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July 4th, 2008:

It was pointed out today that the plagiarist referred to below is "no longer an active member". Finally.

I stand by everything that I said previously. I will not be posting or reposting any stories to this site.

June 21st, 2008:

Old bio deleted along with posted stories due to the failure of FFnet to respond to multiple reports of plagiarism on the part of AustinHP91 ( as regards his/her posting "Britain's Darkest Hour" ( BDH is a blatent plagiarization of a portion of "Sunset Over Britain" (), which was originally posted to FFnet by Bobmin356 (, but has since been deleted from this site.

BDH was posted on June 9th, 2008, and a note was added to the end of the posted portion shortly afterward explaining that the story was Bobmin356's "Sunset" and that it could be found at another site. The author's note was added only after Bobmin356 had made a public announcement on the forums and posted a review on the story itself stating that the chapter had been posted without permission and that this "author" is a thief.

Posting a story or a portion of a story without the author's permission is plagiarism. The addition of a "author's note" after the fact does not mitigate that fact, and the fact that it was posted under a different title seems to be a transparent attempt to disguise the fact that this was not AustinHP91's original material. Calling it "the best story out there! :)" and directing readers to Bobmin356's profile to follow the link with the addition "P.S., on their site it's called 'Sunset Over Britain"" is nothing less than insulting to those who put so much effort into producing the story and to the intelligence of those who thought they were reading original material.

I have made multiple reports of BDH and I know that others have done so as well. It has been nearly two weeks since the "story" was first posted and first reported, yet it still remains on this site. This is hardly the first plagiarized story to appear on FFnet, and it will certainly not be the last.

FFnet's failure to respond to this incident and many others (some of which have been stories that remained on FFnet's own servers with earlier post dates easily verifiable) in a timely fashion is one of the reasons that I hadn't posted any new stories to the site since July of 2004. It is also the reason that I removed the previously posted stories from this site today.

It is my hope that FFnet will take action on BDH sooner than later, but I don't believe that I will ever repost the stories that I pulled or post any new fiction to this site.

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