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Yippie! I'm finally on this site! (With my parents permission of course) My name is Sarah, but I am called VanHelsingWannaBe. That's what my best friend calls me. Her name is Tara, but she is called AnnaWannaBe. Sadly she doesn't go to this site...I'LL MAKE HER GO HERE! MWAHAHAHAHAHA! Here are some of my faves from movies, hobbies, and quotes.

Movies-Van Helsing (I owe those people so much)
Lord of the Rings
X-Men (Go Wolverine!)
Ella Enchanted (I know how that girl feels to be ordered around by people her age. But I wouldn't mind if someone told me to kiss a cute guy, I'd do it twice! heh heh)
Pirates of the Caribbean
Harry Potter (Danial Radcliffe is so on my hottie list)
The Brothers Grimm
Chronicles of Narnia
The Fog
Kate and Leopold (My friend and I think we were born in the wrong time because of that movie)
The Mummy 1&2
The Island
Monsters Inc.
Beauty and the Beast (Our school is doing the play!)

TV Shows-
Bones (I don't care what other people say. That show is cool...and funny. Hodgins reminds me of this guy in my percussion group)
Smallville (My friends think I spend my time watching that show a little bit too much. I only have 1 poster, all the seasons of Smallville on DVD. Heheh)
Angel (That show's awesome!)
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Phil of the Future
Suite Life of Zack and Cody

Van Helsing-
"We're gonna in there and stop Dracula"
"Well let me know how that goes for you." (Carl and Van Helsing at Castle Dracula)

"Well go ahead. Grab it"
"You grab it. If there's one thing I've learned it's never to be the first to stick your hand into a viscous material" (Carl and Anna)

"Why does it smell like wet dog?" (Carl)

"Actually I'm still just a friar, so I can curse all I want," (Carl)

"My life, My job, My curse is to vanquish evil" (Van Helsing in the trailer. The very COOL trailer!)

"Whatever you do, don't stare at it,"
"I'm staring at it," (Van Helsing and Carl)

"Let me go!"
"Where are you gonna go? I don't know if you looked in the mirror lately, but it kind of sticks out in the crowd," (Carl and Frankenstein)

"Why do you torment that thing so?"
"It's what I do," (Dracula and Igor)

"I think if you're going to kill someone, kill them. Don't stand there talking about it" (Anna)

Lord of the Rings-
"I don't know why he's so upset! It's only a couple of carrots!"
"And some cabbages. And those three bags of potatoes that we lifted last week. And then the mushrooms the week before!"
"Yes Pippin! My point is, he's clearly overreacting!" (Merry and Pippin)

"Gentlemen. We do not stop until nightfall,"
"What about breakfast?"
"You already had it"
"We've had one, yes. What about second breakfast?" (Pippin and Aragorn)

"What's happening out there?"
"Shall I describe it to you? Or would you like me to find you a box?" (Legolas and Gimli)

"Final count: 42,"
"42! That's not bad for a pointy eared elvish princling. I myself am sitting pretty on 43"
"WOOSH! 43,"
"He was already dead,"
"He was twitching,"
"He was twitching cause he's got my axe embedded in his nervous system!" (Legolas and Gimli. My cousin and I were laughing our heads off in this scene. We played it over and over again)

(A/N: This line is a favorite between me and my brothers)
"What we need is a few good taters,"
"What's taters, precious? What's taters, eh?"
"PO-TA-TOES! Boil 'em, Mash 'em, Stick 'em in a stew...lovely big golden chips with a nice piece of fried fish,"
"Even you couldn't say no to that!"
"Oh yes we could. Spoiling nice fish. Give it to us raw and wriggling! You keep nasty chips,"
"You're hopeless," (Sam and Gollum)

X-Men: (All these quotes are from everyone's favorite mutant: Wolverine!)
"I know what you are,"
"You lost your money, you keep this up, you're gonna lose something else," (That big stupid guy, and the cool Wolverine)

"There's not many people who will understand what you're going through. But I think this guy Xavier's one of them. He seems to geniully wanna help you. And that's a rare thing...for people like us," (I really like that line. It's cool)

"Get in!"
"I'm driving!"
"Hey...maybe next time," (When Wolverine tells Pyro to lay off the driving and let him do his "Hot-Wheels" thing)

Pirates of the Carribbean-
"This dock is off limits to civilians,"
"I'm terribly sorry. I didn't know. If I see one, I shall inform you immedietly," (Big stupid soldiers who don't know the differences between an apple and an orange, and my family's favorite charcter, aside from Will Turner, CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow...and don't forget the captain part)

"I'm sorry. It's such a pretty boat. Ship," (Capatain Jack Sparrow)

"I said no lies!"
"I think he's telling the truth,"
"If he were telling the truth, he wouldn't have told us,"
"Unless of course you wouldn't believe the truth even if he told it to you," (Cap. Jack Sparrow and the stupid soldiers)

"It's the Pearl,"
"The Black Pearl. I've heard stories. She's been preying on ships and settlements for nearly ten years. Never let loose any survivors,"
"No survivors? Then where do the stories come from I wonder" (Cap. Jack Sparrow, and the desperate prison dudes)


"Why thank you Jack,"
"You're welcome,"
"Not you. We named the monkey Jack," (Cap. Jack Sparrow, Barbossa, and the stupid evil little monkey.)

