Glaceon: Guess so.

Cindy: Fine by me.


Kit: WAIT! I don't think you want to -

Chikorita: *darts into the gold door, screams for a moment, and then silence*

Cutemon: ...*gulps*

Kit: *sighs* ... *shoves everyone into the gold door, resulting in more screams and more silence* ...well, no turning back for them now...

To be continued, whenever I feel like updating my profile!

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It's been a year and a half - that's a long time. But the pain of Brock's death is still fresh for everyone he left behind. Ash revisits Brock's grave and the memories all come rushing back to him. ((No pairings. Character death, obviously. T for safety, and, well, I guess character death makes it worthy of a T rating? XD))
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