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Stuff about ME:

Name:Laura!I won't tell you the rest,Laura's boring enough without my middle and last name.You can call me Lor or Lor-lor,nothing else.Or just "that weird English girl that lives in Switzerland and has a habit of putting on a Yorkshire accent".

Country:I live in Switzerland,but I'm actually English

Age:14,unfortunately.I'd like to be 16,'cos then,seeing as this is Switzerland I could do a lot of things.But alas,no.It's not gonna happen.

Things that really get on my nerves:Tiny things like when ppl say like usual not as usual or when they say could of not could have or when ppl pronounce H like hay-ch not ay-ch like they do in Gloucestershire(that's in England for all you ppl who don't know,kind of near Wales)it is sooooo annoying!Also ppl who don't let you do any work in a project and then moan when you haven't done anything.Grrr!

Things that i find extremely funny:Yorkshire accents.That's the north or England.I don't know why,no offense if anyone is from Yorkshire.I don't know why I find it funny.For some reason Yorkshire reminds me of sausages,sheep and Sunday papers.Sheep!Haha sheep!They're so funny!With the fluffy wool and they all go baa!One sheep says "baa" and another sheep says "I was gonna say that!"Cows!Cows are also funny!They go mooooooo and they have udders!Have you ever noticed that if a cow was going backwards it would say oom?Just Jack.I happen to like Will and Grace,especially Jack and Karen.So you can imagine how excited I was when Living TV had a Jack and Karen weekend.And then they had a Just Jack weekend.Ok,rambling now,about farm animals and such.Oh one more thing,Devon(south of England)where I was born,everyone's all oo-ar and they all drive tractors.Well not really but it's a very farmy type place.

Things I miss from England:FISH AND CHIPS!They don't do fish and chips in Switzerland!AArrrggghhhh!I miss them so much!They're not even that good,the chips are kind of soggy but I still like them,and the way ppl in the shops ask if you want salt and vinegar when they're already covering your chips with them,and they wrap them in newspaper!Sigh.I miss fish and chips!Pot Noodles,Watsits,Nick-Nacks and anything else made by Golden Wonder,you don't get them here.WALKERS CRISPS!There is no Walkers here,it's Zweifel and stuff like that!I miss Wotsits but my lovely friend bought me some while she was in Scotland(where she comes from)!Yay!Thankies to my pally Ellen for buying me Wotsits,and not only that but you bought me a Kurt Cobain poster and a Weezer sticker!Luv ya!

Things I do not miss about England:The rain.It rains all the time and there's only heat waves when I go on holiday somewhere really sunny like Spain.It sucks.Also I was a bit close to Wales for my liking.Not that I have anything against it it's just a bit hilly and wet.

Reasons why I'm going to shut up now:Because I'm blithering on like an idot that blithers a lot.I'm just going to leave you with a few English insults. Most of them mean complete and utter idiot.

English Insults:
Plonker(as in "You plonker,Rodney!"from Only Fools and Horses)
Muppet(you know as in Kermit the frog and Piggie?)

Now some words which mean utterly mad or not quite right in the head:
Bonkers(as in "You're bonkers!")
Nutter(as in "you are a nutter!")
Daft Cow(like "You daft cow!")
Dippy Moo(like daft cow really,they can both also mean a bit stupid)

Bored as a bored thing so I'm updating this a bit.Here are some quotes from me!
(When my friend's cousin was choking on some spaghetti,not literally choking but you know what I mean)"Don't die...I hear it's unhealthy." and then my friend just about died from laughing.

"I love sheep!"Don't ask.I got a bit carried away chatting to some ppl on MSN.

"Is there a sexy way to take your socks off?"I actually had a really long discussion about this with my sister.That is how sad we are.And then later on I wrote a thing answering it.It's on fictionpress.com under the same name I use on here if you wanna know the answer.Or if you can't be bothered to check the answer is no.Because socks are just not sexy.

I'm sorry for boring you with my boring life.Hehe I heard a cool thing on The Simpsons today,Lenny said "Everyone makes mistakes,that's why they put erasers on the ends of pencils"So,so true.

Ok,byebye fellow nutters,bonkers(as in mad,minds out of the gutter please!) ppl and remember:
Don't suffer from insanity,enjoy it!

Luv from Lor-lor (mmm,Wotsits)

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