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Author has written 4 stories for Dragon Ball Z, and Naruto.

Aaand about getting my act together...

So. I've traveled and grown and matured and melted. I've drawn my last breath and then breathed anew.

The past four years have been the liveliest of my life; I've struck out on my own, traveled the country over, packed my belongings into the back of my car and hit the road alone, ending up in Philadelphia and putting myself into art school.

...and now, finally, I'm looking at my old writing again and realizing just what four years looks like...

I miss it so! I have not forsaken writing, but my world has grown small and compact and my heart and mind reclusive. But I miss it.

I have a website again as well, finally... For nostalgia's sake, perhaps even for hope's sake, I put some of my best fics up there as well:

Found there with their full illustrations and fanmanga accompaniments:

Contradicting Mission

Variation Elements

Transition Anchor

...and those few one-shot fics, as well as the accompaniments other people wrote and their contributed art.

I feel especially guilty for VE and TA... Since TA was the unloved bastard child that did everything in its power to grow even under its dire neglect. ...and poor VE, which is almost impossible to read without the accompanying illustrations and comic-book scenes.

Also, I've taken that last plunge, found my technique and style quick enough that I finally have the confidence to start a webcomic. Original work/characters, fantasy/intrigue. Anyone interested can find it here:
Fractured Harmonics.

Promises mean so little from one who has been gone so long... But I ask for forgiveness anyway. And will do what I can to update TA in the very least.

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