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Greetings. My name is T... ahem, I mean, my name is thisissupposedtobeblank. I'm somewhat shy, if you can believe that. Frankly, if I could, I would have left the username as blank, but no, you have to have a name.

Anyways, I'm just like many of you - a wannabe writer with some interesting ideas of "what ifs". Frankly, the authors and creators of the various worlds which we as fanfiction writers adore were complete geniuses, and there's little to no need for us to add our two cents worth of ideas - but will that stop us? Nah.

Well, like many of you, I'm a huge fan of the Harry Potter world (Snape is one of the greatest characters of all-time, in my humble opinion). I also love Pokemon - I specialize in the Dark-type, unlike how many in the Pokemon community make their Trainers into Dragon masters. Though don't get me wrong, dragon types are amazing.

As to bashing... honestly, I don't understand it. For example, Dumbledore bashing. Dumbledore's actions after Voldemort's attack on Godric's Hollow are quite confrontational to some people: Dumbledore left Harry at the Dursleys to protect him... which it accomplished. There was still danger that some of the Dark Lord's followers would come after Harry and other leading Light compatriots. Case in point: the attack on the Longbottoms. Death Eaters were still active. Removing him from the magical world ensured no enemies would be able to find him.

Then the whole prophecy ordeal - what fifteen-year-old would want to hear "either you kill him or he kills you, and it's been that way since you were born"? Kids between the ages of eleven-fourteen would react even worse. Sure, he maybe should have told Harry right after the TriWizard Tournament, but considering Harry had just fought for his life while watching a friend die, being told "yeah, your life basically comes down to whether you kill him or not," would have locked himself up in for a long time.

That doesn't excuse his actions from the fifth book. Those were not good, I'll freely admit.

But a lot of people make him seem like he was trying to be the hero. If that were the case, then he would have let more people than Harry have all the information about the Horcruxes. Instead, he let Harry succeed, without the recognition. There's also the fact that, even though he knew Harry had to "die," there may have been enough anchors left to keep the boy alive. He had given up on the "greater good" and focused on just saving the world.

And I'm not even a Dumbledore fan (Snape for the win).

As to Ron, I freely don't like him at all - but that's mostly because he's an idiot, not because he's secretly dousing Harry and Hermione with potions (that one is used a lot). His loyalty problems stem from an inferiority complex in Book Four and Voldemort's soul in Book Seven. I think we can all agree that the latter part is perfectly understandable - a small voice continually whispering that your two best friends suffer with you there would problem drive anybody past the breaking point. Book Four... he got over them. Tada!

Anyways, please enjoy whatever I put up. And feel free to comment - I am strong, I promise.


News: So, as some of you may have figured out, I've got a bit of writer's block for a number of my stories. So, I've decided to offer some of them up for adoption! Both of my DxD ones are available. If you have an interest in writing about Ddraig as he goes around to reattain his greatness or about a ninja fox with a developing loli harem (despite his preference for older women), PM me.

Also, I'm thinking about putting Devil King up for adoption as well. You see, I like to keep in tune with the actual series, trying to match up my characters with those from the actual series. Alas, my source material for it was taken down awhile ago, just when I was about to incorporate characters not found in the anime series. So, as you can see, I'm kind of in a bind...

I've also got some ideas for some other stories, but ... well, I've already got a number I'm working on, and adding more would be exhausting. Because of that, I decided to just offer them as challenges. If you're interested, just PM:

Fate/Master of Death - a Harry Potter x Fate/Stay Night crossover, where, instead of a fictional swordsman, Caster summons a certain Boy Who Lived.

Worthless - a DxD fanfic where Issei is an orphan of a certain couple who were forced to be erased in order to keep the status quo. If you have been following the light novels, then I'm pretty sure you know who I'm talking about.

Of course, those are general synopses. If you're interested in writing them but aren't too sure what I was thinking about going for, just message me and I'll let you know.

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