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Author has written 18 stories for Inuyasha, Harry Potter, Sukisho, Golden Sun, Yu-Gi-Oh, Young Avengers, Ultimate Marvel, The Santa Clause, Inception, and Speed Racer.

Okay, so I'm leaving everything below as a memorial to myself at age 22, because dear LORD did I talk too much. Anyway, here's an actual update for y'all, after ... er. Nearly 7 years. Sorry about that. SO. Things you may care about, in the order you probably care about them:

(1) What about Serendipity? Yes, it's still a WIP. It's still a WIP because I haven't worked on it since early Undergrad, and because to keep working on it I would have to re-edit the whole thing, because my writing style has changed (and improved! I hope...) so drastically since then. So at this point, it's really just abandoned. I'm sorry to all of you who love it, and I fully support anyone who wants to taking off with it and writing your own continuation (so long as credit is given for the original, obvs). But at this point, I'm barely even reading HP anymore, much less writing it. Plus the story feels SO derivative, now, looking back on my literary influences at that point. I'm afraid Serendipity is just going to be my forever-unfinished HP WIP from my youth. Sorry, guys!

(2) Where did you go? LiveJournal, mostly, but since nobody's on LJ anymore, I just post my stuff to the Archive of Our Own. I'm "Solarcat" on there if you want to see what I'm up to. I'm also "Solarcat" on Tumblr and Twitter. Fair warning, though, that the vast majority of what I talk about these days is Hockey RPS, with a smattering of other things (I'm into The Flash right now, and MCU). Anyone's welcome to follow me on Tumblr, but my Twitter is locked because of Real Life.

(3) You just posted new things! That I did! Sort of. I just posted a couple of non-RPF things I've written over the past few years, because I felt like it. The VAST majority of my writing in the last 5 years or so has been RPS, which isn't allowed on FFNet, so there's not much to update on here. If you want my Bandom stuff and my Hockey RPF, it's all on the AO3. Actually, everything is on the AO3 if it's not here. Someday I might get crazy and port in the other direction, but I'm not in a huge hurry to put my juvenilia anywhere but here, so.

--Still your friendly neighborhood Solarcat, now nearly 29, in Wisconsin, and in law school. (Time flies, eh?)

A Little About Me:

Hello, all! I remain your friendly neighborhood SolarCat. I'm now, however, 22 years old and living in Boston (well, just outside Boston, technically). I work for a small publishing house. I own two ferrets and a goldfish and live in a pretty sweet apartment with one of my best friends. I am often found fangirling with other Bostonian-type fangirls, and if you want to come join our shenanigans, you are more than welcome! (Particularly of interest to you would be the spnboston and merlin_us communities on LiveJournal, btw, presuming you like Supernatural and/or Merlin.) I LOVE YOU GUYS! (don't disown me for my old, crappy fics!) \0/

As I am now approaching five years of active involvement in media slash fandom (and nearly a decade in fandom in general, counting anime--yikes, I got old! 0_0 ), I would like to give a shoutout to the fantastic people I have met, but especially those of you who metaphorically took me in, sat me down, taught me The Rules, and very politely shut my ass down when I was being stupid. You've made me a better member of the community, and I'll never forget it. MWAH!

I haven't updated this account in ages, and probably won't unless I get very motivated, as I now type my fics with LJ formatting in them as I'm going, so I don't have to hunt down my italics and stuff. Thusly, they do not translate well to the FF.Net document handling systems. Or, they didn't last time I checked. I would advise you to go to my fic LJ (see below) if you'd like to see my newer works (most of which are Marvel comics or Merlin related, mostly Johnny/Peter and Arthur/Merlin, with a few other things thrown in for kicks).

