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Author has written 6 stories for Shining Force, Dark Savior, and Phantasy Star.

Greetings and salutations. As a fanfic author, I'll be focusing most of my efforts in the Shining Force Arena, efforts that have been mostly successful thus far. My primary focus in writing this is to write the story of a somewhat AU version of the world created by Camelot. There are a few other obscure directions I may turn in, in terms of fanfic writing, but the Shining Force tales are my definitive work.

On other notes; I'll try to be updating my currently in progress fanfiction on a bi-weekly basis. Obviously if I can't manage it, I can't manage it. Also, there's relatively little fear of my sudden running off and leaving a project dead. If I'm of the opinion that my work is extremely bad, I may keep it anyway just to remind myself of my weaknesses when writing, and in terms of completion I try to maintain a professional work ethic and attitude.

Then there is a listing of my works.

Complete; Shining Legacy: The first installment of my saga of the Shining World

Portents and Forebodings: A short story set in the court of Thornwood

Restoration: A brief, immediate continuation of the plot of Shining Legacy

Moments in Time: The first in a series of tales exploring the complex time cycle of Dark Savior. Set to explain the end of Parallel 4 and how it must reset to the starting point of the cycle.

In Progress; Duality; A short tale of PSIV. Based on the character Juza who shows up very briefly in the game. It's set to explain who Juza is and how he came to be Zio's right hand.

Upcoming: I'm planning several more installments to the Shining Legacy Saga, those are practically guarenteed to come into being.

Dragon Force: I've been toying with this idea for a long time. Time permitting, and once other work is out of the way, I'll almost certainly be writing a somewhat AU universe to this game, in a style similar to Shining Legacy, but much less grand in scope.

Dark Savior: I've always been tortured by how this game was left uncomplete by Sega, and, though I've resolved the story to my own satisfaction, I've always wanted to properly explore it. There may be a short story along those lines in the future.

Dual Orb II: A charming and largely ignored Japanese game that remains more than a little impressive to me. Though I generally avoid such things, I've been sorely tempted to write a novelization of this story.

Lunar: Eventually (while I'm taking my hiatus from Shining Force) I hope to write at least one story set in the world of Lunar as something of an experiment, and most likely one or two additional tales as brief character portraits.

Phantasy Star: Aside from "Duality," which I'm currently writing, there are multiple ideas I have of possible stories to write in the Phantasy Star universe. This is, however, a very tenous idea.

The Little Mermaid: A somewhat odd choice on my part, I admit, but I've worked on slightly, and plan to eventually finish and put up, a story based on the Disney movie, in a somewhat bleaker fashion. This idea originally arose as a point to prove to a colleague of mine, and now I find the idea too intriguing to not complete.

Shrink Wrap: Also based on Disney, but a somewhat lighter idea. A few years back, I wrote a parody in play format of several villains of Disney fame making visiting a psychiatrist. I'll eventually get around to uploading it, though it is rather low priority.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is the inventory, description, and pomposity of your author.

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