Black Fyre Dragun
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Gamertag: BlackFyreDragun

Name:...(Like I'd tell you!)
Sex: Male
Height: 6'2"
Ethnicity: Hispanic (I honestly have no clue why you would need or want that info)

Update 07/26/2008: I've taken down the story I wrote because I find I just don't care about it anymore. Sorry, to anybody that was still waiting. I've had the next chapter and a half written but sitting on the computer for more than a year. I've been busy with other stuff and when I do have free time, writing isn't very high on my priorities. I won't be writing anything else and I can't remember what other sites are also hosting my story so if you want to still read it or take it over you'll have to find it so that you can check where I left off. If you do find it and take it over, just at least message or something before you do (if you wanted the little bit I did write on the next chapters you can have that too). I don't care too much about notifying me but it's more of a courtesy thing. Anyways, this is becoming a long bio entry so I'm ending it. Laters!