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Info on me:

Name: Caitlin a.k.a Celebrian Hair Color: Black but it was brown, and I plan on dying my tips red.

Fav. Books: Harry Potter, Chronicles of Narnia, Chronicles of Chrestomanci, Sabriel, Lireal, Abhorsen, The Circle of Magic, The Circle Opens, and many more.

Fav. Music:I like basically all rock, but I'm leaning toward more of the heavy metal, hard rock thing. i like groups such as Metallica, Slipknot, The Rasmus, Muse, etc.

If you would like to become a vampire go here it's very fun.

Fav Pairings: I'm open to just about all pairings I just dislike Ron/Hermione And Harry/Ginny and ginny/draco They are WAY to over used.

Fav. type of fanfics: I like potc and hp though I'll ocassionally read something else like lotr.

Attention:I encourage you to read my stories, and please give me reviews. Constructive criticism is welcome, but any flames will be fed to my red dragon, Arenthia. Who will then burn the sender to a crisp, and eat them. Crushing there skulls so that what little brains they had to
begin with slide down her throat. Cookies to those who are nice along with plushies of your favorite actor/actress. Love Ya!

You're a "Black Angel" which means your
an Angel of Death. You don't really care much
about people since no one was particularly nice
to you and now you want revenge for their
cruelty. You're always alone unless forced to
be with other people and you love to cause
trouble. You feel depressed a lot and don't
have something that could cheer you up like
most people. You don't find joy in people or
the arts or any item or some sort. You have
darker desires and you're very secretive. (If
you cannot see the picture, go to my homepage
and scroll down near the bottom. I have the
results from all my quizess that have pics)

What Color Angel Are You? (PICS)
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