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Hello, my curious reader!

Authoress name: TaintedSpells

Real name: Kayla

Age: Guess :P

Personality: Up and down and all around, baby.

Passions: Writing, reading, acting, video making, video games.


My LiveJournal: Here

My YouTube: Here

My DeviantArt: Here

Recent News:

On an indefinite Hiatus. No, not because I have no inspiration, but because I have no time, and I'd rather not try to guess and give out empty promises. Sorry folks :( But hopefully things will get back on track soon-ish.

Authoress Related Information:

Writing Experience and Other Stuffs

Let's see... I've been dabbling in fanfiction since I was twelve. I'm not going to say what stories I wrote for the sake of my own pride. I am where I am today concerning my writing style due to trial and error. If any of you poor people read POFAW, I want to let you know that dying piece of pulp fiction was an eye opener for me and from it I gained a lot of wonderful ideas.

When I'm not writing fanfiction, I am going out and striving to become a full-fledged teacher. And when I'm not doing THAT, I'm usually heavily involved with theatre. Oh yes. I am a drama nerd. (displays Drama Nerd badge proudly)

My History with Synlet (Syndrome/Violet)

OMG, I am ADDICTED to this pairing. I think it's because this universe is so much easier to write/understand. Kakasaku is great and I love anime, but I am not fond of all the research I have to do to write a paragraph for FIAV.

Let's see... I've been writing it for over a year now, and I'm still going strong. I don't plan on dropping this anytime soon. Nope nope.

I love Synlet SO MUCH that I am making videos in their honor. See my YouTube account (see "links" above) and check out the videos I made. They is lovely, yesh? Yesh, yesh they is. And peeps, you need to make videos too! There needs to be more! Spread the love of Synlet!

Pairings: Who I Love, Who I Hate.

I am a crack addict. No, not the drug kind, but the crack!pairing kind (although my love for crack!pairings is borderlining drug-like qualities...). This means, if you don't know, I love the pairings that can only exist in fandom. Here is a list of a few I love:

Synlet (My life :) )

KakaSaku (hugs)

HermioneSeverus (their kid would be one smart cookie)

KagomeSesshoumaru (i blame Tales of the House of the Moon)

Tea/Seto (azureshipping all the way!)

Of course, a few of these pairings require some alteration. For example, KakaSaku. Of course Sakura would be older. Kakashi is no pediofile, that much I am sure. With these rules in place, I am free to adore as much as I please.

Other pairings I enjoy and support when I'm not spreading KakaSaku around like a disease:

Naruto/Hinata (they are a GREAT couple)

Sesshoumaru/Rin (she IS the only one to ever get into his heart)

Sakura/Itachi (when the rare moment overcomes me)

Sakura/Genma (don't know how the hell that happened)

Hermione/Draco (opposites attract!)

Speaking of opposites...

I am also a sucker for the whole "opposites attrack" theory. I am thoroughly addicted and I have no hope whatsoever to try to escape. My first serious addiction was from Avatar with Zutara, but after the Season Two Finale, I totally dropped the pairing from my mind. I hate that show now (or at least the fan girl inside of me does) so much so that Zutara deserves it's own grouping.

Parings that were once unbelivable romantic, honest, passionate, and close to my soul but now are so utterly destroyed and quashed ruthlessly:


There Are Other Things in This World to Read

When I'm not reading fanfiction or writing it, I am usually reading other things. Here are a few books I highly recommend:

The Dragonlance Series: A very detailed series consisting of two main trilogies and one follow up book. It is about a band of heroes coming together to try and find the True Gods after they "left" the land of Krynn. The cast is very diverse and each one has their own history. My personal favorite is Raistlin. But if you're into action, war, mythology, magic, and the occasional romance, then this series is the series for you.

The Noble Warriors: This trilogy is very good written by William Nicholson. It's about three people, Seeker, Morning Star, and The Wildman, coming together to try and join the Nomana, a group of people given special powers to protect their God. Very good series riddled with mystery, action, political powers, and love.

The Books of Pellinor: My favorite series of all time. Let's see if I can type out a summary without bolting from my chair and grabbing the first book... enter ductape. Okay, this is another trilogy following the adventures of Maerad, a sixteen year old orphan girl who is living a hard life as a slave girl. One night, a cloaked man enters the stables where Maerad is working. It is revealed he is a Bard that goes by the name of Cadvan. Bards are people who can use magic. It just so happened that Maerad saw right through the invisibility charm that Cadvan had put up. He tells her that she is a Bard and he decides to take her away from her life and teach her to utilize her powers.

Why do I love this story so much? Perhaps it is because of the destiny that lies before Maerad, or maybe it's the intricate, magical world that Alison Croggon has woven, or perhaps it's the ever growing relationship between Maerad and Cadvan, her teacher! Either way, it is a very good story and I recommend it with every fiber of my being.

Fanfiction Related Information

Stories In Progress:

Nevermore (Synlet; Rating: M)

-Chapter six up, seven in the works. I cannot wait for the plot to keep moving on!

Parenthood Is (Synlet; Rating: T)

Chapter six up, seven not even in my mind, but half of it is complete. Focusing on Nevermore right now... PI on the back burner...

Within the Cross (TeaxBakura; Rating: M)

-Three up, four in the works. I'd love input for my very first YGO story!

Forgiveness is a Virtue (KakaSaku; Rating: M):

- Chapter 18 FINALLY UP, 19 in the works... I'M SO SORRY!! Forgive this awful authoress! (bows)

Stories Completed:

Nightshade Seduction (Synlet; Rating: M)

AAAAAAHHH, it feels SO good to actually have a story COMPLETED. Goodgoodgoodgoodgood. But I'm not done yet. I gotta start writing Nevermore next!

Oneshots Completed:

Before I Die (Synlet; Rating: M)

All I ask is that you don't kill me. Thanks. :)

Stories on Hiatus:


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