Ella Enchanted-

"Olive, have you noticed anything strange about Ella?"
"No. Not really"
"Do you notice it gets darker at night, then lighter when the sun comes up?"
"That's because of Ella!"
"Never mind" (Hattie and Olive)

"Look, I think it's only fair to warn you that I've practiced in the ancient art...oragami,"
"I was hoping you wouldn't know what that was," (Ella and the stupid guy)

Harry Potter-

"That felt good" (Hermione after she punched Draco)

"It's a dress!"
"It matches your eyes. Is there a bonnet?" (Ron and Harry)

And now here are some random little quotes between me and my friends

"Spike's cute!"
"True. But Angel's hotter," (Me and Liz debating over who was hotter in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Personally, I so choose Angel)

"Shut up!" (Emily and me. This is when she gets mad at me for using her little mickname)

"Van Helsing Wanna Be!"
"Anna Wanna Be!" (Me and Tara fighting)

"Next time I am NOT leaving Emily with you and Ashley in the mall! You've already done enough damage to my cousin!" (When Meagan got mad at us. It was her birthday and we went to see "The Pacifier". We would've saw something PG-13, but Meagan's little cousin came along. After they left, me and Ashley forced Emily to put on a dress, which looked great on her, so that she could have something to wear for the 8th grade party. She ended up wearing something she borrowed from her cool friend, Miranda)

"Hey Marissa, do you think I have a spider bite on my arm?"
"No.Butwhen you start shotting webs from your fingers, get super-human strength, climb walls, and you don't need your contacts anymore, you should definetly tell someone" (Me and Marissa)

"Flute boy,"
"Drum girl!"
"Proud of it!"
"Shoot!" (Me and my boyfriend Gabriel. I call him "Gabriel Van Helsing". Get it?)

"He's gonna come back alive? I know it!"
(Dude in the movie comes back alive. Me and Crissy scream)
"How'd you know that? HOW DID YOU KNOW THAT?"
"I watched clips of it before we saw it on the internet (Me and Crissy when we went to see "The Fog". We were the only ones in the theater)

"I think I puked on an anthill,"
"I know what they're saying,"
"BUFFET!" (Me and Alex.He says the weirdest things)

"You and Chris are dating. I know you are"
"You know I'm not aloud to date until I'm 16. This was homecoming"
"He gave you a corsage and gave you a lift to school and danced with you. It's a date"

(Here is a stupid conversation that happened with me and my friends during lunch)

"Is anyone going to Liz's masquerade party?"
"I am!"
"Really? Liz actually asked you,"
"I'm a very likeable person"
"Right...Just don't go as the Phantom, cause I'm going as Christine,"
"I don't want to be some guy that falls in love with a person you're going as! I'm going as Mr. Monopoly!"
"Why Mr. Monopoly?"
"Cause I have these cards that I made. I'm gonna give them to everyone I hate. 'Go to (that place I don't want to mention). Go directly to (place I don't want to mention) Do not pass 'Go'. Do not collect 200 dollars',"
"...As long as you're not going as the Phantom,"

(Me and Chris. My friend invited me and my other friends to her sweet sixteenth party. She's having a masqued party, and I'm going as Christine. Keep you're fingers crossed for Phantom!)

"Dang! I forgot to take my pills!...Aw well..." (Chris)

"Jeezaloo! You guys are idiots!" (Me after Chris and Alex were being stupid at lunch)

"What are you supposed to be?"
"A character from my Van Helsing story. Now if you'll excuse me, I saw a guy in a Van Helsing costume, so you better hope that he asks me to dance," (Last year, we went to a halloween dance and I went as one of my own characters. This really cute guy was dressed as Van Helsing, and he asked me to dance. Sadly, he's off in college, and he has a girlfriend. She was a vampire. But he was my best bud, and he still is. He thought it was cute that I went as a huntress)

"Josh has been cheating on Crissy since day 1!"
"All right...Let's get him,"
"Where are you going?"
"I'll think of something on the way to my next class to get back at him," (A guy was cheating on Crissy for two years, and I was about ready to kick his butt!)

All right. Let's get a few things straight. I don't use cuss words in my stories because I want to set an example for the little kids who snuck on here. I only go from G to PG-13. Enjoy! I gotta go. I got monsters to track down. (Evil laugh) Seriously. Have Fun!

By the way! I created the characters from the stories (I heard about this website from one of my favorite authors), and I posted them on here. Enjoy!


(Feline, Fox, and Fira)

S. Valerious

(The Youngest One; The Youngest One 2: Dracula's Revenge)

Sarah Kent
Brianna Arkin
Allison Harper

(I was there)

Have Fun!

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