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Hi how are you? Name's Will

I'm in the navy so yeah.. thats cool

I've been reading mostly Naruto fanfics for my time here on this site (6 years) and occansionally dip my toes into other genre's as well but that's not very often

I tend to be very picky when it comes to the kinds of stories I read, much less finish. Bad grammer and flow of coversations is usually what makes me stop reading a story. A conversation needs to flow instead of two chatacters just spouting lines and not reacting (or barely) reacting at all to what was said and how it was delivered.

Realism: I also usually enjoy stories written with a decent turn of events that are realistic (as much as you can with the world of fiction). Meaning the story follows the rules of the world it's set in. Meaning that just because a character has a new mentor different from canon doesn't mean that they suddenly become god's gift to the world with zero of their original faults.

This tends to happen alot in some of the more... outlandish stories I read and usually results in a quick deletion from my library. Having a power boost from a certain type of training, different mentor, or w/e can make sense as long as it isn't to end game levels from the start.

The reason (for me at least) that Naruto is enjoyed so much is that his story is that of the underdog, and some stories seem to miss that mark. By making a massively OP version of Naruto you take away one of his core draws from his audience.

For example, The Sealed Kunai by Kenchi, has a plot device that could have more or less just made Naruto a CTRLC, CTRLV of Sauske and given him a large power boost, but then it wouldn't be the highest reviewed story in the Naruto fanfiction would it? Naruto within the story gets a decent power boost but he has to reaccustom himself to it so it keeps him at a believable level as the story progresses.

Harems: I tend to avoid stories that have the express purpose of having a Harem. Can they work? Sure, but they tend to not be very well written. The relationships tend to be fairly one sided or just... shallow, with the MC having one specific member of said Harem being the favorite and overall that would just end up messy.

Pairings: Pairings for a story are usually not a concern but I'm one who never got the appeal of a NarutoxHinata pairing. Sure, she's had a crush on him for years but the chemistry just isn't there for me to enjoy it. The most sensible one to me is Naruto with Sakura, there's just to many reasons to not have that be the pairing. I'm positive that this argument has been beat into the ground but if you're here for a NaruxHina pairing I'm not your guy. Sorry! As for other pairings, the more obscure the better imo. Stories that include characters like Fuu, Ino, a female Haku, or some other non-main character are like crack since the character is pretty open to interpretation as opposed to following a strict canon built personality. Like with my first point, as long as a transition makes sense, then any character could work.

Boruto: I'm personally not a very big fan of where the series has gone in regards to post Madara. Hell, even Madara and the 4th Shinobi war is pushing it. In regards to Boruto, there's just alot of the charm that I enjoyed in Naruto missing. The world was simplistic and was set in what I assumed were feudal times, and now we suddenly have TV's, skyscrapers and VR arena's??? Yeah, I'll pass on that one. I won't be watching the anime for it in a long while, if ever. Boruto's also has the feeling of just a badly written fanfiction, almost as bad as the one I'm writing. I'm not sure why they keep going with the series, it should have honestly ended with Madara. It's in the same vein as the star wars prequels and newer movies as well. Just unneeded and unnecessary, when you catalog then entirety of a characters life, it removes any sort of mystery of the character and takes away any sort of creative freedom of a fan of what might have happened. Yeah, I love closure, but in terms of fiction, you don't need the full story all the time.

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