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Hey everyone I'm shikonstar! But you can call me Shikon!
Here's some stuff about me!
I guess you can e-mail me if you want. I wouldn't mind getting to know some of you peeps!

If you have a problem with me, or my stories or whatever, please e-mail me and tell me, that way I can, hopefully, fix whatever it is that it wrong, and avoid having anything deleted. Thanks!

Real name: Not telling...

Age: Sweet 16

Sex: If you can't tell then I will tell you. Female.

Location: Canada

Looks: Shoulder length brown curly hair (natural highlights in blonde, copper, etc) about 5'5", hazel eyes

Favorite animes: Inuyasha, Card Captor Sakura, Witch Hunter Robin, D-N-Angel, Gundam Seed

Couples Inuyasha/Kagome, Miroku/Sango, Fuu/Ferio, Syaoran/Sakura, Tomoyo/Eriol, Robin/Amon, Robin/Michael (Yeah, I like Michael) Haku/Chihiro, Kouga/Ayame, Cagalli/Athrun, Kent/Ai

Favorite anime/manga guys Inuyasha, Kouga, Sesshomaru, Miroku (Yeah, I like him), Amon, Michael, Syaoran, Eriol, DARK, Daisuke, Haku, Ferio, Lantis, ATHRUN, Nicol, KENT, Takeshi

Favorite anime/manga girls: Kagome, Sango, Riku (D-N-Angel), Robin, Rin, Sakura, Fuu, Cagalli, Ai

Favorite Manga's: Princess Ai, Magic Knight Rayearth, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle

Music/Bands: Linkin Park, My Chemical Romance, Ayumi Hamasaki,The All-American Rejects, Theory of a Deadman,Fall Out Boy, The Veronicas, Orange Range, Dragon Ash, Hedley, NEWS, KAT-TUN, ect...

Movies: Red Eye...Inuyasha 1, 2 & 3...The Amityville Horror...Blade Trinity...Hostage...Crash (creepy, and yet still good)...Ju on/The Grudge...The Locker 1 &2...Yogen(Premonition)...

Favorite Books: Memoirs of a Geisha...anything written by Meg Cabot...In Spite of Killer Bees...

About my writing: As you can tell, all of my writing is about teenage romance or teenage situations. I write this way because...I am a teenager, and I'm not really going to write about something, like adult life, that I don't know a whole lot about!
I do not write lemons! I refuse to write them! I may write enough that it leads to a lemon, but I do not write them! I also do not have gay or lesbian relasionships in my stories (unless it's a friend of the main character or something) because I just can't see my favorite characters making out with the same sex. I do not have anything against gay/lesbian people. So yeah! Don't expect those things from my stories!

My sister posts on this site. Her name is hazel-dream, she's an awesome writer!

Go here for info on when I'm going to update my stories:

(Story Status)

Pieces of My Memory
A Mediator fic. Mostly inspired by the thought of: "What if Paul did get his way?" then I thought that Suze and Jesse would have to find each other again somehow...

Love of War
A Card Captor Sakura fic. This story was actually inspired a long time ago and I had most of it posted on a different site. I read about the episode of Gundam Seed where Cagalli and Athrun are trapped on the island together, so I began Love of War something like that episode, and it just went on from there.

With You~With Or Without You
Both are Card Captor Sakura fics. Just the thought of summer romance got the ideas stirring and then it kind of grew into a story...and then a sequel. I know how some people (mostly in different countries from mine) are forced into being married to someone they don't really know, so I wanted to kind of show it from a different perspective...somewhat. :

An Inuyasha fic. I just love Ayame and Kouga, and watching the anime I see that Ayame would do anything for Kouga and she has quite the attitude. So i made her an assassin. Fun huh?

A Card Captor Sakura fic. Just a different look on the Card Captor gang. I loved the book "Tithe" and I love stuff like that (not that Forbidden is based on Tithe or anything) so I decided to make Sakura a fairy and Syaoran a pixie. As i said in later chapters, it does have something of a racial thing to it. That is just to, maybe, show you guys out there that no matter our differences, we can all get along!

An Inuyasha fic. This would, basically, be me in the Feudal Era. But I don't play guitar...but I would hit someone with one _. Of course my name isn't Amanda or Ayu, but still, she has my basic attitude, mostly, and the whole OOC/Sesshomaru thing just appeals to me. This story was, actually inspired by a picture of an anime girl standing with a guitar facing the wind. It's an amazing picture.

Please, Don't Forget
A Card Captor Sakura fic. I had also posted this story on a different site a while ago, and I just brought it back with a bunch of editing and stuff. Not sure what inspired me to write it, though...

Wings of Darkness
A D-N-Angel fic. I hate Dark/Daisuke fics or any other fic where Dark, my Dark, is gay. So I wrote one where there was a girl (other than Riku) who he fell for. There may be a sequel...

A Card Captor Sakura fic. I love the whole idea of Tomoyo and Eriol being together, so I just wrote a story that drew away from the whole Syaoran and Sakura factor of the anime/manga.

The Daughter
An Inuyasha fic. Hey, Kouga didn't get his chance with Kagome, so why not his son with Kagome's daughter? I liked the thought of that...

Where I Belong
An Inuyasha one-shot. Just a fluffy moment, because really, Kagome has to be thinking these things, right? And Inuyasha really doesn't want her to go...can't remember what inspired this piece.

Running From You
An Inuyasha fic. Even if it's an AU, Inuyasha and the gang are still demons or whatever, so I changed that a bit so only Kagome was the same. Whatever though. It was, actually, my first fic on this site, and so, as you may be able to tell, I didn't know how to use the editor yet. _;;

(Upcoming Stories)

Love Him Love Him Not--A Gundam Seed fic. Athrun/Cagalli (romance/drama/humor)

Trapped--A Gundam Seed fic. Athrun/Cagalli (comedy/drama/romance)

Unnatural--A Card Captor Sakura fic. Sakura/Syaoran (genres too complicated to say...but yes, romance)

Healing Heartbreak--A Gundam Seed fic. Kira/OOC (drama, action/adventure, romance)

Map of Dreams--A Card Captor Sakura fic. Sakura/Syaoran (drama, angst, superntural, romance, adventure)

On the Wings of Dark--A D-N-Angel fic. Dark/OOC (drama, romance, magic stuff, adventure)

Believing--A Card Captor Sakura fic. Eriol/Tomoyo (drama, angst, romance)

Wings of Light--A D-N-Angel fic. Dark/OOC(Kyari) SEQUEL TO WINGS OF DARKNESS (drama, action, supernatural, romance)

ALL STORIES ARE ON HIATUS RIGHT NOW! I will try to update as SOON AS I CAN! Thank you!
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