A note:

I will probably never finish Serendipity or Say Goodnight & Go. So... Um. Hm. Well, I suppose if someone wants to take off from where I've left off, I'll open it up to that. Just ask first. But other than that, thank you all for the support. I'm just not active in HP fandom anymore, and SG&G never really had much of a plot to begin with. And I changed my mind about some things with regard to the series and the characters after some thinking and some meta-ing, which really altered how I would have wanted to go about things, anyway. So, I'm just going to be honest and say they'll never be finished. That's not to say I'll never write HP or YGO! fic again, but... Well. There you have it.

The Fic LJ is Here:


Just replace the "xx" with "tt" and you're golden (I'm assuming The Pit still hates URLs in profiles?). I primarily write and post on LJ nowadays, so if you love me (you know you do!), feel free to drop by.

My personal journal is hxxp:// It is mostly friends-locked, but if we share a few fandoms and you don't seem to be insane, I'll probably friend you back. But do please refrain from friending me if you're younger than 16 or so. I've only locked my journal to 14-plus, but there's plenty of adult language and content and I don't want your mommy to sue my ass. (Mostly because in addition to being sued, I'd probably be fired. And I like my job.)

Thought of the Update: I have lately bounced from Merlin to Supernatural to Star Trek and then, somehow, back into anime and Marvel comics fandoms. Somehow, I am in all of these simultaneously. How did that happen? ~End Thought~

My Fandoms/Pairings of Choice: (please note: I don't actually -write- for all of these. I just like 'em!)



Harry Potter- HPDM/DMHP, SBRL, RWHG, I have recently discovered a fondness for FWGW... So wrong... =_=
The Dresden Files
- Marcone/Dresden. We have a community now (mafiabanter, on LJ). Go forth. Write Marcone/Dresden slash. You know you want to...
Good Omens- C/A! It's ineffable, damnit! XD
Chronicles of Narnia- Caspian/Edmund slash rox my sox. I am a bad, bad girl... The Xtian author shall smite me..
DC Comics-verse- Bruce(Batman)/Dick(Robin,Nightwing), Kon(Superboy)/Tim(Robin), and the completely AU continuation of my CLex! passion.
Marvel Comics-verse- Johnny Storm(Human Torch)/Peter Parker(Spider-Man).Rictor(Julio)/Shatterstar, Logan(Wolvie!)/Remy(Gambit), St.John(Pyro)/Bobby(Iceman) :movieverse, Northstar(Jean-Paul)/Iceman(Bobby) :uncannyverse, Hulkling(Teddy)/Wiccan(Billy). Go to the Johnny_Peter community on LiveJournal. I'm the mod, and I command you so. :commands:

Stargate SG-1- Jack/Daniel. As if there was anything else. pshaw. I may be convinced to support Teal'c/Cameron, though. Maybe.
Stargate: Atlantis - McShep, Parrish/Lorne. I LOVE THIS SHOW. Season 4 is the John & Rodney Hour. WATCH IT.
dueSOUTH - Fraser/RayK. Forever. They RUN AWAY TOGETHER. Slashiest show ever. Next to Sentinel.
Doctor Who- I :heart: Sarah Jane. Oh, and I ship me a little OT3 (Nine/Rose/Jack), and some Ten/Jack.
Torchwood- Jack/Ianto = CANON LOVE. But Jack/Jack and Jack/John are hottness, so they're okay. NO GWEN. Owen/Tosh works for me. =3
The Sentinel - Jim/Blair. (What else IS there?) -- Note: Slashiest Show Ever. :blue ribbon: EDIT! Torchwood has lately stolen this blue ribbon by being the gayest thing since gay.
South Park- Curse whoever gave me the idea that Stan/Kyle should be a pairing. :curses:
LazyTown - SportaRobbie. Yes, really. Clearly, I'm a sick and twisted individual. But it's so CUTE! And they have ACCENTS! XD
The West Wing- I long for the Josh/Sam days... :hearts:
CSI: - Grissom/Sara. Warrick/Catherine. My like, only two het pairings. And, to round it out, Nick/Greg. Cuz no show is safe from the slash. XD
Smallville- Do you have to ask? CLex!
The Daily Show- I will RPS my little brains out on Jon/Stephen. Yes, I know there is no RPS on FFNet... damnit...

