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When life gives you lemons, read them! ~my yaoi theory

Come to the darkside, we've got yaoi (and thats better than a cookie)!

Welcome to the Sadistic Strawberry Lover's (A.K.A: Bells and Pinecones Master) profile...enjoy your stay.

All are CURRENT favorites...keep that in mind...

Updated: 4/3/06 8:45 P.M.


(I'm always changing something's sickening...)

Rant: Well, Despite Appearances lives on, for those waiting. Ta-da? But I've come back to the world of FanFiction leaving FictionPress for later days.

OI!: KH2, DMC3, PMK, and KKM are my current obsessions! And Gilgamesh-oh how hot that show is. Mm...but I am after yaoi! And all these things are easily obtained here! And I have found the worlds greatest KH2 writer! See info below for details!

Author/Authoress: mr. feather

Story(s): Anything from them!

Word: Flabber-ma-gasted

Bishie: Riku...Vergil...Tatsuya...Chicken boy (heehee)...or Wolfram? I do not know...

(This is never ending: And still, I can't get over Farfarello from Weiß Kreuz! Drool Oh, he's too yummy! That's why I'm in love with the site I stumbled upon! XD WooHoot! Farfarello yaoi!)

Original bishie: Pandamonium (Yes...Panda)

Muse: Panda!

Yaoi couple: Riku/Sora or Vergil/Dante

Original yaoi couple: Rath/Momiji

Anime: Gilgamesh

Game: Devil May Cry 3

Manga: Yami no Matsuei-up to vol. 10 and love it still.

Random saying: "Dead boys don't always say no."-my Love, Little Julia wrote it on her backpack and it's stuck with me since...

(Original) character saying: "It's not illegal if you don't get caught."-the wise words of Hatter.

(Anime) character saying: "Oh sure. Climb the mountain, bring the camera, take some naked pictures."-the Gene Starwind-ness!

Music: Daft Punk-Techno-ness...

(Anime) music: ...

Movie: The Libertine-that was an awesome movie!

(Anime) movie: Sensitive Pornagraph...I'll admit it. Wait, I just did.

Book: Drawing Blood-by Poppy Z Brite. That is the all time it.

Scariest moment: MIRAGE OF BLAZE OVA SPOILERS In the second episode when Naoe pretty much tried raping Takaya and the very end of the third when Takaya (or Kagetora)tells Naoe, the day you can beat me is the day you can have me. As hot as it was, it was kinda creepy...

Spiffy info of Morbid Maxwell...

I am a yaoi writer, but that does not mean I won't read or write anything else. I just have a preference. I suppose it is of no importance, but I am Wicca, and I may mention issues as of such in my stories. Heretic? Sure. Call me what you will. Will I ignore? Hell yes. If you plan on criticizing me, do it right. I don’t want to have to laugh at you without your knowing. I know I’m not perfect. I’m not a perfect teen and I’m not a perfect writer. I have a habit of noticing my mistakes after I post my story and I come back to fix them. If there are ones I have missed, inform me and they shall be corrected.

Now, for the other stuff:

Likes (no, not colors and crap like that):

Reviewers: I like someone who appreciates my stories and will review nicely or criticize correctly. If you can’t do that, be on your way.

Requests: I do take requests. May it be gay or straight. Will I have it up instantly because you threaten to quit being a faithful reader? … Wait, let me finish laughing. No. I will get around to it when I can.

Dislikes: A lot of things. But I have a short list:

Bad reviews, people who judge my story for the contents.

And Male-Pregnancy! NO! IT DOES NOT HAPPEN AND THE THOUGHT IS ACK? But if like your story, I’ll read…

There, short and sweet.

What you may/will find; I am not a sensitive person. You will find the following:

Pedophiles, perverts, incest, gay men, sarcasm, bells, pinecones, red-heads, suicide, arrogant bastards created for my amusement, bad spelling/grammar, hentai (not hentai as in male/female...hentai means "pervert" in general...yeah. Remember that.), religion, bondage, rape, abuse, real-life situations, racism (no, I'm not racist, but this does happen IRL), and cross-dressers.

Oh, here's a new one for the list: Nercophilia! Oh, and reincarnation...and TWINS!

And just because I find this to be an important matter...I can be very cliché. I don't want to hear, 'that's been done before that's been done before' because as true as it is, it hasn't been done by ME. So...if that is a problem, I suggest you don't read my works.

Now for the pointless crap...(Like colors!)

Name: Is it really Maxwell? No. But does my real name matter? Ha...

Voice Actor: (He is so special he comes after my name and before all others!) David Reale (Drools from name)

Birthday: March 25

Age: 17

Sex: No thanks...on a diet. Oh, you mean what am I? I'm either a gay guy or a girl. You figure it out. I'll give you a clue; it starts with the letter "G". Go ahead, take your time.

Hair color: (Or should I say colors) blonde in front, metallic red in back (like my Axel-kun's...)

Eye color: Blue

Height: ...tall.

Weight: Wait? Wait for what? The grass to grow?

Religion: (This is what I am, respect it) Pagan and proud (but I still blame my Irish blood).

Location: Somewhere between A-Z

Sign(s): Aries, snake (Mmm...Nerve's a snake...XD)

Color(s): Red and black ...okay, and lime green for many reasons...XD

Number(s): 13 (lucky), 25 (birthday), 87 (Hiead...>: 9 -Yummy...)

Author/Poet: Edgar Allan Poe and Edward Gorey (Kick ass! XD)

Other: I like (LOVE!) RYUICHI!, yet sensitive bastards...shy tarots and Ouija stuff...papaya's...strawberry milk...bananas...TWINS...Billie Joe...Green Day...triplets can be fun...strawberry lube (not what you’re thinking) ...skeletons and skulls…the zoo (yes, the zoo!)...PENGUINS!...harlequin dolls (or porcelains’ like Muraki’s)…

Adores: Bells and pinecones and Fred (a skeleton keychain with only one arm and his head)!

Maxwell: Well...out of stuff for now...I'll probably have more up later. Until then, later. (For the record, I am aware that I have info. on original characters, how obvious of you. If it’s a problem, don’t read my profile…I don’t care for an ‘upset’ opinion pertaining to this…)

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