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Name-Christina Or *Tina*

I LOVE Strong Medicine!! Its the best show on Tv,My 2nd Fav show is DAYS OF OUR LIVES!!!
WooHoo HaHa Then my shows I love are
Reba (Just Got Hooked)
Roseanne (HAHAH)
Wild Card (LOVE ZOE & DAN)
Home Improvement Tim & Jill Are SOO Funny
The Real World
The Nanny
The Division

Brad: This isn't going to be one of your 'When I was a little girl' stories, is it?
Jill: *Pause* No, now just sit down... When I was a little person about your age...
*Home Improvment*

Tim: I got a great joke for you. What did the moron have for breakfast?
Jill: Today you had cereal and an English muffin.

Becky:Hey, look what I found!
Darlene:Your virginity, no wait, you left that behind the dumpster at K-Mart.

Jackie: Mom, I'm pregnant! I went out with a guy I hardly know, we had sex for hours and I got pregnant... Bev looks shocked.
...and I'm not gonna marry him. I'm keeping the baby, and if it's a girl I'm naming it Gidget.

Strong Medicine*
Jessie: hes a singer and he plays the guitar hes got the longest eyelashes ive ever seen on a boy Andy:Rhythm or Lead? Jessie:Lead Andy:Suppose he'd like to come over and have a song along
Jessie:You wouldn't Andy:{In a Mocking Teenager Voice) You Think He Knows Like Kumbaya

Strong Medicine*
Dr Jackson: We Can Do Without The Exclamation Points *Lu Touches His Face* DR DELGADO,I Am Already Fully Cognizant
Lu:That You're The New Poster Child For Aloe Vera
Lana:You Have Heard Of Sun screen,Haven't You Dr Jackson
Dr Jackson:I Told You,Ms Hawkins,I Left It In My Car.
Lana:Its True,You did,But I Couldn't Resist Asking One More Time Just So Lu Here Could Hear.
Lu:Did You Catch Any Fish At Least

Dr Jackson Gives A No Look*

Lu: Ohh I Feel SO Sorry For You Right Now.
Dr Jackson:It ould Have Been Worse,I Could Have Gotten Seasick.
Lana:I Gotta Look At That Sun-Burn any longer,Im gonna get a little nauseous.
Dr Jackson: I Can See That I Have Over-Stayed My Welcome,Carry On Ladies.
Lu:Seriously...Seriosuly If This Whole Hospital Administration Thing Doesnt Work Out..You Could Always Get A Job As My New Leather Backpack

Cop:You Have The Right To Remain Slient Lu:Oh what do u know about rights

Days Of Our Lives*

Bo: Hold on. Just out of curiosity, have you logged any flight time in a jalopy like this?
John: It's been a couple years. Of course, the last time I flew, it didn't have as many doohickeys and gadgets, but that's a minor detail.
Bo: Doohickeys and -- I'm glad to see you're well-versed in the technical terms. I'm full of confidence. Not.

John: Well, maybe it's the trained mercenary in me talking, but failure is not an option.
Bo: Oh, nice. You sound like a frickin' bumper sticker.

Brady: Philip, please, please don't start this! Nicole just cares about me.
Sami: From the waist down.

Lucas: You actually thought that my mom was gonna drop dead?
Sami: Well, not literally. Okay, maybe literally.

Victor (to Caroline): Roman is about as subtle as a mack truck. He doesn't want me anywhere near you.
Caroline: I'm not being unfaithful to your father any more than you're cheating on Kate by living in this penthouse with your ex-wife.
Roman: No, no, no. That's entirely different. We got the machine set up here. I can't leave Marlena unprotected.
Caroline: The situation is no different. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

Sami (about Lucas' first proposal): Belle, you should have heard what he was saying to me. I mean, he was listing off my faults, like I was being indicted. My wish list for Santa when I was 6 years old was shorter than that.

Wild Card*
From The Season Two Previews

Dan:Must You Always Finish
Zoe:Your Sentances...Talk Faster

Zoe:Lets Just Say This Produce Begins Having A Love Affair
There Boss:Have You Been Drinking?
Dan:Its A Zoe-ism

(Roseanne) *While Roseanne And Jakcie Are Driving And Sees A Truckers Bumper Sticker*

Roseanne:Jackie Look..Look at his bumper Sticker..Save A Whale..Harpoon A Fat Chick...PULL UP TO HIM JACKIE!! (HAHAHHA)

[on their new neighbors]
Jackie: So, they're like, really old?
Roseanne: Well, lets just say they don't have trouble remembering where they were when President *Lincoln* was shot.

during a tornado]
Jackie: Roseanne, I wanna live.
Roseanne: Think it over.

[Having just met their new neighbor, Kathy Bowman]
Jackie: Maybe she was a little uptight.
Roseanne: A LITTLE uptight? Hey, man you couldn't drag a needle out of her butt with a tractor.

Jackie: Mom drank while she was pregnant with us.
Roseanne: Oh Jackie, after a few months in Mom, we probably needed a shot or two.

[discussing bad songs from the 70's]
Roseanne: Remember "Baby, Baby, Don't Get Hooked on Me"? He Says He'll Use Her,Then Set Her Free...Use me and I'll set you on fire, you bastard. (HAHAH)

Jackie:I Need Small Boxes For My Breakables
Roseanne: Jackie we can get more boxes. I will whore myself at every grocery store in town if that's what it takes.

Kathy: I'm in hell.
Roseanne: Nah, you're just in Lanford. Same zip code though.

My Sayings
Dern (Got That From It Takes Two LOL)
Holy Bob
Oh My Friggin God
Damn You

Role Models-
Janine Turner
Rosa Blasi
Patricia Richardson
Fran Drescher
Joely Fisher
Deidre Hall
Paula Abdul
Reba McEntire

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