Final Fantasy VII - Sephiroth x Cloud
Final Fantasy VIII- Seifer x Squall. Oh, the angst! Beautiful angst! XD
Kingdom Hearts - Riku x Sora, Axel x Roxas, Leon x Cloud. Look! More angst! With added DISNEY! XD
Golden Sun- Issac x Ivan, Picard x Felix, Garet x Jenna.

(listed alphabetically)
Digimon- Taichi x Yamato, Takeru x Hikari, Daisuke x Ken (so I'm a retro Digimon fan. gimme a break, ne?)
Fruits Basket- Kyou x Yuki, er... just about anything, really...
FullMetal Alchemist- RoyEd forever! I ship a little Fuery/Havoc, too... NO ELRICEST! -.-
Get Backers- Ban x Ginji, if any pairing at all. I prefer A/A and Drama fics over Romance, on this one.
Gravitation- Yuki x Shuichi, Ryuichi x Tatsuha
Gundam Wing- 1x2x1, 3x4x3, 5x6x13. Relena must die. 'Nuff said.
Here is Greenwood- Mitsuru x Shinobu. And the cute couple in Room 117, Fujikake x Watanabe.
Hikaru no Go- HikaAki, WayaSumi, Kaga x Tsutsui
Hunter x Hunter- Leorio x Kurapica, older!Killua x Gon... no chanslash on this one. And NO HISOKA!!
I'll: Generation Basket- Hiiragi x Akane, Akane x Hiiragi. Either way is good. :)
Kyou Kara Maou!- Wolfram x Yuuri, Gwendal x Gunter. I heart Conrad.
Naruto- SasuNaru, KakaIru
Petshop of Horrors- Leon x D
Saiyuki- Sanzo x Goku, Gojyo x Hakkai. No exceptions. :P
Suki na Mono wa Suki Dakara Shouganai! (Sukisho)- Sora x Sunao, Yoru x Ran even though they don't exist, really... Oh, never mind. :\
Tennis no Ohjisama- Golden Pair, MomoRyo, TezuFuji, InuKai. Just the basics. :)
Weiss Kreuz- AyaYouji, KenOmi, OmiNagi (not at the same time!), I can deal with Brad x Schu
Yami no Matsuei- Tsuzuki x Hisoka, Tatsumi x Watari. Why don't fangirls get that Muraki is evil and should DIE?
Yu Yu Hakusho- Kurama x Hiei. What else?
Yu Gi Oh!- Yamis x Hikaris, Seto x Jounouchi, I don't hate Mokuba x Shizuka.

I haven't updated these in forever. I'm a horrible person! TT_TT

C2 Community: Sandstorms
A little community devoted to two of my favorite blonds- Issac (AKA- Robin) and Ivan of the video game series "Golden Sun". I just think they're so cute, and the pairing gets so little recognition because there are so many more "obvious" het pairings in the fandom. Even so, I love them to death, and they didn't have a community, so... I will also be adding Isaac-centric and Ivan-centric pieces of a non-romantic (of any kind) variety to the archive as I get time. I have to sort through the whole GS archive by hand, since the FFNet search is an unreliable piece of crap.

C2 Community: Warped Mudshipping Love
Okay, so I used a mule account to make a second C2. This one is also for Golden Sun, in this case the FelixPiers pairing. I was shocked and appalled that with so many fans of this pairing, there wasn't a C2 devoted to it, and after waiting a while I realized that no one was going to do it. So, I took it upon myself.

