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s/n: cluelesscow01

Age: (like i'd actually tell you)

sex: ok i will say im Female (which im proud of. we have the most fun anyway)

Fav. Anime (or manga):

Inuyasha, Ranma 1/2, Kenshin, Yu Yu Hakusho, Girl Got Game, Hot Gimmick, Wolf's Rain, Fruitsbasket

Fav. Bishies:

Hiei: gah, hes like my favorite. i love the strong, dark type...dont know why i just do)

Kurama: give me a break. who cant love him. hes gorgeous and perfect. *absentmindedly drools*

Inuyasha: of course. those ears are just too cute

Sesshy: you gotta admit hes sexy in his own im-better-than-you kinda way

Kyo: sooo cute and tough...

Yuki: hes just too sweet not to like...

anyways there are most likely more bishies out there that i would die for and have forgotten to mention (ironic isnt it)

About Me: i love anime. period. if your the kinda of person who isnt enthusiastic about it, then shame on you. its soo much better than the crap we have here. makes me wanna move to Japan. i love you japanese anime guys you!!!

i like basketball and of course going to the beach. as for my personality i wouldnt even go there. dagerous territory, yes sir-e. haha im kidding (i think)-_- im weird i know.

lets see about what i look like...
~i have blondish-reddish hair. kinda weird with all the dimensions but i like it. i have two different colored eyes. ones greenish and the other is bluish. those are really weird cause they arent normal colors. but i think im around 5'7". anyways i guess thats me in a really little nutshell. if ya wanna chat then drop me a line. im always eager to talk.

~^_^~ i had to write a little thing about my best friend katy. i love her cause she always lets me borrow her manga and dvds with no questions asked so i stay updated on all my favorite animes and never expects anything in return. love ya bunches kay kay... also go visit her page at Nami-yan.

HEY!! i finally updated my very first ficcy so make sure you check it out. its about our favorite neko and someone unexpected... *waves and grins* so have fun reading!!!!!

runs around throwing balloons and confetti into the air* my very first fic im soo happy!!!!!

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