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What's up ya'll . Check it, here's some 411 i think u should know . Hope you get a few chuckles out of this. I'm not gonna reveal anything personal though( you already have my e-mail, for Pete's sake!) Suffice it to say I live in a small Southern town, I like to write, and I'm white( I am however absolutely not a redneck; the Stars and Bars are so frickin' tacky, and putting them on your shirt creates bad vibes) See ya!
Likes: Star Wars, pecan pie, various anime ( most notably Cyborg 009 and DBZ. Man, Videl TURNS ME ON!) X PLAY, Weird Al,the Wheel of Time series(Robert Jordan is a frickin' genius!) and lastly the Tennesse Vols!
Dislikes: rabid wolverines, Neo Confederates, and right-wing news organizations.
Hobbies: Playing soccer, carousing in barbecue joints, writing( doi!)walking my black Lab, and blowing various small fowl to hell with my 20 gauge Remi.
Top four favorite animated characters:
1. Android 17: What can I say, he kicks ass, especially in GT!
2. Strongmad: Grrr, snarl. Homestarrunner rocks!
3. Cyborg 002: That nose will haunt my dreams forever!
4. The fat Comic Book guy from the Simpsons: He is nerd incarnate! Note: I am now accepting anonymous reviews
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