Works In Progress:

Say Goodnight and Go (Yu-Gi-Oh!)
My epic work of shattering genius. Or, my attempt to make a non-crappy Seto/Jou fic. Either way works. Actually, I think this is better written than Serendipity, by a long shot. Which makes me happy. :D
Roughly inspired by Imogen Heap's song, "Goodnight and Go" (and... er... most of the rest of their album, too), I've started this fic at the end of the summer following Seto and Jou's senior year of high school. Both of them have grown up some: Seto is still hard at work with his company, but Jou has also found a job and a place of his own. I thought that it would be a nice change of pace to have a story about these two set in a realistic world- not everything always turns out smelling of roses, and sometimes the journey to the end is full of pain and bumpy patches as well as moments of bliss and happiness, but it is possible to carve out a niche where you can be happy.
This fic is otherwise known as the "You mean neither of them cut themselves? 0.0! Fic of Non-Emo DOOM".
Current Status:
WIP, 2 chapters, more in the works as of 6/14/2007!

Reading Romance (Golden Sun):
A completely random FelixPiers plot bunny that attacked me one day. Basically, Piers' collection of cheesy romance novels gets worked through on a series of rainy days, and meanwhile, something is growing between Felix and our favorite Lemurian. I really have no idea where this fic came from, but here it is. I think it all came from the fact that I'm addicted to cheesy romance novels.
Current Status: WIP, 1 chapter published, more in the works. Hopefully. Nothing new as of 6/14/07.

Peiron (Sukisho):
So many people asked for more Sukisho fic from me that I decided to do one when I next got inspired. Well, I've now been inspired. So, here it is. This is done a bit like "The Morning After", but it covers the events of Episode 7 of the anime. It's done from a limited omniscient POV, but it focuses mostly on Sunao.
Current Status: WIP. 1 chapter published, more as soon as I find time to keep working through this ep. Which I don't appear to be finding, and I lost my subs in a harddrive crash. So there may be no more of this. T_T

Serendipity (Harry Potter):
My (very) long Harry Potter fic. It's HPDM slash, so if that's not your thing, leave now. This is quite easily the best and most popular thing I've ever written. I absolutely love Serendipity, it's just so fun to write! Unfortunately, I don't get as much time to work on it as I'd like to, but I'm trying to make more time as more people seem to be waiting impatiently for updates!
This fic came about because one day, I decided wanted to read it. I knew exactly the plotline I wanted to read, and to my everlasting surprise, no one had written it yet! My evening reading plans thwarted by this obvious oversight on someone's part, I sat down and started to write it myself (because obviously, someone had to pick up the slack on this one). The result is this not-so-little fic, which started out as "no more than ten chapters" and suddenly exploded into "I wonder if I'll get to that scene by chapter fifty...?" I think I'm still in shock. There's more info on my blog, if anyone actually ever reads that...
Current Status: WIP. 30 chapters as of December 4, 2005..

Please Read and Review! Constructive Criticisms Greatly Appreciated!

Hey, people! I don't put new stuff on so much anymore, but my LJ has all the newest. It's mostly Marvel comics fic, but there's other things too. ALL NEW CHAPTERS OF SG&G and Serendipity WILL be updated here if they ever get written. There's not more of it lurking on my LJ, I swear. Just other things. Which are also good for the reading. =D

Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

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Touched One Another (For the First Time?) reviews
This is his chance to end this, he realizes acutely. He can stop this here, get back into the Mach 5 and go home and neither he nor Racer X will speak of it again. [Speed/Racer X, obligatory sibling incest warning, originally published 8/3/09.]
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REPOST! One of the first things I ever wrote. It's a song parody, if FFNet gets annoying I'll take it down. Put back up purely for retro value: remember when Inuyasha had to be downloaded, the fight was IYKag vs. IYKikyo, and the fics were GOOD?
Inuyasha - Rated: K+ - English - Parody/Romance - Chapters: 1 - Words: 520 - Reviews: 2 - Favs: 1 - Published: 8/18/2005 - Inuyasha, Kagome H. - Complete
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Inuyasha - Rated: K+ - English - Romance/Drama - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,934 - Reviews: 4 - Favs: 3 - Published: 7/9/2004 - Inuyasha, Kagome H. - Complete
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