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5/29/09 So believe it or not, I finally got another chapter up for Elves Shouldn't Be Allowed. This has to be the longest running fanfic in history. Honestly, I should have given up a long time ago, but I hate to leave something undone. I will try to actually put up a new chapter before we all are in nursing homes. I still have some ideas running around so I'll try and keep them fresh by pounding out one or two more chapters. I have no excuse this summer. All my classes are web so I should be able to have some downtime. Thank you all so much for reviewing and being such loyal readers, Rhov and Kelly (Adlanniel) really appreciate it. :)

5/20/09 I'm awful I know. I finally have time to write so I'm working on Chapter 14. What's disgusting is that some people can whip out five different stories or more in the time I'm trying to finish this one chapter. So to everyone that still cares (I don't blame you in the least if you've left it in disgust) I am still trying to write. We'll see what happens in this chapter. I have no idea, really.

3/24/08 Folks, I have done what was starting to feel like the impossible. I have finished and updated Chapter 13. Now, you can rescind all your threats to my person (including the deathly ones).

1/17/08 Oh, I'm very, very naughty. No I didn't finish the chapter, heck I barely got a look at it in the past ten days. So, before anyone crucifies me in desperation, be reminded that if you do such a thing, there most certainly won't be another chapter, let alone a finish. I beg patience from the blood-thirsty lot and the rather hopeless hopefuls. I have Saturday off, so I'm going to my darndest to get something done after I get back from the caucus. Everyone happy now? Or at least... put warily at ease?

1/08/08 Boy, am just a rotten person or what? I think the first thing I should do is apologize to all those who have faithfully and patiently waited for me to get my rear in gear to at least begin again on writing ESBA. You will all be glad to know that I have plenty of free time since I graduated and my job isn't very time consuming. Therefore, I have absolutely no reason to not write a few more chapters. I'm going to do my darndest to get this story finished (or as close as possible) before I leave for college this autumn. I am working on chapter 13 and should have it finished by the end of this week. Here's hoping!! -dark-elf

11/2/06 Wow! Almost a year since I last updated! Bad, bad, bad me. Anyhow, for those of you who actually read this page, I just wanted to comfort all of you and say that I am currently working on Chapter 12 of ESBA and making some good headway even though I have been shockingly busy with school and work. I swear, I will try to get up a new chapter before December. Keep your fingers crossed!

12/24/05 YES! I have finally gotten up Chapter 9 of ESBA and am thinking about C. 10. I hope you all enjoy and just so you know, MIME is going on sabatical because I have encountered a problem with the paralells between Rhov's story and Kelly's so there might be a drastic change or an undoing of the paralells. MIME is entirely book related while ESBA is sort of both movie and book. So... Oh yeah, I'm thinking about puttin up another Screenplay but I haven't decided on a movie let alone a scene and names. MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone north of the equator and happy summer holidays to you south of the worthy and notable line!

9/08/05 Geez louise! I have not updated in a while but I get the feeling I should tell ya'll a few things. MIME is taking its time and Rhov is not cooperating very well so I have to beat him into submission before I can go any farther. ESBA I haven't even started on the 9th chapter so don't kill me if it takes a while again. This is not Kelly's fault but my darn college homework that has taken a hold of my time so don't beat her up... just Rhov :).

7/04/05 HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY FOR ALL YOU FELLOW AMERICANS! Ok, now that I have that most honorable info out of the way, on to what all of you want to know. I am so very, very sorry for not updating all my stuff but it's been absolutely crazy around here so I haven't gotten near the computer for weeks. I'll try to start on at least ESBA soon but I'm completely not getting any kind of imagination jolts so we'll see how long this takes. MIME I definitely will be trying to finish.

6/06/05 Sorry about not updating but I'm finally doing it. If you hadn't noticed, I did get the 7th chappy up and will now be taking a long break because my family is moving -do not worry, it'll only be a couple weeks- and I won't have a lot of time for writing. Rest assured, Kelly and Rhov will be getting tortured even more in the upcoming summer.

5/22/05 WooHOO! I finally got the 11th chapter of MIME in and now I can write the 7th chappy of ESBA! YAYAYAYAY! Enjoy people and don't forget to review since that is the only thing that keeps me going. Also, now would be a good time for all the ESBA fans to start reading MIME since it'll be tying in with ESBA alot alot alot... Easy ridin' :)

5/11/01 Okeyday... I actually got the sixth chappy of ESBA but I'm not too happy with it so I might be either taking if off or hurry up and write the 7th chappy. I really don't know which one to do. Also all my MIME fans, I'm brainstorming on the 11th chapter so be patient. :looks down at papers: yeah, anything else...? Nope. Easy ridin' :)

5/7/05 I'm sorry to say, I will be taking Tobacco out for a while but, rest assured, I will be putting it back up. Looking over it today, I decided it needed some major redos and it when i'm done it will go under the name of "The Journeys of an Eccentric Elf". So if you like this story, be sure to look for it under this name in several months. I will have the TTT chapter of it down soon. Easy ridin' :)

5/2/05 I currently am extremely busy with Finals in college and my other stuff so i'm afraid there will be no new updates for a while. However... I have decided to do a TTT chapter for my Lego-satire (Tobacco). I'm halfway through the book so i should be done very, very, soon.

~Here are some of my favorite movies, books, so on and forth...

Bourne Trilogy
Lord of the Rings
John Wayne movies
Quigley Down Under
Almost all musicals
I Am Legend
Spiderman Trilogy
Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
Star Wars (the original three)
Star Trek IV
Master and Commander
and many, many more...

Books: (Actually, I'm just going to list the author's name most of the time)
Charles Dickens
Brian Jacques
Robert Louis Stevenson
Patrick O'Brien (Master and Commander)
Dragon Knight Series
Louis L'amour
Jane Austen
Stephen Bly
J.R.R. Tolkien
Sherlock Holmes
and billions more...

TV shows:
(the early) Smallville
Kyle XY (minus the teenage angst)
CSI: Las Vegas rules!!

Possibly most of my friends would define me as evil which is VERY unfair. I am extremely evil. A deadly humor that rocks all and sundry and crumbles big egos into dust. :grins most wickedly: I am obsessed with Lord of the Rings but really hate the Mary-Sues that are all over. :bangs head on desk with frustration: I decided to break the mold by writing about Legolas, but putting him in a humorous light that would hopefully scare any girl out of her wits and bring her BACK DOWN TO EARTH! I hope there are many more stories to come. :thinks: Even one about me.

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Elves Shouldn't Be Allowed reviews
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