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Hey all of you! Just a little about me, in case you were wondering, and have enough time to read it...or are extremely bored

Hobbies: I like reading manga, watching anime, playing video games, composing music, and playing the Piano and French Horn

Sex: Male

Favorite Manga: The Top Ten List! Totally revamped and changed!! By the way, this is really hard to choose. Oh, and I only write Love Hina fanfictions now cause I think I know those characters the best since it was the first manga I read and I re-read it a lot.

1.)Salad Days


3.)Eyeshield 21


5.)One Piece



8.)Love Hina

9.)Slam Dunk

10.)Hikaru no Go

Most of the Animes I've watched I've read the manga version and it is almost always better. But there are enough I have seen to warrant a top five anime list!

Top Five Anime (that I've seen)

1.)Gundam SEED (really good. Not just big mechs flying around, although that is in it too)

2.)Mai-HiME (It has a different, almost better story line than the manga)

3.).hack\sign (This was the first anime I ever saw, and it was good, if not the most angsty anime I've ever watched, except for Neon Genesis Evangelion. What the heck is up with that Anime?)

4.)Full Metal Alchemist (different story line than Manga, like Mai-HiME, but good as original.)

5.)Full Metal Panic (Yes, this was girly, but it was really really funny, so I put it up here as a good one)

By the way, the soundtrack to Mai-HiME and .hack\sign is awesome, composed by Kajiura Yuki. Really good, you should listen to it.

Okay, so there you have it! Probably more than you ever need to know about me!

A little about each FanFiction I'm writing/wrote:

Whatcha' Thinking Now, Keitaro? (Completed)

I thought this story up as my first fanfiction, so it might have recieved some sympathy reviews...hmm, but I liked it. The plot was pretty good, but I don't feel good about writing Romance parts (aka I have no clue how to write them. Why would I be writing them?), but stories aren't complete espcially Love Hina without it. It's shorter than the rest, and the short nine chapters have recieved more reviews than my longer Ever Wonder If... ten chapter story, so it can't be that bad.

Ever Wonder If... (In Progress)

Well, this story was in response to another story I read, which I conviently don't remember the title, but it was also a story about Keitaro turning into a girl. That story was lost somewhere (I couldn't find it if I really want to), but I wanted to start another one because I thought that one was ultra-lame (sorry whoever wrote it, but it was kinda lame). So I did, and apparently, it's one of my better ones (though I don't know how that compares with any other persons' because sometimes I'm ultra-lame)

Harmony of One (Completed)

This oddly titled story (which all of mine are - guess that's what happens if you title a story before you completely know what it's going to be about) I thought was an inspiration, because the plot plans to be good. While at first I thought it might be boring to some, being a classic body-switch with Motoko and Keitaro, it turned out to be quite good, although the ending turned mushy and angsty. I also spent three chapters on ONE DAY! But at least it's done! And has an epilogue! I might write a sequel.

The Shinobi of the Stone (Perhaps in progress)

This one at first I thought was ultra lame and now I have come to realize it is only lame. Though it is ultra lame, a look at my stats say that 6 people actually like it! So maybe I'll update it soon...

The Future is Clear (Dropped)

The First chapter has been released and I suddenly realized how horrible it is. I might even erase it from the site.

Ukyo's Pregancy (Completed One-shot)

Okay, this story was my one shot at a one shot. I found out it's really hard to write a one shot and I give kudos to anyone who can write a good one shot. Longer stories seem to be my thing, and also not Ranma half stories either. Let this be a lesson to me to not write many more until I've re-read Ranma half a lot more times than I have now.

Urashima Keitaro, Super Spy

I started to write this AU and I like the first two chapters. But we'll see how it goes, AUs are hard to write.

I actually have four more Love Hina Ideas, and one Naruto one as well, though I haven't actually written anything yet. I'll just write the title and short summary right here (the reason I haven't started them is I'd rather finish at least one of the ones I'm writing right now - this has changed. The real reason is I may not finish these if I ever start, so it'd be a shame to even bother to start. If I get bored then I'll try it out):

Are Elopes Good to Eat?
Summary: Fed up with Naru, Kitsune tricks Keitaro into leaving town with her; but she leaves a note behind saying that she and Keitaro are eloping. On the way, she uses every method she knows to get Keitaro to fall in love with her. Does it work the way she wants it, or do the other girls "rescue" Keitaro?

Return of the High Schooler Keitaro (Title in Progress)
Summary:Ye gods! After failing Todai for a fourth time, Keitaro decides he needs to go back to high school and relearn what he doesn’t know. Of course he enrolled in Motoko’s high school and got put in the same class as well! How will Motoko deal with this?

Keitaro, The Kind of Boxers (Canceled-I wrote a first chapter and realized that I had no clue what I was doing, and this plot stinks to high heaven. It was basically going to be one of those "Keitaro is suddenly popular stories" but it is so cliche that I'm not doing it. I'll leave it up here in case I get really bored one day and read my own profile and see this and decide "oh let's be stupid and write this story!)
Summary: The girls looking at a local clothes store ad realize something horrible – Keitaro is one of the underwear models! Soon, they discover that Keitaro was once a famous model, and suddenly his popularity skyrockets! How will the girls deal with the jealousy?

Shift Happens

Summary: So Keitaro's finally made it into Todai but still cannot obtain happiness with Naru. The only thing he can think of is a complete personality shift...of course with the help of Su!

The Chicks of Konoha
Summary: The worst thing ever has happened to Naruto. The horrors of it are indescribable— a group of baby chicks have imprinted Naruto as their mother! What will he do?

Thanks for taking time to read it, but go read and review a real story!

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Urashima Keitaro Super Spy reviews
Chap. 4 Posted! AU. Urashima Keitaro, secret agent and super spy, is sent to the Kanagawa prefecture to aid his former partner from years ago, who is stationed at a local inn, the Hinatasou. More Complete Summary Inside.
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